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Sql Server .Net Business Software Data Development

Lawrence, Pennsylvania, 15055, United States
May 25, 2010

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SQL Server Team Lead Remote DBA Experts March ****

to April 2010

Manager of 9 SQL Server DBA's responsible for all aspects of managing SQL

Server installations. Currently support 44 separate clients ranging in

size from a single instance to 63 instances.


. Customer complaints averaged 5 per week, resulting in reduction of

fees and reduced billing. Since taking over, there have been 4

complaints from clients that have resulted in reduced billings.

. Designed, installed, configured, and support for 47 installations of

SQL Server using clustering, mirroring, log shipping, and replication.

. Architected and successfully completed 67 upgrades from SQL 2000 to

SQL 2005/2008.

. Reduced false alarms from the monitoring system from an average of 300

per day to an average or 20 per day by re-writing the code that

performs the system health checks.

. Re-factored a significant amount of various customers T-SQL code that

increased performance on 31 systems.

. Designed and implemented internal reporting database with SQL 2008 and


Technical Tools: SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, SSRS,

SSAS, SSIS, T- SQL, Clustering, Replication, Log Shipping, C#.Net, Crystal

Reports,, VBA

Database Administrator Orrick, Herrington, and Sutcliffe. April

2006 to September 2007

Sole DBA responsible for support, maintenance, and programming of seventy

production SQL Servers. The databases were the backend for third-party

applications as well as proprietary applications.


. Set up active / passive clusters for document management system

databases that reduced down time.

. Created transactional replication for accounting system database,

which increased performance of the production system.

. Added log shipping into the backup plan for the external SharePoint

site, reducing potential downtime and data loss.

. Defined and implemented ETL system using DTS and T-SQL to transfer and

update data between HR, document management, CRM, and accounting

systems using IntApp appliance and DTS/SSIS.

. Re-factored most of the T-SQL code in the Business Intelligence

system. This provided users with better reporting capabilities.

. Integrated SQL Server HR databases with active directory using DTS and


. Refined existing backup strategy, creating more redundancy while

reducing potential data loss.

. Established corporate coding standards for SQL Server.

. Planned and put in place upgrade plan for SQL Server 2005.

Technical Tools: SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, T- SQL, Clustering,

Replication, Log Shipping, C#.Net, Crystal Reports,, VBA

Database Administrator Contracted to Xspand May

2005 to January 2006

Contracted to complete various database related issues using SQL Server

2000 for proprietary mortgage lien tracking system.


. Re-designed existing system to handle new business requirements and

allow for future company growth.

. Converted new and existing data with T-SQL and DTS.

. Created a data dictionary of the entire system

Technical Tools: SQL Server 2000, .T-SQL, Microsoft Access, Crystal


Senior Software Engineer StatMedevac September

2004 to May 2005

Lead developer responsible for the design and implementation of a new

mobile EMS charting software package. Designed back end using SQL Server

2000 and Oracle 10g in conjunction with Windows services.


. Created methodology for data conversion from Oracle to SQL Server that

was adopted by entire IT unit.

. Designed and implemented code for dynamic updates of remote databases

which cut future maintenance needs by using Windows services.

. Completed each set of deliverables on time and on budget.

Technical Tools: SQL Server 2000, Oracle 10g, DTS, Replication, T-SQL, PL-

SQL, VB.Net, C#.Net, Crystal Reports,

Database Administrator ConsultUSA October 2003 To

September 2004

Design and development of database related to new servicing business at GLS

Capital, North Versailles, PA. Database design in a SQL Server 2000

environment, setup and configuration of the database servers, database

tuning and performance, security, writing stored procedures to produce data

for corporate reporting needs. automation of updates and data transfers

with Windows services, network administration, backup and restore strategy.


. Designed database for system to manage new line of business.

. Created automated system to transfer data from production databases to

data warehouse using DTS and T-SQL.

. Implemented snapshot replication to refresh the testing databases from


. Re-factored 250 stored procedures, reducing lines of code by

approximately 35%

. Performance gains realized from re-factoring averaged 200%.

. Re-designed DCOM system for application server with Windows services,

reducing support needs.

. Implemented source control.

Technical Tools: SQL Server 2000, Oracle 10g, T-SQL, DTS, Log Shipping,

Delphi 8, COM, VB.Net, C#.Net, Crystal Reports,, ErWin

Database Administrator Nationwide Appraisal Services January

2003 to October 2003

Retained to define business rules and develop database for design of

proprietary real estate servicing software. This position required

gathering and documenting the corporate business practices in all aspects

of the company's business. Database design in a SQL Server 2000

environment, developing processes to automate and validate the conversion

of existing data, providing training to the development team, setup and

configuration of the database servers, database tuning and performance,

security, writing stored procedures to produce data for corporate reporting

needs, and training for end users.


. Designed database and 400 + stored procedures for new application to

manage the appraisal process.

. Improved reliability of existing systems by applying security


. Tuned existing database procedures which resulted in significant

performance gains whole reducing the lines of code.

. Implemented ETL mechanism from various databases using DTS and T-SQL

into Cognos reporting database.

. Created projected savings of $40,000 in software licensing costs over

three years.

. Automated accounting import and export procedures with Windows

services, SQL DTS, and SQL Server Agent.

Technical Tools: SQL Server 2000, T-SQL, ErWin, Cognos, Crystal Reports,

DBA/Programmer/Development Director ATC August

1996 to January 1999 and

April 1999 to October


All database programming, consisting of all database design, writing stored

procedures, index creation, triggers, replication, database performance

tuning and testing, data conversions into SQL Server from FoxPro, Dbase,

Data Flex, and Access. Creation of backup and restore strategies, security

implementation for LAN and WAN users as well as intranet users, and

establishing hardware and network requirements to effectively implement

performance, redundancy, and security. Coding of the proprietary

transportation management application using Visual Basic, ADO, Crystal

Reports, ASP, C++, as well as analysis of various enterprise operations to

be able to provide the correct solutions using technology. Hands on

supervision of a staff of 17 with a budget of $1.2 million that is

accountable for the IT needs of over 60 offices. Department consisted of

software development, networking, training, and support groups.


. Guided development efforts through 2 major and 6 minor versions of

proprietary software package

. Completed design of standardized maintenance software for corporate

vehicle fleet

. Integrated application with the corporate accounting systems /

centralized corporate data

. Standardized corporate reporting methodology to correspond with

operational processes

. Completed web integration in conjunction with company intranet

. MDC's (Mobile Data Computers) that have resulted in better customer

service for the company's operational contracts, and at the same time

creating cost savings of up to 15% and more accurate data gathering

. Added fixed route management to proprietary software package

. Established a quality assurance process that has reduced software

development costs by decreasing the time to implementation, while

reducing logic errors and program bugs through better error detection

and documentation

. Implemented help desk system that has reduced costs through

comprehensive tracking of resource allocation. Reduced open help desk

work orders from 1300 to less that 100

. Initiated a comprehensive program to provide technical training for


. Completed benefits analysis and successfully put in place a nationwide

WAN that has reduced support costs by 15%

. Negotiated better discounts by centralizing capital equipment

purchasing along with an inventory tracking system for this equipment

. Created a surplus in the departmental budget in 2000. Savings were

gained by forming a set of procedures related to all technical

processes and the creation of the teams required to carry out these


Technical Tools: SQL Server 6.5/7.0/2000, T- SQL, ErWin, Visio, Visual, ASP,, ADO,, Visual Basic, Crystal Reports,

Windows NT/2000/XP, HTML, GIS (Map Objects, Arc Info), ODBC, OLEDB

Programmer Analyst Health America January 1999 to

April 1999

Analyze current database systems for conversion to client/server

applications. The process includes evaluating efficiency of current

database design, determining and applying business rules, assessment of a

project's viability, and the actual coding of the application using Visual

Basic 5.0, Visual C++, Access, SQL 6.5/7.0, and Crystal Reports.


. Designed and implemented improvements to broker commission system

. Established control for source code

Technical Tools: SQL Server 6.5 / 7.0, VB 5, VB6, Microsoft Access,

Crystal Reports, ADO

Reason for leaving: Received $8,000 annual raise to take new position

Technical Training

Microsoft Course 2543 Core Web Application Technologies with

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

Microsoft Course 2544 Advanced Web Application Technologies with

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

Microsoft Course 833, Implementing a Database on Microsoft SQL Server


Microsoft Course 832, System Administration for Microsoft SQL Server


Microsoft Course 2072, Administering a Microsoft SQL Server 2000


Microsoft Course 2073, Programming a Microsoft SQL Server 2000


Microsoft Course 1013, Mastering Visual Basic 6.0 Development

Microsoft Course 2373 Programming with Microsoft Visual


A.S. in Computer Science

Community College of Allegheny County, Pittsburgh PA

Graduated with honors May 1997.

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