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Livonia, Michigan, 48152, United States
March 02, 2011

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Anitha Lella 608-***-****


• Over 11 Years of IT experience that includes designing solutions, development, testing

and analysis in the areas of Internet and WWW related, Client/Server, Database and

Business applications.

• 7 plus years of experience on Data Capture Template (DCT), presentation templates,

Form Publisher API, (WFT) xml based workflow, 4yrs Workflow Modeler, CSSDK

(Custom java apps), IW-Perl 5.x/CGI, Shell script in UNIX and Windows environment,

Teamsite administration.

• Experience on LiveSite, Site Publisher component development using CSSDK and XSLT


• Good experience of Teamsite administration like setting up branch, work area and

directory structure, access management of OD, DD, users and files. TS, OD installation

experience on Windows 2000

• Knowledge of additional Interwoven products like MetaTagger and MediaBin

• Expertise in linking client requirements with what Teamsite and Opendeploy can deliver

and configuring the same (for ex: workarea Virtualization) in addition to delivering the

Interwoven products based solutions.

• Expertise in installation, configuration, administration and routine maintenance of

Teamsite server

• Expertise in installation, configuration, administration and routine maintenance of

OpenDeploy Base and Receiver servers

• Migration/upgrade of TS 6.1 to TS 6.5 and TS 6.5 to TS6.7.2 that involved content and

code migration, planning and implementation

• Sound work experience in developing OD deployment scripts, payload adapters and

DNR scripts on both base and receiver

• Experience in various phase of Software Life Cycle Development such as requirement

gathering, design, coding, testing, debugging using Interwoven Teamsite (CMS) and

J2EE technologies, worked in Agile environment.

• Rich Experience in development of client server interaction modules using J2EE

components like Servlets, EJB, JSP, JDBC and Java Mail API in Eclipse IDE.

• Experience in integrating PERL and ASP based applications with SOAP and ESB

• Knowledge of configuring and maintaining Google Search Appliance (GSA).

• Rich experience in developing front end (Web UI) based on W3C standards and HTML,

DHTML, XHTML, XML, XSL, XSLT, CSS and AJAX technologies.

• Worked on various Scripting languages like JavaScript, VBScript to client side

validations of user input.

• Experience in all phases of software development life cycle and thorough knowledge of

Web based e-Commerce concepts

• Good interpersonal written and verbal communication skills, very good team player

and also can work independently

• Excellent analytical, programming, trouble-shooting and problem solving abilities

• Excellent documentation and organizational skills

Anitha Lella 608-***-****

Anitha Lella 608-***-****


Operating Systems: Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/2008, MS-DOS, UNIX, Solaris

Content Management: Interwoven Teamsite 5.0.1/5.5.2/6.x/6.7.x, Site Publisher, LiveSite,

Teamsite Templating (iwov, xml, FormAPI, TPL & XSLT),

Workflow (WFT & Modeler), Data Deploy, Open Deploy(5.x/6.x),


Programming Languages: PERL, JAVA, C, C++, SQL, PL/SQL, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP

Internet Technologies: EJB, Servlets, JDBC, JSP, DHTML, XHTML, XML, DOM, XSL,

XSLT, CSS, AJAX technologies, VBScript, JavaScript,

Web servers: Microsoft IIS6.0/7.0, Apache Web Server

Application Servers: JBoss, Web Sphere

RDBMS: Oracle 8i/9i/10g and MS-Access7.0.


BA Continuum Solutions Ltd

Lead Analyst Nov ‘10 – Present

Working on component development using XSLT, XML, Java (CSSDK)

As a Borneo CMS team member, convert high level designs into low level designs and

develop the functionality

Provide subject matter expertise in leveraging Interwoven technologies

Liaison between onshore and offshore team; responsible for timely delivery of tasks from

offshore team

Manage and train team members on CMS technologies

Prepare CMS & Free marker templates (FTL) training plans

Environment: Interwoven Teamsite 6.7.x, Site Publisher, LiveSite, Open Deploy 6.2.1, Perl,

CGI, XML, Java/J2EE Hibernate and Solaris

American Family Insurance, WI

WCM Solutions Architect/Technical Lead Jan ‘06 – Oct


Design and develop WCM solutions in the capacity of Teamsite & OpenDeploy


Create functional and technical design specifications for Interwoven products based


Expertise in linking client requirements with what Teamsite and Opendeploy can deliver

and configuring the same (for ex: Workarea Virtualization)

Lead WCM solutions delivery by coordinating activities between developers and other

areas like database, server, security and web teams

Provide innovative solutions to technical issues during the solution implementation

Design and develop Teamsite Forms, presentation templates (TPLs), workflows (WFT

and modeler), WF external tasks (both Perl and Java based) and User Interfaces

Anitha Lella 608-***-****

(Perl/CGI and Java) that interact with Teamsite, Teamsite search and OpenDeploy


Design and develop Teamsite solution involving metadata capture, configure Teamsite

index server to index custom metadata and provide CSSDK based custom search UI

that interacts with Teamsite search engine.

Conduct unit & integration testing in all stages (Dev, Integration, QA & Production)

Wrote payload adapter to integrate CVS with Teamsite environment to version and

manage CSSDK code.

Developed various common components to load one DCR into another, set Extended

Attributes on DCRs, auto generate files, execute file list based deployments, integrate

TinyMCE plug-in with CGI tasks and for writing information into Database.

Developed both CGI and JSP based callouts, implemented callserver calls using AJAX

and FIFO JS queue, dynamic loading of values from xml files within Teamsite Forms.

Heavily customized VFE to include custom buttons and for leveraging word as editor


Customized Teamsite UI by adding new portlets, removing existing portlets and by

adding new custom menu items

Develop batch jobs to rotate log files and create folder structure within workareas

Involved in Teamsite and Opendeploy upgrades, fresh installations and setting-up of

new Teamsite and OpenDeploy environments

Involved in load testing for various Teamsite based projects along with virtualizing

Teamsite serves

Experience with installing and configuring Site Publisher

Provide support for various business divisions that use Autonomy/Interwoven products

Environment: Interwoven Teamsite 6.x/6.7.x, Open Deploy 6.0/6.2.1, Perl, CGI, XML, Java,

ASP, ASP.NET, IIS 6.0/IIS7.0 and Windows 2000/2003/2008

Interwoven Inc., MD

Technical Engineer Jul ’04 – Jan ‘06

Apart from providing expert technical assistance to customers, was actively involved in setting

up the environments to troubleshoot customer issues.


• Handle customer specific issues and provide in depth technical analysis

• Respond to all customer questions and concerns with clear communication and

excellent service

• Research problems to find simple and effective solutions

• Configure proxy to virtualize web pages

• Use User Interface Toolkit technology (UITK) to customize the interface for look and

feel like color, images, default page size lists, column order, restricting access to custom

items by TeamSite roles

• Configure the environment for Open Deploy and Data Deploy deployments

• Completed Teamsite 6.0 certification training

• Recipient of most closed cases engineer award.

Anitha Lella 608-***-****

Environment: Interwoven Teamsite 5.x/6.x, Teamsite Templating 5.x/6.x, Open Deploy

5.5.1/5.6/6.0 and Data Deploy 5.5.2/5.6, Perl, CGI, XML, Unix and Windows 2000

Sprint, KS

Teamsite Consultant Feb ’04 – Jul ’04

Provided the necessary business and functional requirements to create the weekly and monthly

SBS Sales & Marketing Newsletters in the Sprint content management system (My TeamSite)

and deliver the completed newsletters to SBS Sales & Marketing employees via My Pinpoint.

Automated the process of content management to the “To the Point” portlet on Sprint Intranet

Sites. TeamSite was used as the backend content provider. Designed the templates and the

workflows as per the business requirements. Data was deployed to the Oracle Database and

simultaneously XML feed was generated during the deployment to use for display purpose.


• Provided logical architecture of web pages and websites to maximize repeatable content

elements and leverage TeamSite Templating features.

• Worked with the clients in gathering the business requirements.

• Designed workflows and the presentation templates based on the requirements of the

client, which was viewed as a web page on the portal.

• Worked on the CGI scripts, which were used as the initial point of access to content

creation, updation, deletion and upload by the user.

• Coded Perl scripts for automating various external tasks in a workflow

• Worked with other developers to determine optimal Data Content Template structure to

minimize customizations of generated pages and increase efficiency.

• Extensively used the Form API in the design of the dynamic content templates. Wrote

CGI call outs in Perl to pre-populate some the template fields with the values from

existing database.

• Configured proxy to virtualize web pages

• Perl and UNIX shell scripting to facilitate xml output generation

• Designed the database for deploying the Metadata into the Oracle Database.

• Wrote scripts to generate Views by querying the tables and extracting more refined data

to accommodate the business requirements like the content should be visible based on the

credentials of the user, organization, level and location.

• Involved in development and maintenance of Sprintebiz application using JSP and


• Developed e-forms using html and JavaScript for various users

Environment: TeamSite5.5.2, FormAPI, DataDeploy, OpenDeploy, TeamPortal, Java, JSP,

Perl/CGI, Javascript, HTML, XML, Oracle, PL/SQL, UNIX

AC Consulting LLC

Programmer Analyst Nov ’03 – Jan ’04

• Understanding Customer's Web development and production requirements

• Installation, Configuring and Maintenance of Interwoven Teamsite Servers

• Design of TeamSite DataCapture Templates (DCTs) using FormAPI and code

CGIs and Perl scripts for callouts and inline items in the templates.

• Code Perl scripts for automating various external tasks in a workflow

Anitha Lella 608-***-****

• Design and code complicated, highly configurable workflow templates,

including nested workflows. Content deployments were built in as part of the workflow

• Configure OpenDeploy to safely and dependably distribute the customer's content

to their web servers

• Implementing a Web production system on top of Interwoven products

• Involved in development and maintenance of applications using Java, JSP and


Environment: Interwoven Teamsite 5.5.2, Teamsite Templating 5.5.2, Open Deploy

5.5.1/5.6/6.0 and Data Deploy 5.5.2/5.6, Perl, CGI, XML, Javascript, Oracle, PL/SQL, UNIX

and Windows 2000

Department of Planning, UICMC, Chicago, IL Sept ‘00 – May ‘03

Graduate Research Assistant

• Worked in a team to enhance the health care management services of Medical Center

• Managed inpatient and outpatient Databases to give various reports of market assessment

to different service lines

• Generated charts, maps using special software

Environment: MS Access, MS Word and MS Excel

Computer Project Services, New Delhi, India Jan ‘00 to Jun ‘00

Software Consultant

Motion Book features powerful computer modeling and system simulation to guide engineers

through the sizing and selection process. It contains two tools, 'Motion Analyzer' and 'Quick

Size', as well as a product catalogue and software to generate Bills of Materials. Quick Size

provides a step-by-step application definition, with an extensive library of templates. Motion

Analyzer, on the other hand, provides a more flexible and detailed approach, with many options

for application set up and analysis.


• Coded the torque-speed characteristics module of Motion Book

• Worked in team environment to code print and export to word features in Visual Basic

and MS Access for Parker Linear Sizing software

• Involved in extensive testing of Motion Book software

• Involved in the technical analysis of Motion Book algorithms

Environment: Visual Basic, C++, MS Acess and Windows 95


Masters in Computer Engineering, University of Illinois, Chicago

Bachelors in Engineering, Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS-Pilani), India

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