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Engineer Electrical

Overland Park, KS, 66213
July 29, 2010

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Lijun Han

**** * ***** *******,

Phone: 913-***-****

Overland Park, KS, 66213


OBJECTIVE Seeking a fulltime electrical engineer position in the area of

embedded system design, radio frequency circuit design and

mixed signal design.

PROFILE Solid background in both electrical and mechanical engineering

with more than 10 published technical papers.

Strong technical understanding and analytical skills with

practical project experiences in embedded system, RF and mixed

signal design, EMC/EMI test and analysis.

Hands-on skills and knowledge in high frequency measurement

and test, and proficiency in the use of measurement tools

including network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, oscilloscope,

and signal generator.

Energetic, self-motivated, responsible and fast learning

characters and ability to work effectively in a team


WORK Hardware Design Engineer at Garmin International Inc

EXPERIENCE Aug. 2007 - present

Aviation RF Communication Module Design Project

Redesigned aviation communication receiver module and replaced

obsolete Intel microprocessor with TI ARM7 processor for

existing product. Experiences including RF receiver front end

analysis, RF filter design, impedance matching network design,

IF amplifier replacement, IF AGC design, phase locked loop

analysis, microprocessor selection, microprocessor

implementation in aviation product.

Familiar product hardware development lifecycle, related work

including creating minimum system performance specifications,

product schematics and prototype PCB layout, working with

factory for prototype board build, conducting prototype board

bench test and debug.

Conducted product standard requirements test, minimum

performance test and environment condition tests for FAA

compliance including conducted emission, radiated emission, RF

susceptibility, lightning, audio noise susceptibility, ESD,

signal induced susceptibility, and temperature tests.

Documented product technical standard order (TSO) test results

and prepared technical test reports for FAA certification.

DSP Based Aviation Audio Control System Design Project

Participated in DSP based audio control system design,

including ADC/DAC DSP module implementation, clock signal

distribution design, clock signal integrity and timing

analysis, discrete IO, audio filter and amplifier circuitry


Developed audio control system hardware test program for DSP

chip (Blackfin) including writing interface drivers for UART,

SPI, SPORT, Parallel Port, I2C, and GPIO using C language in

Visual DSP. The program implemented timer, watchdog,

interruption, and DMA. Other test program developed for

digital communication D8PSK receiver including DSP filter,

signal correlation, audio noise squelch and audio mixer,

ARINC429 transceiver.

Worked with vendors and suppliers in parts selection,

coordinated with software group and system group in product

development, wrote software program guide, and supported

system group in system level test.

Graduate Research Assistant at UMR EMC Lab

Jan. 2006 - Aug. 2007

Freescale 8-bit Microcontroller EMI/ESD Test Project

Conducted direct power injection and current coupling

measurement to evaluate the microcontroller EMI and immunity

to ESD events. Experience including: 4-layer EMC test board

design, probe parameter characterization, S-parameter

extraction using vector network analyzer, IC high frequency

current measurement and IC time domain reaction measurement

using oscilloscope.

Worked on extracting microcontroller IC parameters and

simulated the IC reactions to ESD events using PSPICE model.

Wrote C and assemble code for 8-bit microcontroller to detect

and record microcontroller behaviors in the ESD events.

Coordinated with Freescale EMC research group and reported

research progress regularly by preparing technical reports and

making presentations.

RF/Analog and Digital Circuit Design: Phase-Magnitude

Detection System Project

Involved in design and implementation of high frequency phase

and magnitude detection circuit, selected and tuned the

components, tested and debugged the PCB. The circuit consisted

of LNA, mixer, amplifier, RF filters, A/D converter, PLL,

phase shifter, power splitter, voltage controlled attenuator,

logarithm detector and etc.

Developed the control program to automatically test the

phase-magnitude detection system using the GPIB and acquire

the data using external NI A/D converter card.

3D Positioning System Development and Integration Project

Assisted to select, test and align the mechanical and motion

part of the 3D positioning system, including the rotary servo

motor and linear servo motor.

Developed the software using C++ to control the 3D positioning

system through the CAN Bus communication based on CAN Open


Product Design Engineer at Meramec Group

Mar. 2005 -- Jul. 2005

Created products 2D and 3D geometry modeling for machining

using AutoCAD and Solidworks.

Software Design Engineer

Apr. 1998 - Jan. 2000

NeTrue Communication Inc., China

Worked in software group to develop IP phone Gateway program

based on TCP/IP protocol and Winsock in windows Visual C++

environment using MFC library.

COURSEWORK High Speed Digital Design Antenna and


VLSI Design High

speed and RF design

Computational Electromagnetic Advance VLSI Design

Circuit and Network Analysis Mixed Signal

Design and Signal Integrity

EDUCATION M.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering (GPA 4.0)

Aug. 2007

University of Missouri-Rolla

PhD. Mechanical Engineering (GPA 4.0)

Dec. 2004

University of Missouri-Rolla

M.S. Engineering and Computer Graphics

Feb. 1998

Zhejiang University, P.R. China

B.S. Mechanical Engineering (Minor in Electrical Engineering)

Jul. 1995

Zhejiang University, P.R. China

PUBLICATIONS Available upon request

REFERENCES Available upon request

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