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Assistant Sales

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19148, United States
May 23, 2010

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Robert W. McGarrigle

*** ****** ******

Philadelphia, Pa. 19148-1307

Phone: 215-***-**** (H)

215-***-**** (C)


EDUCATION: B.S. Accounting, Gannon College, 1978

OBJECTIVE: To obtain a rewarding position with strong growth potential with

an employer in the Philadelphia region.


. Discovered significant frauds in both sub-prime automobile companies

and consumer finance companies.

. Determined that many commercial and residential construction

mortgages, previously rated satisfactory, had to be charged-off.

. Won auditing excellence award and testified as an expert witness

involving a fraudulent business transaction.


. Knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel.

. Strong experience in accounting and auditing with excellent verbal and

written communication skills.

. Ability to lead examinations and prepare reports within the time

frames given.

. Good interpersonal communication skills.


2010 Senior Field Examiner, Evergreen Collateral Consulting

Conduct high quality examinations of borrowers accounts receivable and

inventory, prepare written reports which explain the significant findings

made during the field examination and act as primary reviewer of reports

and working papers of other examiners.

2009 Senior Field Examiner, Trump Lender Services

Accounts receivable analysis, history of sales and collection activity,

accounts receivable trends, ineligible accounts for borrowing base

purposes, bills of lading review, bank deposit analysis and other such

tests as deemed necessary by our client banks. Review of inventory,

including cost tests of products purchased, proof of payment for items

purchased, gross profit test and test count of inventory to ensure the

existence and quality of the inventory for borrowing purposes

2007-2008 Assistant Vice President, Citizens Bank

Reviewed commercial credit files to ensure compliance with federal

regulations and bank credit policies. Commercial loans are rated based on

financial information input through an ORA (Online Rating Assistant)

database. Loan review also responsible that correct financial information

is used in the database to ensure compliance with Basel II requirements.

2001-2007 Assistant Vice President, Bank of America


Lead examinations of sub-prime automobile ($10MM-$150MM) and consumer

finance companies. Individual audit plans are designed for borrower to

evaluate compliance with Credit Approval Report (CAR) which documents

underwriting guidelines including ineligible collateral and financial

covenants. Lead examiner provides assurance to bank management that

borrower has sufficient and accurate accounting systems to meet reporting

requirements. Fieldwork involves analysis of specific accounts for proper

aging categories, delinquent account review, and processes used by borrower

to calculate delinquency statistics such as due date changes, renewals, and


. Discovered that borrower changed accounting policy concerning charge-

off calculations. This new procedure had the effect of understating

charge-off's by $9,000M and violating the step-down trigger used for

borrowing purposes.

. Found that sub-prime lender was granting due date changes in a manner

which kept borrower current (and eligible for lending purposes) even

though no payments were made for up to six months. This affected

approximately $45,000M in collateral

2001 Bank Examiner, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Completed examinations of state chartered banks in the Philadelphia region

completing analysis used in CAMEL ratings and attended training courses in

Washington, DC. Final examination grade was the highest scored by anyone

in the Philadelphia Region who took the required two-week course.

1993-1996 Assistant Vice President, Midlantic Banks, Inc.


Conducted risk rating evaluations of large credit relationships in

manufacturing, wholesaling, and construction/commercial mortgage lending

divisions. Examinations included a detailed review of individual credit

relationships, financial analysis of audited bank statements, legal and

collateral documentation review, and analysis of overall lending

relationship concluding with an assignment of risk rating. Reports

detailed Senior Management's overall adherence to credit guidelines, loan

documentation, risk assessment abilities, and management capabilities.

Reports were reviewed by executive management of the bank and all members

of the Board of Directors.

. Review of real estate lending practices resulted in the downgrade of

$100,000M in construction/commercial mortgage loans during my

examination. This occurred after an extensive review of sales

records on individual residential construction projects, the number of

speculative houses built ahead of sales, and forecasting the ability

of contractor to complete and sell project before the loan expiration


1992-1993 Assistant National Bank Examiner, OCC


1980-1985 Senior Field Examiner, First Pennsylvania Bank


1979-1980 Field Examiner, Central Penn National Bank

1979. Field Examiner, Continental Bank

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