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Customer Service Manager

Pasadena, Texas, 77504, United States
May 26, 2010

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Elida Ruby Juarez

**** ******* **.

Pasadena, Texas 77504

Phone: 281-***-****

Mobile: 713-***-****


PROFILE SUMMARY: Performance driven, insightful professional with a proven

ability to achieve and exceed all business-development goals in high

pressure financial environment, and expertise in managing relationships

which contribute to aggressively establish solid client foundation as a

Commercial/Corporate Treasury Service Manager.



Nov. 2009 to Present

Independent Associate

. Educate fundamental and strategic concepts of financial

planning to the general public

. Promote scheduling orientation s of current and future

financial need analysis, life protection, loan re-finance,

debt management, emergency fund, investment and legal support


. Construct business ownership regulations including certified

life agent and additional in progress licenses required to

authorize insurance, retirement and investment options

. Train with Regional Managers on business presentations and

prospect recruiting interests


Relationship Manager

. Successfully engaged portfolio manager relations and exceeded

profit targets in deriving client platinum status through

acquired transactions which generated constant revenue


. Ensured comprehensive risk management, trading, cash

management, accounting operations, and implemented

efficiency in consistent workflow sensitive time frames

relevant to operating nine and monitoring remaining seven of

the encompassed sixteen corporate trust accounts, devised

from excelled preferred client partnership, comprising over

nineteen billion asset worth

. Approved compliance reports from cross trained Associate

Relationship Managers, managed and coached additional directs

with keen focus to surpass internal and external parties


. Analyzed and modeled investment reports in accordance with

eligibility and governed guidelines

. Tested hypothetical analysis to forecast sales and purchases,

optimized growth or contested risks

. Consistently attained new higher net capital portfolios and

constructed intricate calculations per restructured

investment prerequisites to execute seamless priority of

payments distribution allocated amongst multiple counter-

parties and note holders with dominant trustee endorsement

. Interfaced collaboration amongst controller, portfolio

managers, investors, auditors, brokers, and rating agencies

to best validate profitability and integrity of

collateralized debt obligation instruments traded in various

complex structured market sectors

. Incorporated relationships with internal and external

operational payment groups or note transfer departments by

facilitating resolutions for collateral managers and

investors to accelerate investment payment discrepancies,

research note holder modifications and other client issues

. Utilized quantitative tools to support investment

performance attribution results including the competence to

execute complex financial arrangements by interpreting

regulated corporate trust agreements and legal exposure from

consulting deal counsel as differences of opinion emerged

Senior Corporate Trust Administrator

. Developed techniques to proactively team up with Relationship

Managers and perform daily portfolio balance sheet

reconciliations using spreadsheets, internal accounting

system, reporting model and or loan tracking system to

maintain parallel with collateral managers portfolios

. Resolved client and investor general queries pertaining

applicable investment portfolios

. Researched Moody's, Standard & Poor's and Fitch security,

issuer, servicer, and obligor ratings

. Forecasted asset interest accruals, differed payments,

principal pay downs or advances, prepared wire transfers,

researched security types, industry sectors and other

security characteristics via Bloomberg, servicer reports,

loan agency notices or other CDO compliance investment


. Confirmed trade tickets, monitored the cash flow of purchase

or sale trade transactions, and arranged for brokers and back

office to execute domestic or foreign trade settlements

. Compiled cash flow transactions and diverse asset descriptors

of bond, loan and or asset backed security portfolios,

ranging from one hundred to three hundred holdings, on

reporting models to generate interim, weekly, hypothetical

plus monthly compliance reports in pressured deadlines

. Earned management and collateral manager recognition for

spearheading efficient turnaround periods to re-register

physical securities and cultivating relationships with other

trustees as well as domestic or foreign paying agents to

facilitate initial income claims

Commercial Loan Compliance Officer

. Orchestrated internal audits to ensure efficiency/accuracy

and regulatory compliance provisions declared in commercial

loans promissory notes, credit agreements, security

agreements, supplementals, assignments, guaranty agreements,

and other documents were attained

. Demonstrated excellent service to commercial loan clients and

loan officers in executing covenant requirements to confirm

regulations, defined in various documents of global, real

estate, middle market, small business and private banking

loans, encompassed with pledged negotiable collateral, were

complied on loan closing dates

. Integrated measures and merged efforts with loan officers

around the global region to minimize exceptions of

outstanding credentials and improve reports supervised by

senior management

. Initiated, monitored and released ticklers pertaining

documents pending or received

. Participated in management projects including development of

merger implementations and transition manuals for Commercial

Loan Operation Units outsourced to partner subsidiaries

Commercial Loan Account Manager

. Proactively excelled in developing client, loan officers and

syndicated bank relations through network and seminar

marketing incentives to empower as principal administrative

agent leader

. Interpreted, examined and administered fiduciary agent

obligations dictated in credit agreements, assignments, and

amendments on commercial loans participated to other banks

and or investors

. Monitored credit availability per borrow limitations and

evidence of required approvals

. Persistently surpassed deadlines in expediting notices and

credit facility options such as loan advances, principal

payments, libor rollovers, interest prime or libor rate sets,

steadily monitored assigned bank pro rata receivables and

distributed syndicated bank interest or commitment fee

payments relevant to revolving or term loans ranging from one

hundred to nine hundred million

. Reconciled multiple accounts daily and generated weekly

reports for senior management review

TEXAS COMMERCE BANK May1989 to Apr. 1996

Commercial Loan Senior Customer Service Rep

. Assisted client calls to the Customer Service Units, directed

other calls to proper bank divisions

. Prepared interest accrual spreadsheets, amortization

schedules and originated release of collateral

. Calculated loan payoff quotes for internal colleagues,

clients, and other financial institutions

. Resolved any principal balance, past due payments, or

accrual disputes

Commercial Loan Quality Control Clerk

. Reviewed loan closing packages to certify required negotiable

collateral such as stock certificates, vehicle titles,

property deeds, and letters of credit, declared in security

agreements, were preserved in-house

Personal Trust Services Specialist

. Administered high volume preparation and release of checks or

wires for personal trust clientele upon approval from trust


. Processed stop payments, reconciled dda transactions, general

ledgers, and wire clearing accounts


Charles H. Milby High School

Texas Department of Insurance

Houston, Texas

Life Agent - License #1604667


Microsoft Excel, Word, Lotus Notes,

CallAtlanta, AS400 Billing, Bloomberg,

WallStreet Office 7&10 Platforms, Global

Plus, Trust Account System,

Account Control System, Structured Analytical

Model, Bondmaster, Certmaster,

AMTrust Accounting, Etran Trade Model, Adobe,

Moody's CDO Rom,

Standard & Poor's Monitor, Paradox, Agent

Plus, CLAS and Remote Data Entry




Investment Portfolio Analysis, Banking Regulations and

Compliance Courses, Truth- in-Lending

Commercial Loan Guidelines, Management-Employee

Relations, Executing Diversity and Superior

Client Partnership Seminars


Participated in organizing fund raising

campaign programs for St. Juan Diego Catholic Church

Pasadena, Texas

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