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Project Management

Syracuse, New York, 13210, United States
May 24, 2010

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SUDHARSHAN KRISHNAN Cell: 512-***-****

*** ********* ****** ******** ** 13210


School of Information Studies, Syracuse, NY Aug 2008-Mar 2010

Database Analyst/Developer

Event Management Database System

There are various events that are held by the School of Information Studies, Syracuse University throughout the year. The data about

these events are stored in separate databases and is documented in paper forms and reports. The primary purpose of this project is to

develop a common transactional database which integrates all the data in one place, thereby making it easier to make business decisions.

Oracle 10g was utilized for developing this database solution. The whole process is made more streamlined and paperless by creating

electronic forms and reports.


Interacted with the client and developed functional requirements documentation

Developed business rules for the application and created a fully normalized database model using Microsoft Visio.

Created and managed primary data base objects such as Tables, Views, Indexes, Sequences, and Synonyms

Created database schema owner and allocated table space for it

Created different kinds of users for the database and allotted specific roles and profiles for each user

Created Procedures, Functions, Triggers and Packages using PL/SQL to meet business requirements.

Used all control structures like IF, CASE, For, While Loops for standard PL/SQL programming.

Trapped Exceptions and Predefined Oracle Server Errors implemented through PL/SQL.

Created PL/SQL Packages for easier application design and improved performance.

Loaded data from flat files and XML files to the tables in Oracle database using SQL*Loader.

Developed electronic forms and reports using Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports features respectively.

Implemented hot backup mechanisms and also query tuning procedures

Cognizant Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Chennai, India Jul 2006-Jul 2008

Programmer Analyst

Online Resume Management System

Online Resume Management project is for the company. The main aim of this project is to maintain a ready to access database of skilled

people in various areas for an easy conduct of the recruitment process. The design of this package is very flexible so that it can be

customized to the needs of any firm in case of necessity. The system contains a registration form. This allows for the registration. On

registering, a registration number is allotted to the concerned person for further reference. Easy search facility is incorporated into the

system to get the persons with the right skill sets.


Analysis of the system and design of the database.

Used EXPLAIN PLAN, ANALYZE, HINTS to tune queries for designed and developed a custom database (Tables, Views,

Functions, Procedures, Packages)

Identified different modules and their interdependencies and coding.

Encapsulated PL/SQL procedures and functions in packages to organize application.

Development of design document, coding, Unit testing and Integration Testing.

Have written Stored Procedures in PL/SQL.

Put an Index on tables when necessary.

Created Partition Tables.

Auto Insurance Application

The objective of this project is to develop business rules for a US based auto insurance provider- Certified Collateral Corporation (CCC).

These business rules are developed using business rule management system which allows for flexibility of the application and also

facilitates easy modifications to the business rules by both the business and technical people.


Gathered and documented business requirements by communicating clearly with the client

Developed a series of business rules using XSLT with the help of a business rule management system called Java Rules

Created highly flexible templates for embedding these rules using schema definition(XSD)

Devised a sound testing plan for effectively detecting bugs and incomplete logic in business rules, before product delivery, thus

resulting in significant cost savings.

Collaborated with developers, database administrators and project managers for moving the project work into production.

Got a ‘Star Performer Award’ for excellence in documenting requirements, developing project and test plans, interacting with

the customers and delivering high quality work to them before the deadline.

WildLand Security, Syracuse, NY Feb 2009-Apr 2010

Project Analyst

Sensor Project Plan

WildLand security is a startup company which produces sensors for tracking animal poachers in Africa, thereby preventing illegal

poaching activities. These sensors are produced on a very small scale and the company wants to ramp up the production process. An

exhaustive project management plan has been developed in order to facilitate the mass production of these sensors on a very large scale.


Organized team meetings with the client for collecting the business and technical requirements

Effectively managed a project team of five members and motivated them to complete their respective parts of the project

management plan

Created a detailed Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) using Microsoft Project that highlights all the tasks, sub tasks and

resource allocations for each work unit

Researched extensively about all the costs involved in producing the sensors and developed a robust budget plan for sensor

production in Excel

Identified a list of possible risks and opportunities that affect the production schedule and developed risk response and

contingency plans.

Designed a robust communication plan for an efficient flow of information between the various stakeholders involved in the



Operating Systems Microsoft Windows XP/VISTA/7, DOS

Languages SQL, PL/SQL,T-SQL,C, HTML,CSS, Python, UML, JavaScript

Databases Oracle 9i/10g,MySQL

Microsoft Office Suite 2007(Word, Access, PowerPoint),Microsoft Project 2007,


SQL *PLUS, SQL Developer, Microsoft Visio 2007, TOAD 9.0/9.6/9.7



Data Administration Concepts and Database Management(Data modeling, Normalization, Database Architecture, Database

Development Lifecycle, Basic and Advanced SQL programming, Access database development, ODBC connections, Basics of Database

Administration, SQL Server database development, Data Warehousing concepts)

Advanced Database Management (Oracle 10g features, User Roles and Profiles, Table spaces,SQL*Loader, Import/Export, Utilizing

PL/SQL to create Stored Procedures, Functions and Triggers, Indexing, Oracle Forms and Reports, Hot and Cold backups, SQL Query

Tuning Procedures, Materialized Views, Oracle Data Warehouse Builder, Oracle Discoverer)


Master of Science in Information Management

Syracuse University, School of Information Studies, Syracuse, NY.

Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics (May 2006)

PSG College of Technology, Anna University, India.

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