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Project Manager

2053, United States
May 31, 2010

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Brandon Schneider

** ********* *****

Medway, MA 02053

Cell phone: 508-***-****

Home phone: 508-***-****


Bachelor of Science, Lynchburg College, Lynchburg, Virginia, December 2009

Major: Environmental Science

Related Coursework______________________________________________________

Geographic Information Systems Freshwater Ecology

Special Topics Wetland

Remote Sensing Business Statistics


Intro to Computer Science


ArcView 3 and 9.3 MagPick


MagMap 2000 AutoCad 2010 Microsoft


Work Experience________________________________________________________

ArcView Technician/Cad Operator Internship

May 18th 2009 to August 28th 2009 for Henkels and McCoy Tech Services in

Richmond, Virginia.

Training in the designing and field engineering for gas pipes with the use

of AutoCad 2010. Completed quality controls of gas utility plans and

studied the components used in the building and installation of gas

utilities. Began the initial steps for the company to implement the use of

ArcView v.9.3 for use of converting AutoCad drawings of pipe mains and

services into ArcView. Head of the Charlottesville Project dealing with

converting AutoCad drawings of different aspects of pipes into shape files

to be used in ArcView v.9.3. Using various tools within ArcView I was able

to achieve the predetermined goal from Charlottesville of joining separate

spreadsheets to different shape file layers and produce a working system

for their pipe systems. Gave presentations of my project to the City of

Charlottesville Department of Utilities dealing with the work that I

performed on their data and what direction the project was heading in.

Instructed the City of Charlottesville GIS department on what applications

I was using and assisted them on learning the same applications and

processes I was using. Conducted the hiring and training of my replacement

to take over the project once I left Henkels and McCoy.

Technical Service Internship

January 2009 to May 2009 interned with The City of Lynchburg Department of


Executed quality check of GIS/Utilities data on ArcInfo v.9.3, including

going throughout the map of the city and finding and repairing problems.

Accessed engineering drawings for water pipes and sewage lines to create

coordinates that were then inserted onto an ArcView map of the city as GIS

coordinates for a specific poly-line. Digitized utility projects in to

ArcInfo after going out into the field to properly identify different types

of pipes, intersections, and other landmarks such as fire hydrants and man-

hole covers.

Athletic Performance Enhancement Centers (APECS)

"APECS is a facility dedicated to the 'science' of athletic performance and

functional training. APECS provides a membership based platform where

athletes can train as they should as athletes. The combination of our

membership opportunities, scientific training methodologies, and equipment

typically reserved for professional strength and conditioning centers, is a

recipe for success for every one of our members." - Jason Shea, APECS Owner

and head trainer

Worked as the unofficial front desk manager from December 2007 till August

2008. In charge of taking care of all the scheduling of clients, groups,

and teams, public relations with the gym's members and any other potential

clients, took care of the general and more specific aspects of the gym's

appearance, and any other random job needed to be performed around the gym

if it be dealing with the equipment, helping out with clients or groups, or

general errands that needed to be done for the trainers

Temporary Services

December 2006 to November 2007. Enlisted with different companies to be

sent out for temporary work. Jobs that I have had thus far deal with

physical labor, setting up stores, taking inventory, inspection and

construction of random devices, and data collection

Collegiate Funding Services in Holliston Massachusetts

Worked from June 2006 to September 2006 until the company was moved. Did

data entry dealing with student loans and also inspected student loans to

make sure all paper work and personal information was filled in properly

for the client.


Developed research project about symmetry of brittle stars at the Gerace

Research Center in San Salvador, Bahamas and presented results at the

Lynchburg College Student Research Showcase in Spring 2007.

Volunteered Assistant Boys Varsity Soccer Coach for Medway High School for

the fall season in 2007. In charge of basic organization of players,

training of individual players, and basic duties such as setting up the

field for practices and games.

Secretary for the Lynchburg College Men's Club Soccer team for the Spring

2009 season.

Lynchburg College Varsity Soccer Team 2003-2007. In the off-season we work

with Habitat for Community, local soccer camps, and local organizations set

up events, such as Halloween Trails and Habitat for Humanity.


Available upon request.

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