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Manager Customer Service

San Francisco, California, 94127, United States
March 02, 2011

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Caroline M. Ling

415-***-**** home

*** ******** ****** (415) 606-

**** ****

San Francisco, CA. 94127


Compensation/Compensation & Benefits/Compensation, Benefits & HRIS Director

with broad knowledge of Human Resources functions. Skills encompass

domestic and international compensation programs, sales incentive programs,

stock options programs, business and strategic planning, budgeting, salary

forecasting, job analysis and classification, and performance management

systems. Strong benefits knowledge in various benefits plans, plan

designs, plan administration, and rate negotiation. Strong systems skill

set. Completed five system conversions and introduced/implemented manager

and employee self services to three companies. Strong communications

skills, enthusiastic, self-motivated. Advanced statistical/analytical

abilities. Computer skills - HW: IBM and Mac PCs, SW: Access, Excel,

Lotus, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Quattro Pro, WordPerfect, mainframe -

SW: dBase, COBOL, SAS, and others as needed. HRIS: CSS & PeopleSoft.


M.B.A. Management, San Francisco State University, 1985

B.A. Psychology and Chinese, summa cum laude, San Francisco State

University, 1982

Certified Compensation Professional 1989

CQI Facilitator/Team Leader Training 1994

Certified Benefits Professional in process (2 more classes)


Dreyer's Ice Cream, Oakland

2008 - Present

Director, Compensation, Benefits, & HRIS

Is responsible for executive, base, and variable compensation as well as

benefits (including health and welfare, defined benefits and defined

contribution plans) and the HRIS system for the entire company. I am the

key partner in integrating with SAP currently.

Established the charter, role and responsibilities of the Compensation

Committee and established/promoted the total compensation (i.e.,

compensation and benefits) philosophy for the company and completed the

focal review for 7,000 employees single-handedly in 2008.

Designed and implemented the pay structure for the entire company. Closed

out the Long-Term Incentive plan and implemented a new one. Will revise

the current Short-Term Incentive Plan and the Deferred Compensation

Program. In the process of cleaning up the HRIS database that contains

inaccurate employee information. Redesigned the leave management plan.

Revised the benefits plans for 2009 and 2010 and saved the company close to

$6MM and $3MM respectively.

Rambus Inc., Los Altos

2005 - 2007

Director, Compensation, Benefits & HRIS

Was responsible for board, executive, base, variable, and equity

compensation worldwide. Established the pay structures and classified all

the positions into the pay structures. Designed and managed the equity

program; designed and managed the various variable pay programs and the

commission plans. Introduced and educated management and employees on the

pay-for-performance philosophy and the concept of total compensation.

Conducted in-depth compensation and benefits analysis to ensure all the

compensation and benefits programs were cost effective and competitive to

the identified market. Designed and managed the health and welfare

programs including leave management for the entire company. Ensured proper

workflows and processes were in place. Completed the payroll and HRIS

system conversions. Implemented manager and employee self services.

Worked collaboratively with Finance, Accounting and Legal in back-dating

options investigation and clean-up. Ensured all practices are in

compliance with SOX, FAS 123(R) and regulatory requirements. Prepared


Mercury Interactive, Mountain View

2004 - 2005

Director, Compensation, Benefits, & HRIS

Established the Global Compensation, Benefits, and HRIS functions and the

necessary business processes for the company. Completed the Global Total

Compensation Philosophy to set the direction for the Total Compensation

Programs for a $1.5B company. Completed the in-depth Span of Control

analyses to indicate the current organizational structure and generated

discussions on the appropriate organizational structure for the company.

Completed the 2005 worldwide Merit Budget analysis and proposal. In the

process of setting up the global job & salary structure and the 2005 global

stock option plan. Was in the process of analyzing the US benefits program

and plan to streamline the process and introduced online Open Enrollment

to the company. Was responsible for the vendor selection and

implementation of the HRIS system.

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, Inc., San Jose

2003 - 2004

Director, Compensation, Benefits, HRIS, & Payroll

Established and managed the Global Compensation, Benefits, and HRIS

Departments of the $4B acquisition. Developed and implemented new Short-

Term Incentive and Phantom Stock Program (i.e., Long Term Incentive

Program) for the newly merged company worldwide. Developed and implemented

new pay structure for the newly merged company worldwide. Developed

policies and other compensation and benefits programs. Analyzed all the

benefits plans worldwide in order to balance the comprehensiveness of the

program offered to our employees and the cost of the programs.

Managed the complete outsourced payroll for the U.S. site as well as the

international sites. Established processes and business rules for the

worldwide payroll function.

Assisted in integration four cultures resulted in the merger and

acquisition. Primary leader on the PeopleSoft and ProBusiness conversion.


- 2003

Director, Compensation, Benefits, HRIS, Payroll, and Stock Administration

Managed Compensation, Benefits, HRIS, and Payroll departments. Established

New Hire and Ongoing Stock Guidelines, classified and developed job codes

and pay structures for all domestic and international positions, and

established and managed the Ongoing Stock Grant process. Developed budget,

increase grid and process for Annual Merit Program and Performance

Appraisal. Enhanced current Sales Incentive Program. Neutralized the

$1.5M benefits cost increase from Cigna for 2002. Converted the current

HRIS system to EmployEase, an ASP system. Assisted in the preparation of

the 10k report and Board presentation.

Managed the day-to-day benefit programs, open enrollment. Developed

benefit programs for various international countries. Continued to enhance

the current HRIS system, clean up HRIS database, and the employee web page.

Recommended and implemented a new HRIS system.


- 2000

Director, Compensation, HRIS, and Stock Administration

Compensation/Stock Adm/HRIS Manager

Re-established and managed the Compensation Department, Stock

Administration, and HRIS including 8 professionals and 3 support staff,

providing highly complex compensation and statistical analysis/modeling and

policy for about 7,000 employees worldwide.

Designed and directed performance appraisal and compensation programs,

including bonus and stock options programs for management, professional,

and non-exempt employees. Established various merit, bonus, and

proficiency budgets for the company. Designed and converted the company to

a career-banded environment. Conducted workshops, orientations, and

management training. Administered all the stock programs (restricted stock

awards and options) for the Company. Managed the HRIS Department for

testing, implementing, enhancing, and maintaining the HRIS system.


1996 - 1998

Compensation Consultant

Project-managed various domestic and international compensation programs,

such as international assignment outsource project, focal review program

stock options program, and changing overtime policy and stock option

vesting policy for part-time employees. Duties related to project

management are setting and managing project timelines, establishing

management and employee communications/training, creating appropriate

policies and procedures, etc. Designed and reviewed domestic and

international sales incentive and bonus programs and structure for

international countries.

Conducted highly complex statistical/cost/market/global stock allocation

analyses. Performed management consultation and job classifications.

Developed job matrices for various job families. Participated in systems

implementation, such as PeopleSoft and Manager Access Tool. Received two

Cisco Performance Awards.

WELLS FARGO & CO., San Francisco 1996

- 1996

VP & Manager, Incentive Compensation

Managed the Incentive Compensation Department, designed and reviewed

various incentive plans for different lines of business within the Bank.

Prepared reports for the Board of Directors and performed special projects,

such as establishing the retention policy for the entire Bank; designed the

deferred compensation program, the classification structure, and the

compensation program for executives, developed the stock option guidance

for EVPs; conducted 401(k) focus groups; and performed highly complex

statistical/financial/cost analysis for severance decisions.

KAISER PERMANENTE, Oakland 1989 - 1996

Manager, Salaried Compensation

1991 - 1996

Senior Compensation Representative

1990 - 1991

Compensation Representative 1989

- 1990

Managed the Salaried Compensation Department, including 3 professionals and

4 support staff, providing compensation analysis and policy for 8,000

executives, management, professional, and non-union/non-exempt staff.

Established departmental objectives, delegated long- and short-term

assignments, designed performance tools to measure quantity and quality of

subordinate output, conducted performance reviews, provided career

counseling, integrated departmental priorities with other departments and

the organization as a whole.

Designed and directed compensation programs, including bonus and

individual/team incentive programs (including sales incentive program), as

well as performance management programs, for both salaried and credentialed

hourly employees (e.g., nurse anesthetists, pharmacists, physical

therapists). Monitored developments in the field, both among local

competitors and nationally. Developed compensation guidelines, parameters,

classifications, grades, and rates. Provided wage forecasts for all 8,000

employees. Conducted job classification for all new or revised positions,

including executive positions. Assisted managers in disciplinary and

termination actions involving non-union employees, as well as other

employee-relation issues.

Collaborated with and reported to senior management on compensation issues,

including Presidents of the three affiliated companies: Kaiser Health

Plan, Kaiser Hospital, and The Permanente Medical Group. Consulted with

hiring managers and recruiters on compensation issues. Investigated and

resolved complaints. Conducted workshops, orientations, and

management training. Participated in union contract negotiations and

assisted in executive salary planning. Worked closely with HRIS to test,

implement, enhance, and maintain the Tesseract payroll system.

Sample contribution:

Streamlined compensation processes and improved quality and services

provided to managers.

Collaborated with Data Processing Managers to design an Employee

Recognition Bonus Program for 500 MIS employees (management and non-


Reduced job evaluation from 1 -2 month to 5 -10 business days.

Conducted workshops for up to 100 managers.

Made the compensation function responsive to other departments' needs.

Reviewed and reclassified salaried positions; redesigned organizational

structures involving middle and senior managers; taught line mangers to

develop better job design skills.

Designed surveys and research methodologies to verify assumptions and serve

as a basis for compensation strategies.

Automated many compensation functions, which had been only partially


Received incentive bonus of $900 for outstanding performance, 1992.

CITICORP SAVINGS, San Francisco 1985 -


Compensation Analyst, Personnel Department

1988 - 1989

Managed, directed and controlled job, salary, and compensation functions.

Administered stock option plan. Monitored business control rate; forecast

salaries; administered salary actions; evaluated jobs; assisted in managing

the executive compensation program. Designed, conducted and analyzed

surveys. Coordinated preparation of the Compensation and Benefits Monthly

Report. Interfaced with management and staff from virtually every


Sample contributions:

Designed effective spreadsheet for 1989 salary forecasting, incorporating

differing views.

Planned branch reclassification.

Developed cost analysis for high performers' cash bonus awards (presented

to President).

Received seven "thumbs-up" recognizing excellent service between


Awarded an incentive trip for outstanding performance.

District Staff Officer, District Office

1987 - 1989

Administrative Assistant (Training), District Office

1985 - 1987

Involved in supporting virtually all aspects of District Manager's

responsibilities. Performed extensive analysis. Generated financial

figures for both District and Area managers' monthly letters; reconciled

monthly reports; tracked branch performance; oversaw salary administration

and employee evaluations. Also handled customer service.

Liaison between district and branches. Trained staff in usage of

computerized mortgage system. Entry position as Customer Service



Trilingual: English, Mandarin, Cantonese (speak, read, write, translate).

Willing to travel as the job requires. References provided upon request,

but please keep this information confidential at this time.

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