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Manager Engineer

Jefferson, IA, 50129
July 29, 2010

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Jefferson, IA **129

515-***-**** cell



Position: OVPI Consultant April 2010


. Perform Health Check

. Identify & resolve problems related to performance of the OVPI

5.31 implementation

. Trendtimer.sched modifications

. SNMP error resolution

. DNS error resolution

. Report Pack error resolution

. Plan migration to new hardware & new software

. Analysed NNM, OVPI & OMU environment to determine best upgrade


. Provided hardware configuration guidance

. Provided software migration plan

. Provided data migration plan for OVPI historical data

. Staff training

. Provided instruction to staff responsible for OVPI

implementation on basics of operation

. How-to documentation

. Provided documentation instructing users how to care for OVPI

implementation's daily activities

United Information Technologies

Position: OVPI Implementation & Oracle DBA July-August



. OpenView Performance Insight Report Creation

. Customer required customized reporting for WebLogic and High

Availability (HA) Clusters using flat-file data exports

. Oracle 9i customized installation required as part of the build

process in clients Development environment

. Oracle installation was customized for OpenView Performance

Insight, including patches, OVPI-specific schema, user

implementations and security enhancements

. Oracle installation memory configuration changed to

accomodate OVPI-specific database requirements

. New tables were created for storing imported report data

and for summarizations created with OVPI

. Indexing of said tables implemented to allow the solution

to scale well after implementation in customer's Production


. Oracle 9i upgrade to Oracle 10g as part of the development

testing preparing for a possible OVPI 5.4 upgrade

Wells Fargo Financial

Position: Operating Systems Engineer 3 October 2006

- January 2009


. OpenView Performance Insight Administration OpenView is a suite of

applications from HP which provides pro- and re-active monitoring,

measurement and reporting functions

. Architecture Design

. Meet with Project and Application Teams to determine


. Determine technical feasibility and meet with Teams to

reconcile with requirements

. Work with relevant teams & vendors to plan timeline and

implementation steps

. Implementation of Test & Production Environments

. Hardware sizing and specification

. SAN utilization requirements

. Installation guides, methodology development and project

timeline development

. Troubleshooting

. Patch Management and Testing

. Upgrade Management and Testing

. Daily Maintenance

. User/Customer Training

. Report Generation and Custom Modifications

. Database table creation

. Database query creation & verification

. Custom report generation for TIG Database Group (This

provided the Database Group with the tools necessary to

view and report on performance of the MS SQL Server systems

that was not previously available)

. Custom report generation for Windows SMG & UNIX SMG

(reduction in manual data collection time/cost)

. Custom report generation for Mainframe Group (reduction in

licensing costs for extant packages)

. Database maintenance and troubleshooting using Oracle 9i/10g

environments running on Solaris 9 & 10

. Oracle installs, upgrades, patches, exports & imports

. Configure database security settings via Oracle logins,

profiles, roles, and password maintenance

. Sqlnet configuration

. Oracle database script troubleshooting and development

. Oracle database table management

. Oracle index and SQL tuning

. OpenView Performance Manager Administration OVPM is a near real-time

reporting tool for use in diagnostics

. Architecture Design

. Hardware choice

. Implementation of Test & Production Environments

. Troubleshooting

. Patch Management and Testing

. Upgrade Management and Testing

. Daily Maintenance

. User/Customer Training

. Custom Modifications

. OpenView Network Node Manager Administration NNM is a network device

monitoring and alarming tool

. NNM environment installed on Solaris 10 Production and

Development systems

. OpenView Operations for UNIX Administration

. OMu environment installed on Solaris 10 Production and

Development systems

. Shared responsibility for rollout of UCMdb to Production, July/August


Mediacom Communications Corporation

Position: Sr. UNIX Administrator January 2005

- October 2006


. Administration of Solaris 9 & 10 systems in both production and lab


. Administration of Solaris 10 desktop testing environments

. Document processes for internal and external customers of the Data


. Procedures

. policies

. workflow

. Timely resolution of end-customer issues arising during high-speed

data & VOIP provisioning process

. Research and document potential security breaches of Mediacom systems

. Research software weaknesses of applications and Operating Systems &

develop plans to correct

. Patch application on Data Center systems

. Solaris 9

. Windows 2000/2003 Server

. FreeBSD

. Debian Linux

. Responsible for Data Center backup operations using Veritas Backup

Exec & CommVault

. Backups written simultaneously to RAID 10 SAN array & Sun tape


. CEON administration

. Remedy administration

. Troubleshoot database issues with networked database server

ACG Solutions, LLC

Position: Systems Engineer November 2001 -

May 2004


. Responsible for the maintenance and updates of ACG client's systems:

. ISP Bundle customers

. UNIX Support customers

. Shared responsibility for the maintenance, installation, updates and

documentation of the following on client systems:

. Linux kernel & userland (including customization for multi-

processor systems)

. OpenLDAP

. Postfix mail daemon

. MySQL database

. gcc compilers and libraries

. Design and implemenation of client backup systems using Amanda backup


. Development of new products and services for ACG clients

. Draft proposals and work quotes for clients and potential clients

. Primarily responsible for the maintenance, installation and

documentation of the following on client systems:

. Sendmail mail daemon

. BIND nameservice daemon and client

. ntpd

. Berkeley DB binaries and libraries

. Apache Web server


. OpenSSL & OpenSSH

. Responsible for the review and implementation of systems security

policy at ACG client sites

. Responsibility for the review and implementation of systems security

policy on ACG internal systems

. Periodic binary audits of client systems to ensure revision levels

were current and resilient against known exploits

. Periodic DNS audits of ACG and client systems to ensure reliable name


. Registration and renewal of ACG internal, affiliated companies' and

client's domain registrations

. Manage and maintain LAN Windows clients with updates & patches and

ensure network usability for these clients

Telscape Communications Corporation

(formerly known as Phoenix DataNet, Inc., Charter Communications Int'l. &

Pointe Communications Corp.)

Position: Manager, Internet Services January

2000 - August 2000

Supervisor Jorge Gimenez

Duties of Sr. UNIX Administrator retained.

Additional duties included:

. Coordinate projects between Network Services, Systems Administration,

Escalations and Customer Maintenance departments.

. Determine best allocation of available resources within the Internet

Services group to facilitate the timely completion of projects.

. Oversight of personnel issues, including timesheets, vacation

requests, etc.

. Oversight of purchase requisitions, approval capacity for employee

requests and specified the prioritization of hardware and software


. Quarterly reviews of group personnel performed for 9 individuals,

including Salary review in March 2000.

. Reviewed and authorized the final design of server implementation

issues for UNIX Systems deployed in the Houston, Caracas & Panama City


. Served review capacity for policy and procedure directives emanating

from the Internet Services Group.

. Initiated security review within the Engineering Group. Aim of review

was to provide a more robust security profile for the Systems Group

while modifying procedures external to our group as little as possible

for internal and external customers.

Position: Sr. UNIX Administrator October 1999

- January 2000

Supervisor Jorge Gimenez

Duties added to UNIX Administrator position included:

. Primarily responsible for design and implementation decisions of

systems on the network, including the Y2K remediation efforts -

including consultation with primary hardware vendor on OS issues and


. Training of new UNIX personnel and administering exams to certify

their suitability for the position.

. Documentation of procedure and policy regarding Systems Administration


. Coordinate efforts of Systems Administration with MIS groups across

the enterprise to ensure network reliability and mail functionality

across platforms - Exchange [LAN/WAN] and Sendmail [Internet]


. Acted as Exchange 5.5 administrator as needed. This included

adding/removing/modifying user accounts and setting up & debugging

Windows client machines.

. Assisted MIS with creation of a more reliable backup routine and

system for Exchange and related services on the LAN server systems.

Resulted in a more robust data store and faster access times for

clients to their data.

. Consulted with Site Manager on issues pertaining to building security,

including issuing alarm codes & building keys.

. Determined need, researched vendors and coordinated logistics of

server room rewiring project. Result was a fully fault tolerant

backup power facility that provided backup and filtered power for more

than $250000.00 worth of hardware.

Position: UNIX Administrator August

1998 - October 1999

Supervisor Brad Killebrew

Administering 30+ servers running various implementations of UNIX,

primarily FreeBSD and Solaris. Also provided advanced escalated systems

support for the company and its customers. Daily activities included

monitoring of abuse and network operations email, monitoring and

maintenance of email, www, ftp, DNS and kerberos/radius authentication



. Maintain daily backups of mission critical servers utilising an

automated client-server backup system

. Add, modify, and remove virtual domain accounts including creation of

DNS zone records, sendmail configuration entries, virtual web server

configuration, user ftp access, frontpage extension installation,

analog reporting capability.

. Continually monitor systems to ensure their ability to provide ongoing

and reliable service and to minimise the impact of required down-time.

. Installation and configuration of new systems as needed including

drive allocation, NFS setup when needed, network services

installation, kernel-level customisation of the OS, security

implementation, and overall system testing.

. Monitoring of bug-tracking mailing lists and security alerts to ensure

security of the systems on the network. Including the application of

patches and fixes when necessary.

. Enforcement of the company's Acceptable Usage Policy including updates

to said policy.


RDBMS: MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, Oracle 9i/10g, MS Access 2003/2007

Software: Windows Server 2003, XP, 2000 (Professinal & Server), NT,

RELEASE, Solaris 10, 9, 8, 2.6/2.7, Digital UNIX 4.0, RedHat Linux 7.3,

8.0, 9.0, Fedora Core 1,2 & 3, Debian/Knoppix Linux, DNS/BIND 9.x, 8.x,

4.x, Apache webserver, NFS, Sendmail 8.x, Qpopper, Majordomo, HTML 4,

TCP/IP, MS Exchange Server 5.5 & Client support, IIS 3.x/4.x, SSH 1.x/2.x,

FTPd, Analog (website statistics package), snort, Veritas BackupExec,

Bacula, Ceon, Cisco CNR, Cisco BACC, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2005, 7,

Oracle sqlDeveloper, Oracle Designer, Oracle Enterprise Manager

Hardware: x86 PCs - all generations, desktop through enterprise server.

Sun Microsystems, DEC Alpha, Ethernet NICs, hubs & switches, Routers -

Cisco & Xyplex, Terminal Servers - Xyplex. RAID, ISDN, T1 setups and

troubleshooting, HP Print Server (JetDirect), Linksys routers & switches

EDUCATION: Coe College, Cedar Rapids, IA - B.A. English; University of

Iowa, Iowa City, IA - partial B.S. Comp. Sci., partial M.A. Library and

Information Science, both 1995

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