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Project Business Sql Server .Net Management Manager

New York, New York, 10022, United States
March 10, 2011

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Resume Sunil Patel

Sunil Patel



• Solutions oriented IT professional who excels at managing projects, collaborating with business groups,

project teams, interfacing with clients, and deploying technology to build successful IT solutions.

• Motivated achiever with ten years of significant, progressive experience in information technology projects,

focusing on Web based and client/server based applications, custom development projects, as well as

customization of packaged products; possess Finance industry expertise, Mainly with Hedge Funds, Private

Equities and Investment Banking clients.

• Experienced project lead who has successfully lead large project teams of 15+ people from requirements

gathering through all phases of project cycle initiating, planning, executing, monitoring / controlling and

closing with ability and combination of strong business acumen and technical expertise to conceive profitable

and efficient solutions utilizing technology and able to merge disparate.

• Decisive, energetic, focused team leader/player who leads high performing teams through implementing project

management methodology includes JAD / Agile Scrum / RAD and feasible Standards.

• Core competencies: Hands on Microsoft Technologies architecture and development – Lead Development effort

for Web and window based applications mainly with Microsoft Technologies – C#, .NET, SQL Server, Oracle.


• Authorized to work for any employer in USA




Projects: Broadridge Financial: ASCENDIS ACATS is a comprehensive, high performance

Business Process Management (BPM) solution suite of applications, designed specifically for brokerage firms that

automates the identification, resolution and communication of front , middle , and back office brokerage

processing activities. Highly streamlines the entire ACAT and Non ACAT transfer process and provides a

consolidated, single point of entry which allows centralizing the process and enables brokerage firms to Increase

operational efficiency, improve scalability while controlling costs, Increase employee productivity, and Improve

transparency across the entire back office with workflows automation.

Sandelman Partners (Hedge Fund) Applications Portfolio – Introduced and managed complete development

and maintenance.

Projects: LOAN MANAGER (System is used by the structured finance group, designed to replace the VBA and

large excel spreadsheet used to keep track of trades. It contains highly fixed income Quantitative Analysis,

derivatives operations – Senior Secured, Senior Unsecured, Mezzanine, Mortgage backed securities, Bond,

Lease, CDO, CDS, CLO, CMBS, RMBS, NIM, Fund Interest Rate swap, Swaps, Credit Interest )

Resume Sunil Patel

TRADE ENTRY SYSTEM (central web based system for trade entry across all application Written in Microsoft

Technologies, it makes deploying the application painless. All trades are entered into TES (with notable

exceptions such as Bank Loans) before the end of the trading day via a trade ticket frame)

MONITOR SYSTEM (Risk management System) is used by Relative Finance group for Real time Trade in market

and equities Portfolio Analysis. Traders can setup their rules and trigger in this system for their existing portfolio.

Reporting Tab: Traders/Managers can generate various reports for analysis on prices for the portfolio, valuation of

trade entries in master database to maintain portfolio fund level.

ADP – E Start Portal: is a suite of applications with the functional role of automating the new client setup, order

entry, order processing, and order tracking and reporting within the organization.


• Involved in multiple Projects as Project Lead to support existing one as well as new Development with the

execution of Project plans to ensure adherence to business and fiscal objective. According to project plan

schedule development, time and cost estimating, risk management and change management thru various phases

of SDLC.

• Worked directly with Director of Technology, core business group /users and stakeholders in defining and

translating business objectives, functional, technical design and requirements into detailed concrete

requirements workflows and system/technical specs using UML and traceability matrix.

• Extensive experience in communicating and translating complex technical requirements /concepts to non IT

stakeholders and vice versa.

• Developed SOA architecture using WCF, dynamic data driven UI (Developed using custom controls, Master

Pages, User specified Themes, Skins using Visual Studio.Net 2008 and Ajax Tool Kit) completely separated

from Business layer(C#) and Data Access Layer (using LINQ to SQL using Visual 2008) using

services as Communication layer between UI and Business layer/Database Layer.

• Contributed to development effort and served as key technical resource for business layer server side C# .Net

modules design and development using best fit architectural approach and design patterns.

• Design database using MS SQL Server 2008 with creating Database Tables, Stored Procedures, Views,

Functions and Jobs, Create/Modify DTS/SSIS packages using Business Intelligence Development Studio,

Performance tuning on database objects.

• Increase reliability and uptime to 99.99%, and increase performance of all major time consuming transactional

application by 20xs faster while processing trade/transactions entries one system to another system at end of the

day converting and fine tuning database objects from SQL Server 2000 to 2005/2008. And also improve

performance for backup by implementing new backup strategies.

• Facilitated user training, meeting, learning sessions and support activities as necessary to ensure successful

adoption of software systems for Business users about upgrades / new Development

Environment: Microsoft Technologies, C# .NET, 3.5/2.0, MS Visio, MS Project, Quantitative Analysis,

LINQ, XML, JavaScript, AJAX Tool Kit, MS SQL Server 2005/2008, WCF, Silverlight, Visual

2005/2008, IIS, Telerik, JQuery, VSS, SQL Server Reporting Services, SQL Server Integration Services,

VBA, Vendor Products: Kynex, VPM, ITG, WSO (Wall Street Office), Various Counter Parties / Clearing Agents

Interactive Applications, Bloomberg.

12/05–12/07 Masterminds Global Solutions

Resume Sunil Patel

CITI Group –CitiGroup Alternative Investments (CAI) Investment / Trading NYC, Technology Leader – (03/07


Project: EQUITRAK (Multi Trading System) contains highly OTC derivatives operations.


• Worked as an IT Lead for Alternative Investment group to understand and analyze the business requirements.

Review projects to determine the required course of action needed to restore not only the project and project

management but take over responsibility for projects considered in CAI Group, stakeholder and upper

management confidence within the project and the assigned manager.

• Worked closely with assigned Functional manager specifically with design, estimation, development, review the

architecture, timelines, resource management and design of existing software modules.

• Understanding the needs of Portfolio/Controls managers, analysts, and other financial professionals, and

translating those requirements into functional and technical requirements.

• Used the SOA architecture for integration of various workflow based applications and standard Object Oriented

class design (OOSD) principles and namespace/package principles.

• Developed solutions that fully integrate and collaborate with existing IT systems, via service oriented

frameworks, in order to perform automated business functions. Additional experience with SOA (Service

Oriented Architecture) design / implementation Middle tier built using in with Messaging queues common


• Contributed to development effort and served as key technical resource for designing structure of project with

using software and system tools needed for project requirements using base programming language ASP.NET,

C#/.NET, IDE Visual Studio 2005, and SQL Server 2005.

• Involved in enhancement of application per growing requirements for reporting and change in annual interest

calculations requirements and ongoing support activities.

• Created live reports using SQL Server and Crystal Reports XI.

• Managed builds, releases, patches and deployments in enterprise environment using CitiGroup operations single

sign on environment.

• Responsible in maintaining existing code and troubleshooting the applications.

• Carried out integrated and functional testing with the help of team members.

Environment: Microsoft Technologies NET, C#, ASP.NET,

AJAX, ADO.NET, AJAX Controls, MS Visio, MS Project, Service

Oriented Architecture (SOA), SQL Server 2005, Crystal Reports XI,

Visual Source Safe.

MatlinPatterson Global Advisers (Private Equity / Hedge Fund) – Investment / Trading Projects NYC Technology

Leader (8 Members) – (06/06 02/07)

Project: The Waterfall Execution Model (A Trading System) is client/server based application. This application

executes and leverages financial complex calculations and transactions: Partner Commitment to Fund,

Distribution Conversion, Capital Account Summary, Unrealized Carry, Equalization, Capital Call, Investment,

Waterfall and Allocation Methods, Tax Reports (k1, PFIC etc) with estimated tax return calculations. These

allocation methods results will be utilized in processes also built into the system such as Capital Account

Resume Sunil Patel

Summary, Risk Management, IRR, and Waterfall. The reporting engine is built in SQL Server Reporting

solutions and is a web based reporting product.


• Worked directly with CFO / portfolio managers and other trading users and operations professionals in defining

and documenting application/system requirements and workflows from functional requirements.

• Created Base Architecture using Prototype design pattern and standard Object Oriented Class design (OOSD)

principles and namespace/package principles.

• Used MVC (Model View Controller) to implement a multi threaded framework to retrieve data. Designed

structure of project by using best software and system tools needed for project requirements using base

programming language C#/.NET, IDE Visual Studio 2005, Back end Database SQL Server 2005, Infragistics

as third party controls to give best look and feel to application like windows systems.

• Involved in re designing and architecture and enhancement of application per growing requirements for tax

reporting and change in annual interest calculations requirements.

• Created live reports using SQL Server reporting services and OLAP CUBES.

• Used .Net Remoting to connect to Total Return SS&C and Bloomberg API. This included using the

implementation of custom formatters and channels. . Net Remoting was implemented using TCP/IP based

communication, as SOAP formatters were not required due to minimal security concerns.

• Integrated SS&C Product and built Data feed module import data to WEM and run various allocation methods

across fund partners.

• Contributed to develop core application modules using C# .NET and reporting engine using SQL Server


• Managed builds, releases, patches and deployment in enterprise environment using Mentis Tracking System.

• Built complex business logic components using trading Algorithm and C# for server side business components

(i.e. IRR console application).

• Tested and validated stored procedures and cursor in SQL Server 2005, and automated batched jobs.

• Maintain and Support IBM backup server and batch processing using UNIX scripting.

• Involved in maintaining existing code and troubleshooting the application, carried out integrated and functional

testing with the help of team members.

Environment: Win forms, ASP.NET, C#, ADO.NET, XML, AJAX,

SQL Server 2005, Ms Visio, MS

Project, SQL reporting services, OLAP CUBES, Visual C++,

Visual Source Safe, WSDL, IIS, Infragistics Net Advantage 2006

vol1, Web UI Controls, IBM Universe U2, UNIX Scripting

TransitCenter Inc, Team Lead / Senior Developer (12 Members) NY, Aithent Inc. – A CMM Level 5 Company

(12/05 05/06)

Project: Applications TransitChek®, TCBULK, TCPMC, UNISYS.


• Contributed in requirements gathering and analysis, Designed structure of project with counting performance

factor for handling application.

• Extensively involved in designing and developing the GUI using Web Forms / Controls (ASP.NET), and used

Infragistics third party web controls for designing web pages.

Resume Sunil Patel

• Built complex business logic components using C# for server side business validations.

• Helped write stored procedures and cursor in SQL Server 2005, and automated batch jobs.

• Unit Test applications using NUnit, Create help manuals, Train regional user groups, Monitor performance using

Performance Monitor; Demo the application to the users, Write help manuals, Code reviews, and Train users.

• Developed and consumed Web Services from shipping services to keep track of orders for TransitCenter


Environment: MS Project, MS Visio, ASP.NET, C#, ADO.NET,

BizTalk 2004, XML, SQL Server 2005, Visual Source Safe, Ms

Visio, WSDL, IIS, Infragistics web controls.

08/03 11/05 InfoTech Professional Services

Wachovia Securities CMG Brokerage VA, Sr. Programmer /Analyst (12/04 11/05)

Project: NAO is a web based application which allows the brokers

and sales assistants to open a New Standard Brokerage, Asset

Managed and Fee Based Account (FBAR). The FBAR

application re characterizes existing standard brokerage/asset

managed accounts into fee based accounts. The users can also

change the fee based program they are currently enrolled into to

another account. NAO also generates all the necessary documents

for printing them centrally and locally. New Account Opening

(NAO) is developed on N Tier Architecture. ASP.Net is used as

front end and C# is used for coding the application. SQL Server

2000 is used as a back end. It consists of three layers Presentation

layer, Business Layer and Data Access Layer.


• Used user controls and custom controls on the Web Forms with ASP.NET and C#.

• Modified the existing UIs, which were developed on Web Forms and Web Services as per the business


• Implemented business layer in C# for key business functionality.

• Involved in White box testing in component level for .NET applications. Involved in unit and integration test that

includes debugging and writing codes.

• Actively involved in NUnit testing, manual testing, regression testing, negative tests, data driven tests and

disaster recovery tests.

• Created complex SQL Server Stored Procedures, Functions and Views in Database layer for key backend


• Extensively involved in execution of unit testing, integration testing, regression testing and performance testing

and analyzed the results to justify validation.

• Actively participated in conferences among the developers, business analysts, senior management and QAs on

production and maintenance issues.

• Offered training sessions to offshore developers through WebEx and conference calls.

• Maintained Mantis in production issues, developed many documentations.

• Actively involved in DBA activities in pushing data to different environments.

Resume Sunil Patel

Environment: C++, ASP.NET, C#, ADO.NET, JavaScript, XML, XPATH, XSL SQL Server 2000, Win32 API,

TCP/IP sockets Visual Source Safe, Ms Visio, and Crystal Reports IX.

CITI GROUP, NY, ITP, Sr. Programmer /Analyst (03/04 11/04)

Project: This project deals with the Outward Check Clearing system. For example: When a customer deposits a

check in the bank, the check has to undergo a routing code, account number, balance and signature verification

process before their bank has done any clearing. The project also provides user interface for various queries,

reporting and user maintenance


• Requirement and specification gathering.

• Extensively involved in designing and developing the GUI using web Forms using ms studio .NET.

• Developed user controls to customize the GUI and for the data validations.

• Built Business Logic Components using C# for server side business validations and backend SQL Server 2000.

Environment: ASP.NET, C#, ADO.NET, XML, XPATH, XSL SQL Server 2000, Visual Source Safe,

Ms Visio, Crystal Reports, WSDL, SOAP, IIS.

EGain Communications Corp, CA, ITP, Programmer/Analyst Project: Campaign 4.1 e mail/messaging system

(08/03 02/04) Technologies: ASP.NET, C#, ADO.NET, XML, XSL, JavaScript, HTML, Visual

Studio.NET, SQL Server 2000, IIS, Visual SourceSafe, Linux and qmail

01/02 07/03 I2I Enterprise Solutions, Software programmer

Project: B2B PORTAL Sales Monitoring System

Technologies: JSP, Servlets, Oracle 8i, XML, Crystal Reports 7.0, PL SQL, Tomcat Server.

12/00 12/01 Hetvi Software Solutions, Software Developer

Project: Car Export –Reselling Management

Technologies: Visual Basic 6.0, SQL Server 7.0, ASP, XML, Crystal Reports 7.0, T SQL, Win 2000Advanced

Server, Microsoft Source Safe 6.0.


MS Technologies – Web and window applications: .NET 1.0/ 1.1 /2.0/ 3.0/3.5/4.0, VISUAL STUDIO .NET 2003



Programming Languages: C, C++, Java 2.0, SQL, PL/SQL, PERL, Shell Scripts, T SQL

Technologies: VB Script, Java Script, MS Great Plains, TCP/IP sockets, Win32API, BizTalk 2004, OLAP

Cube, Share Point, ASP 3.0, Active X, HTML, DHTML, JDBC, CSS, XML, XSL, DTD, DOM, SOAP,

WSDL, J2EE, Java Beans, COM/DCOM, COM+, RMI, IIS 4.0/5.0, Web Logic.

Software Packages : Crystal Report Writer 6.0/7.0/8.5/11,Visual Source Safe, DTS, Telerik, Infragistics, MS

Visual Interdev 6.0 and MS Front page, MS Visio, Agile™ PLM, Advent Geneva®, Bloomberg, Charles

River IMS Product, Total Returns, VBA, Visual Basic 6.0, d2k, IBM Universe U2

Databases: MS SQL Server 2000 2008, Oracle 7.X, 8i 11g, MS Access 97/2000, MYSQL

Operating Systems: Linux, UNIX, Windows Servers.

Resume Sunil Patel



Bachelors in Information Science & Engineering (Computer Science)


Microsoft Certified Technology specialist (MCTS) –MCP ID#:3863539

MCTS Web Applications, MCTS Windows Applications

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