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Project Manager Engineer

Aurora, Colorado, 80016, United States
March 09, 2011

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March **, ****

To Whom It May Concern :

I am an experienced, self motivated professional with a diverse background

in sales engineering related positions. Strong qualities of mine include

adapting to new situations easily and learning quickly, as well as proven

skills of organization, marketing, project management and engineering

application. With my background and experience, I am looking to secure the

position of Solar Sales Project Engineer within the established

organization, which will fully appreciate and utilize my established

abilities while providing new challenges. I am certain I am the best

possible candidate to help meet the team's goals at your company.

I do have direct technical sales experience for years in the gas/diesel

engine power generation industries including Waukesha, Detroit Diesel,

Caterpillar and Kohler engines/generator sets. Throughout my many years of

experience as an sales/application engineer and project manager, I

developed and demonstrated strong abilities in consulting, market

developing, designing, construction, procurement and contracting

administration, including technical support and proposal presentation. My

capability also extends to coordination with engineering and document

control with reviewing specifications and drawings. Throughout the

project, two basic principles are always my fundamental goals: to satisfy

the customer and to increase profit for the company. These complement my

dual ability to successfully think from an engineer's point of view as well

as that of a businessman's. Even though I do not have direct experience in

the solar energy industries, my many years of experience in the power

generation industry, especially with diesel engine and renewable energy-gas

engine generator applications, should benefit me with a fundamental

understanding of distributed power generation, energy management, utility

interconnection and communication. Also my experiences as a sales

engineer, application engineer, and project manager brace me with an in-

depth and broad understanding of technical sales and build up the ability

to administer multiple projects simultaneously.

The combination of my extensive background and strong work ethic make me an

excellent match for the position of Solar Sales Project Engineer. Attached

is my resume with further description of my qualifications. I greatly

welcome the opportunity to interview with you. Thank you for your time and

consideration, and I look forward to your future correspondence.


James Kim


17878 E. Oakwood Lane, Aurora, CO 80016

Home : (303) 627- 0749

Cell : (303) 506- 9573

E Mail :


2009 - Present : - Consulting in various engineering projects especially in

power generation industries in several Asian countries,

including a project feasibility study in a technical and

economical perspective, providing technical information, and

selecting the best suitable equipment provider, and etc. Also

locally, providing project management for some construction as a


2004 - Sep. 2008 : Stewart and Stevenson Power, Inc.

Application Sales Engineer /Project Manager

Stewart Stevenson Power was a dealer of Waukesha

Engine/Generator Sets and Detroit Diesel Engine/Generator Sets

covering several states in Rocky Mountain Region.

- Most of the projects provided needed power for gas/diesel

engine generator systems including heat recovery systems, fuel

gas (Natural Gas, Oil Well Gas, wastewater plant gas, and etc.)

treatment and preparation, electric power paralleling and

control and communication. The covered industries were gas/oil

fields, wastewater treatment plants, municipal water projects,

landfill gas, mining industry and etc.

For the renewable energy field (municipal wastewater treatment

plant gas, land fill gas, digest gas), gas analysis was

carefully performed and project feasibility was studied, which

always included life cycle assessments. Proper gas treatment

and preparation was also proposed. Electric power generated from

these renewable sources were used by the plant or exported to

power grids through the paralleling switchgear systems.

Adequate power load control and protection relay systems were

also planned and designed.

All projects were started after careful evaluation and analysis

of both engineering and business aspects, and later a detailed

procurement was followed.

As a project manager, I made sure the project was scheduled on-

time without any missing items, and made my top priority the

ensuring of equipment and installation meeting project intent.

Throughout the entire process I create and present several

reports and analyses of both technical and economic factors. I

also demonstrated the ability to satisfy the customer and

increase profit at the same time by eliminating unnecessary

items or re-negotiating with engineers and customers.

2003- 2004 Wagner Power Systems

Generator Sales Representative

-I was a Sales Representative for Caterpillar Engine powered

generator systems, including diesel and gas. Sales activities

included pre and post sales, such as market development,

technical assistance to the customer, preparing the proposals

and presentations and commissioning instructions after the

system installation is completed. Always provided the best

solutions to the customers in both technical and economic


2000- 2003 Industrial Power Systems

Technical Sales Engineer-Generator

-Proved myself in a very short amount of time that I was able to

learn quickly and fit in that position, handling all incoming

calls for generators; from technical questions to simple sales

orders, and preparing most of generator quotations for either a

spec bid or a budgetary quote. Helped contractors with finding

better solutions for the project, and worked with engineers to

design the most suitable generator system. I demonstrated a

very positive work attitude, aggressive negotiation skills and

on-time project management.

1993-1999 Great American Technologies- Birmingham, AL


- I have managed all areas of metal finishing electro-plating

companies from marketing to manufacturing. Supervised a staff

of employees of office and manufacturing personnel; monitored

production and quality assurance. Directed project scheduling,

implemented new changes for continuous improvement, recruited,

hired and trained staff, and have provided direction when

necessary. Established and maintained new corporate account;

managed all bookkeeping and financial responsibilities.

1992-1993 Dura Wear Corporation-Birmingham, AL

International Sales Engineer/Application Engineer

- I developed new markets to introduce and supply products to

Asian territories for ceramic and lining material manufacturers.

Provided technical support to overseas agents; provided

direction, product development and maintained customer base.

In conjunction with the domestic sales and manufacturing

engineering team, I improved product properties and developed

new applications. Pursued markets within raw material handling

industries to include cement, pulp and paper, chemical, power

plants, steel mill and mining industries.


1996 Korean Association of Birmingham-Birmingham, AL

Vice President of Korean Community

-Collaborated with City of Birmingham Festival of Arts and

organized the largest annual city festival; Festival of Art

Salute to Korea '96, which was a two-year-long project.

1996 Korean Olympic Soccer Committee- Birmingham, AL


-Managed all events throughout the Korean Olympic Soccer games,

part of '96 Atlanta Olympic, which included; promoting games all

over the country, organizing fans, inviting cheer leader teams,

hosting the welcoming banquet, assisting the soccer team,

hosting many dignitaries and royal families, etc.

Throughout the above two major events, I demonstrated strong

leadership, excellent organizational skills and project

management ability.


University of Wisconsin -Madison, Madison, WI

Bachelor of Science- Mechanical Engineering 1988

References Provided Upon Request

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