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Manager Management

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19145, United States
March 09, 2011

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Robyn Alter-Bielawa

**** *. ******** **.

Philadelphia, PA 19145



M.S., Clinical & Counseling Psychology, Chestnut Hill College – 3.9 GPA - 2008

B.A., Psychology, State University of NY: College at Old Westbury – 3.9 GPA – 2004

A.A., Liberal Arts, Nassau Community College-- 3.5 GPA-- 2002

Professional Experience:

Employee Assistance Program Specialist (Temporary assignment through PsychPros) - Phila, PA

12/10- 2/11

Provide telephonic assistance, consultation, assessment and referral, and solution-focused therapy techniques;

respond to crisis telephone calls; assist members in determining eligibility; provide explanation of benefits; provide

referrals for outpatient care and community resources; update clinical notes in the care management database; conduct

follow-up when necessary. Temporary assignment, 40 hours per week.

Therapist - PATH Inc. - Phila, PA


Adult, individual outpatient therapy with dually diagnosed population, using a blend of psychodynamic,

CBT, and motivational interviewing techniques; 12-step education; formulated treatment plans; facilitated discharges;

ensured continuity of care, making appropriate referrals when necessary; maintained notes in DAP format; completed

discharge summaries; presented case consultations. Fee-for-service, 24 hours per week.

Therapist/Intake and Admissions Specialist – Intercommunity Action – Phila, PA


Conducted biopsychosocial evaluations for adults, children, and adolescents to determine appropriate program

and level of care; individual and group therapy with dually diagnosed populations; maintained clinical notes in DAP

format; used a blend of psychodynamic, cognitive, and behavioral therapies; provided psychoeducation; anger

management; crisis intervention; completed treatment and discharge plans. Fee-for-service, approximately 30 hours

per week.

Therapist - The Consortium, Phila, PA


Conducted individual and group therapy in an outpatient setting using a blend of psychodynamic techniques

and CBT; maintained clinical notes in DAP format; developed treatment plans; crisis intervention; conducted

biopsychosocial evaluations to facilitate admissions process; facilitated voluntary and involuntary hospitalizations.

Full-time, 40 hours per week.

Group Therapist - (Internship) - Belmont Center, Phila, PA


Conducted group therapy sessions in an inpatient setting on the following units: affective disorders, adult

general, geriatric, and intensive care; maintained clinical notes in SOAPE format; created and facilitated groups

integrating art, music, movement, and poetry. Internship, 24 hours per week.

Evaluator/Intake Representative - Jewish Employment & Vocational Services, Phila., PA


Interviewed prospective clients for partial hospital and vocational programs; administered evaluation tools;

observed, scored, and recorded behavior and performance data; analyzed data to develop evaluation reports defining

vocational assets and specific work problems; determined vocational recommendations based on specific needs. Full-

time, 40 hours per week.

Program Manager – Haven House/Bridges, Brentwood, NY


Started up new program for five homeless families; interviewed prospective employees, conducted

terminations, supervised case managers, shelter worker; on-call responsibilities; maintained physical plant of site;

facilitated on-site training; developed and conducted employee evaluations; facilitated process of finding permanent

housing for residents. Full-time, 40 hours per week.

Additional Information/Training:

Attended conferences on the treatment of anxiety disorders and borderline personality disorder; knowledge of 12-step

programs; completed eight-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program at Jefferson Hospital; associate degree

course in medical terminology; master’s level course in psychopharmacology; doctoral level courses in psychological

assessment administration and scoring of MMPI, WISC, WAIS, Rorschach.

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