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Electrical Engineer Power

Starkville, Mississippi, 39759, United States
May 27, 2010

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Starkville, MS 39759 Phone:




To obtain a full time position as an Electrical Engineer in an engineering

firm which combines my technical skills and experience to contribute for

the benefit of the company.


Power Electronics applications in Power Systems, Renewable Energy, Smart

Grid, Hybrid Electric Vehicles.


Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering (Expected Fall 2010)

GPA 3.94/4.0 Mississippi State University

Doctoral Thesis: Control and Interface Design for Cost Reduction of a

Hybrid Wind -Photovoltaic Renewable Energy System.

Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering

GPA 4.0/4.0

Mississippi State University

Thesis: Battery Electric Vehicle Modeling and Simulation in Generic

Modeling Environment

Bachelor of Technology in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

GPA 3.6/4.0

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, India

Project: SCADA Control of Electric Drives


Jan. 2007 - Present: Graduate Research Assistant, Mississippi State

University. Work includes:

> Design, modeling and simulation of Wind and Photovoltaic energy systems.

> AC-DC, DC-DC, DC-AC converters design, control and simulation for Wind

and Photovoltaic systems.

> Controller design for extracting maximum power from Wind and Photovoltaic


> DC bus voltage controller and grid interface filter designs for efficient

interconnection of the hybrid system while meeting the IEEE, ANSI power

quality standards.

> Study of existing interconnection issues like low voltage ride through,

system stability considerations etc.

May 2008 - Dec. 2008: Internship, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory,

Richland, WA. Worked on:

> Distribution substation choices for implementing Demand Response using

Augmented Conservation Voltage Reduction technique for Smart Grid


> Analysis of the Electric Water Heater as a frequency responsive load for

demand side management.

> Power system voltage stability boundary visualization.

> Frequency response analysis from PMU data for analyzing wind penetration

effects on the grid.

> Wind integration tool development for studying the impact of Wind energy

integration in power system planning and scheduling operations like

security constrained unit commitment and economic dispatch, congestion

analysis, ancillary services requirements, load flow analysis etc.

Jan. 2005 - Dec. 2006: Graduate Research Assistant, Center for

Advanced Vehicular Systems, Mississippi State University. Worked on:

> Physics based modeling and simulation of various components like battery,

fuel cell, ultra capacitor, dc motor, vehicle etc.

> Developed an electric vehicle domain modeling environment using Generic

Modeling Environment.

> Developed a solver for simulation of the Battery Electric Vehicle in the

developed environment.

Jan. 2004 - June 2004: Student Trainee, Electronics Corporation of India

Ltd. Worked on:

> Designed ladder logic programs for controlling electric drives in a SCADA

system using GE-FANUC 9030 PLC.


> Compensation techniques for improving power system transmission line

voltage regulation.

> Power system load flow analysis using Newton Raphson method.

> Design of DC-DC Boost converter with Peak-mode current controller.

> Design and control of a boost power factor controller.

> Fault analysis and circuit breaker selection for IEEE 37 bus power


> Modeling of Switched reluctance motor in VTB

> Reactive power compensation using STATCOM: Design and simulation

> Utility interconnection standards and regulations study for Wind and

Photovoltaic systems.

> Impact of various energy storage devices on power system transient

stability using STATCOM.

> Comparison of STATCOM, SVC, TCSC, and SSSC performance in Steady State

Voltage Stability improvement.

> Design and control of an LCL- filter based active rectifier.

> Back-to-Back Voltage Source Converter based induction motor speed


> Lead-lag compensator design in Matlab.

> Design and Simulation of SVC based shunt compensation.

> Design and Simulation of reactive and unbalance compensators using p-q


> Simulation study of PI, PR, Hysteresis, Dead Beat controllers for

Voltage Source Converter applications.


Simulation Tools: MATLAB/SIMULINK, PSCAD, PSS/E, PowerWorld, VTB, PSPICE,

PSAT, LabView.

Programming Languages: FORTRAN, Pascal, C, C++

Operating Systems: UNIX, Windows 9x/XP/Vista.

Application Software: MS Office, MS Word, MS Excel, Adobe Photoshop.


> Shravana Musunuri, Herbert L. Ginn, "Comprehensive Review of Wind Energy

Maximum Power Extraction Algorithms", Submitted for Presentation at

Energy Conversion and Congress Exposition, Atlanta, Sep. 2010.

> Shravana Musunuri, Herbert L. Ginn, " A Modified Maximum Power Extraction

Algorithm for Wind Energy

Systems", Submitted for Presentation at IEEE Control and Modeling

for Power Electronic, Boulder, June 2010.

> Shravana Musunuri, Herbert L. Ginn, "Power electronic Interface of

Renewable Energy Sources to Utility

Grid", Poster Presentation, Electric Ship Technology Symposium,

Starkville, May 2009.

> Shravana Musunuri, Herbert L. Ginn, "Power electronic Interface of

Multiple Energy Sources to Utility

Grid", Poster Presentation, IEEE Transmission and Distributon

Conference, April 2008.

> Wenzhong Gao, S.Musunuri, "Hybrid Electric Vehicle modeling and

analysis in Generic Modeling Environment," Proceedings the IEEE

Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference, Windsor, UK, Sep. 2006.

> Wenzhong Gao, Sandeep Neema, Jeff Gray, J. Picone, S. Porandla, S.

Musunuri, J. Mathews, "Hybrid

powertrain design using a Domain-Specific Modeling Environment,"

Proceedings of the IEEE Vehicle Power

and Propulsion Conference, pp. 6-12, Chicago in September, 2005.


. Digital Signal Processing . Alternate Energy systems . Power system

transmission and distribution

. Power Electronics . Flexible AC transmission systems . Feedback control

systems . Digital control systems . Power system relay operation and

control . Power system modeling simulation . Physical Electronics .

Automotive engineering . Computer methods in power system analysis . Power

system stability&security . Communication theory . Power Semiconductor

Devices . Advanced Power Systems

. Advanced Power electronics . Power system compensation


Available upon request.

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