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Project Computer

Bothell, Washington, 98012, United States
March 08, 2011

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Hi there, my name is William Freist.

I've spent the past few years as an IT expert repairing residential

PC's. I've been building computers since age 11 and love working with them.

I feel that my knowledge of Windows operating systems and gaming hardware

could be of great use. Not only am I tech savvy, but I'm also very:

. Upbeat

. Enthusiastic

. Independent or work great with a group

. Motivated and reliable

. An extremely fast learner

. Fluent with Microsoft Office

. A great problem solver

. Able to keep a positive attitude no matter what

. Good at communicating with others

. Have a very flexible schedule

. And of course locate and log bugs

I have extensive experience testing games in alpha and beta tests. To

name a few:

. Battlefield: Bad Company 2

. Final Fantasy XIV

. All Points Bulletin

. Company of Heroes Online

. Medal of Honor

. R.U.S.E.

. Red Alert 3

. Auto Assault

. Battlefield 2142

. Cities XL

. CrimeCraft

. Lord of the Rings Online

. Lego Universe

. Men of War

. Need for Speed World

. Section 8

. Warhammer Online

. Test Drive Unlimited


. Fallen Earth

. Guild Wars

. Also Microsoft Usability Testing

. And countless more

I'm also local (I live in Bothell) and therefore wouldn't need to

relocate. I've attached my resume, which has my motivations, past work and

any other skills that I didn't list here. If you have any question at all,

please feel free to email or even call anytime. I'm eager to hear back and

thank you for your time.

William Freist



William J Freist

20217 48th Ave Se

Bothell, WA 98012



I'm interested in working closely with computers and video games. I've

specialized in troubleshooting, building, and repairing computers since I

was 11 years old. Ever since, I've been the go-to guy for technical

questions and needs by just about everyone I know and everyone they know.

Once I had realized that with all this experience I had accumulated and new

knowledge I gained with every new problem I fixed, I knew that this is what

I wanted to do. My passion isn't just computers, but what computers are

able to create. Video games have been a part of my life as early as I can

remember. I remember playing the Intellivision when I was just 4 years old.

My love for gaming grew from there. I would also like to be working with my

hands and be involved with anything I could contribute to.


For the past couple years, I have been restoring my project car, a 1971

Chevrolet Nova, and enjoy it very much. Starting as a school project, now I

have pushing close to completion. I also love music, family trips, and of

course wrenching on computers and building side projects out of scrap metal

or even my fish tank computer (that works) that is submerged in 5 gallons

of mineral oil in a common fish tank. These tiny, crazy, even farfetched

ideas that are constantly buzzing through my head aren't there for long;

they are being assembled into the final product by the time the next idea

is thought up. But whatever the idea, it all comes down to what I'm able to

do on a computer whether its research, designs, or even if it's a computer

itself. No matter what I'm working with, I bring my creativity to the table

to make sure the outcome is above and beyond expectations.


I'd like to give anything and everything that I'm capable of to contribute

to my career. I will also bring a positive influence and do whatever I can

to preserve an ideal work environment. Working on/with video games is what

I see myself doing as an ideal career and I want to make a difference in

the gaming industry.


Carriage Rebuild Inc. 17331 Bothell Way Northeast, Bothell Washington 98011


12/04/05 - 04/16/06: Paint Prep/Detail

A jack of all trades. I did anything from clean up shop to help prep parts

for paint to spectate the process of auto collision repair. I learned how

to work on my project car for school and for life skills on taking care of

my car.

Pacific Concrete Inc. P.O. Box 82009, Kenmore Washington 98028 (206)619-


1995 - Present: Laborer/Heavy Machinery Operator

My father's concrete business. I've been helping him out since the day I

could walk (well almost), starting from working the tractor. As I got

older, I spent most of my summers earning some money for my pocket by

helping out. Activities I was involved in were the standard tear out of old

concrete, setup of the new concrete and pouring/finishing the new. I've

also built foundations for additions, full houses and caps over old

concrete. I learned how to use heavy equipment (tractors to jackhammers and

diamond-blade saws) and setup/finish new concrete.

Pacific Computer Services. Out of my home. 425-***-****

02/15/08 - 4/30/2009: Owner/Technician

A technical support business I start back in February of 2008. While I was

finishing up school, I figured I'd make up some business cards and pass

them out and make some extra money on the side fixing computers. Everything

was going great with a couple jobs a week fixing up just about everyone I

knew with computer problems. Once everyone had a problem free PC, there was

no need for my services anymore.


09/22/2008 - 12/05/08: Cascadia Community College, Bothell, Washington

A+ Certification Prep.

Major: Computer Science & Engineering


Extensive experience with video games and video game accessories which

include: PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, iPhone/iPod, and all the way back to

the Intellivision.

Build/repair and troubleshoot computers.

Experience with all Microsoft Operating Systems.

Basic understanding of networking. (routers, hubs, wireless routers,

TCP/IP, etc)

Friendly personality.

Great communication skills.

Ability to make important decisions.

Patience with other employees or customers to keep a positive


Good with my hands.

Operate heavy machinery.

Able to catch on very fast.

Great problem solver.

Able to work alone or in a team.


I attended PAX Prime this year and was able to get my hands many playable

demos. After walking away I knew I there must be something I can do get

myself into the gaming industry.

I'm able to figure out the answer to almost any problem. I learn mostly by

visual and being in the field. I'm also a non-smoker and of course bathe

regularly. I also bring my "A-game" each and every day.

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