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Design System

San Jose, California, 95133, United States
March 09, 2011

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**** ***** **, *** ****, CA, *****



Seeking a challenging position related to FPGA/Hardware/IC Design or



< Skill in ASIC/FPGA design, including architecture design,

specification writing, RTL coding, functional simulation, system

synthesis, timing analysis, DRC & LVS verification, and FPGA


< Good CPU architecture/micro-architecture knowledge (MIPS/ARM

architectures, pipeline, cache).

< Proficient in coding RTL using Verilog and VHDL.

< Experience in ARM, DLX (RISC) Microprocessor Architecture and AMBA Bus


< Strong background in Embedded System Design.

< Familiar with VLSI design, combinational, sequential circuit design,

and memory design.

< Comfortable working on C, Perl, TCL and Assembly Language.


M.S. in Electrical Engineering May 2010 Polytechnic Institute of New York

University, Brooklyn, NY GPA: 3.9/4

B.S. in Electrical Engineering July 2008 Dalian Maritime University,

China GPA: 3.3/4


DLX-based Microprocessor (Verilog/ Modelsim, Xilinx Spartan 3E)

02/2010 -- 05/2010

< Developed system functions, specifications and architecture of the DLX-

based processor using Verilog.

< Synthesized the RTL code on Xilinx Implementation tools.

< Performed functional and timing simulation of the codes with Modelsim.

< Designed testbench for functional verification by generating stimulus

and tester.

< Set a clock delay locked loop with DCM.

< Created the user constraints and generated the programming file using

Xilinx ISE.

< Trigged the internal signals of the design inside a Spartan 3E FPGA with


< Placed and routed the design to XILINX FPGA - Spartan 3E with critical

path delay 12.072ns.

Real Time Embedded System Design-Home Automation System (VHDL/Modelsim/ISE)

09/2009 -- 12/2009

< Involved in planning, designing, and developing of an embedded system--

an electronic home automation system controller which can control

various devices such as audio, temperature, home security, door

automation, and Bluetooth capabilities.

< Established the CPU based on the ARM7 architecture. It consists of

Instruction Decoder & Control logic, Data Register, Address Register,

ALU, Address Incrementer, Register Bank, Comparator, and Barrel Shifter.

< Accomplished the bus module by referring the AMBA AHB bus protocol.

< Implemented the Memory mapped-I/O in the design.

< Generated the assembly code for security system, temperature control,

garage door control, and Bluetooth interface.

< Mapped the whole design to XILINX FPGA-- Vertex 5 LX110T with critical

path delay 6.804ns.

Unwrapper for HPC/NOC (VHDL/ Modelsim, Xilinx)

03/2009 -- 05/2009

Graduate Assistant

< Brainstormed and schemed out the Unwrapper in VHDL by referring AMBA

AHB specification.

< Designed the Unwrapper to assemble the compressed data that were

original too large to be transmitted at one time via the bus.

< Verified the operation of the design by performing functional

simulation with Modelsim.

Advanced Computer Hardware Design (Verilog/ Modelsim, Xilinx)

09/2008 -- 12/2008

< Created design flows, and coded in Verilog for Grain and RC5.

< Integrated all the RTL modules and created system level tops.

< Performed functional and timing analysis of the codes by using


< Synthesized the modified RTL codes on Xilinx Implementation tools.

< Mapped the above projects to XILINX FPGA - Spartan 3E using Place and

Route (ISE tool).

Implementation of a 16-bit Modified Booth Multiplier (CADENCE)

09/2008 -- 12/2008

< Implemented a 16-bit Modified Booth Multiplier with Booth-based

algorithm and Wallace Tree in CADENCE.

< Designed transistor level schematic for 8 partial product generators

(each consists of one Booth Encoder and 16 Selectors), 16 compressors,

and 33 Wallace trees.

< Executed circuit simulation for the whole design.

< Performed and verified the layout of the multiplier using Cadence


< Checked the functionality of the design with its extracted view in


< Run DRC & LVS verification to confirm that the design was meeting the

fabrication requirements.


Computer Architecture II

Real Time Embedded System Design

Advanced Computer Hardware Design (VHDL)

Introduction to VLSI

Select Topic in Computer Device & System

Programming with C

Computer Principles and Applications

Principles Database System

Principles of Communication Network

Internet Architecture & Protocol (TCP/IP)



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