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Sales Training

West Chicago, Illinois, 60185, United States
March 02, 2011

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Brent DillinghamBrent Dillingham Brent Dillingham

28W270 Timber Lane West Chicago, IL 60185

Phone: (630)*** **** E Mail:



Seeking a position where skill and experience in psychology will add value. Accustomed to long hours in pursuit of

company goals.

Select Accomplishments

Creativity [University of Wisconsin Madison]

Developed a method accounting for the lower average socio economic status of African Americans that was not race

based. Required thorough research of factors that could account for each aspect of socio economic status for African

Americans, analysis of these factors, and compilation of factors into an explanatory formula.

People Skills [Amway]

Lead a business team as an Independent Business Owner. Promote the business system and products to potential

owners and/or customers. Give team members advice on promoting the system and products. Give promotional talks on


Problem Solving [West Chicago Park District]

Helped integrate children who struggled socially into their peer group. Analyzed the personality of these children and

developed a personalized method to maintain their participation in and relationship with the group.

Education & Additional Training

Professional Training

Experience in sales, leadership, business quality, as well as courses in problem solving, presentation skills, and analysis

of social systems.

Bachelor of Science: Psychology [University of Wisconsin Madison (2011)]


Languages: Spanish and English (fluent)

Computer skills include Windows, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, R, and SPSS

Interests include investing, martial arts, entrepreneurship, health, basketball, football, and travel


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