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Manager Construction

Newport, NC, 28570
October 02, 2010

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Work H istory


I a m a ** yr old daddy of 8, who still has 4 children

a t home. Currently I am a helper at the Salvation Army

of Morehead City. I have also been a merchandiser for

P lant-Partners, under Mar tha Stancil, and Anne Greeve

merchandising for Wal-Mart in Morehead City, NC, but

for 37 years I had been successful at being an independent

contractor. Although most of my work was done in the

construction industry, there were periods of t ime when

work slowed dramatically.

I t was during these t imes that I had to do what I

could to get by and feed my family. In doing so, I’ve had to

learn how to do things other than construction.

In the middle 1980’s during a recession, I was

manager of Jay’s Auto t r im & Detail located in

A lpharetta, Ga. I was in charge of all in house/shop

operations. I t was a working position. I washed,

shampooed, buffed, polished, added t r im, did

u ndercoating, etc… I t also included new car get ready at

some dealerships, in which, not only new, but also used

cars were made ready for delivery. This job lasted

approximately 32 months, until the owner, Graham

Norden (Jay), overdosed twice on cocaine & had to be

hospitalized at near death. H is wife insisted on closing

t he business.

Also, in 1997, I left NC to return to Woodstock GA

because my Mom & Dad both had serious health

p roblems. After getting them nursed back to health, I

was bored, so I applied for a cashiers job at Cub Foods. I

was hired & 1 month later I became a CSR and a month

beyond that I was promoted to store t rainer. I t rained all

new cashiers & bagboys.

The job always went very well until I t rained a

certain cashier & had to leave the company. P.S. We’re

s till mar ried today!

Bottom line: I have to work; I still have 4 children at


L amar C Richardson

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