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Developer Management

12345, United Kingdom
March 10, 2011

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Address: Email:

Flat * Churchill

Court Mobile: +44-787*******

** ********


London EC1R 4PQ

Sriniwas Silam

Objective I want to specialise in the development / design / Architecture

of systems in Java/J2EE Technologies. I have 13+ years of

experience in various sectors including Investment Management

(Finance), Consulting, Media, Construction (Real Estate) in

various geographic locations including the USA, UK, UAE and


Nationality British Citizen

Visa Status Eligible to work anywhere in the EU and India.

Security Yes, Security Cleared till December 2013


Last 2 HomeOffice - UK Government, Nakheel - Dubai


Availabilit 4 Weeks


Skills Vignette Suite

Vignette Content Management (VCM) V7.4, V7.3.1, V7.3.0.5 - since

May 2005 (5 Years)

Vignette Content Management V6.0.x, V5.0.x, V4.2.x - since Jan

2000 (5+ Years)

Vignette Application Portal (VAP) V7.3, V7.2.2 SP1, V7.1 - since

July 2004 (5+ years)

Vignette Records and Documents (VRD) 7.3.2 - since April 2010

(11 months)

Vignette Business Collaboration Server (VBCS) V5.6.3 - since

July 2004 (3+ Years)

Vignette Dynamic Portal / Site (DP) V2.0.7, V2.0.5, V2.0.4 (5+


Microsoft SharePoint

Windows SharePoint Server (WSS) 3.0, Micorsoft Office SharePoint

Server (MOSS) 2007

Oracle Business Process Modelling (formerly AquaLogic BPM)

Oracle Business Process Modelling (O BPM) 10.3 - since Nov 2010

(3+ Months)

Programming Languages / Tools / Frameworks

Java/J2EE (6+ years), JSP (+ years), Spring (since Sept 2007),

JSTL / EL (since Sept 2007), JSR 168, AJAX, JQuery, JSON, ASP,

XML, XSLT, TCL, VC++, Visual Basic, HTML, WebServices,

JavaScript, LDAP.


MS SQL Server 2000, 7.0, 6.5 - Since 1999 (10+ Years)

Oracle 8.0, 9i, 10g, 11g - during Q3 2000 (4 Months), 9i, 10g

since Sept 2007 (9 months), 11g since Apr 2010 (11 months)

Access 97, 2000 - during 1997-1999 (2 Years)

Very comfortable with Data Modelling, SQL syntax and

programming. (10+ Years)

Other Software

Used Ant / Maven for building / deploying Web Applications

(since Sept 2007)

Autonomy Search (comes with the Vignette Products) DRE 4.3.3,

AutoIndexer, HTTPFetch - since Aug 2005 (4+ Years)

Visual Basic 6.0 - during 1998-1999 (2 Years)

Visual C++ 4.0, 6.0 using Visual Studio - 1997-1999 (2 Years)

Microsoft Access / Excel VBA - during 1997-1999 (2 Years)

Extensively worked in Eclipse IDE, familiar with Agile, Scrums,

CruiseControl concepts

Quartz, OSCache, Roller, Jforum, WebLogExpert, Xenu Link

Checker, SOAP-UI WebServices, Paros proxy server, Eclipse,

Rational Software Architect.

Application Servers

WebSphere 5.1 - Since Q3 2007 (+5 months)

Jakarta Tomcat 3.2, 4.1, 5.0, 5.5 - Since 2002 (7+ Years)

Oracle Weblogic 10gR3 - Since Q2 2010 (9+ months)

Weblogic 10.0 since Apr 2010 (4 months), 9.2 since Q2 2008 (2

Years), 8.1 (comes installed with VCM 7) - since Q1 2005 (5+


Web Servers

IIS 6.0, 5.0, 4.0 - since 1999 (7+ Years)

Apache HTTP Web Server - Q1 2000, since May 2007 (1+ Years), Apr

2010 (4 months)

Operation Systems

Windows 2003, 2000, NT - since 1998 (12+ Years)

Solaris unix platform - during Q1 2000 and Q3/Q4 2007, Q1 2008

(9 Months)

Red Hat Linux 4 - during Q2 2008 (3 Months), Red Hat Linux 5.3 -

since Apr 2010 (4 months)

Version Control

Used Visual SourceSafe, CVS and SVN, ClearCase


Oracle Service Bus (OSB), SOAP-UI, ClearQuest, Webtrends,

Microsoft LogParser, CruiseControl, Hudson continuous build,

Code review tools like PMD, CheckStyle, Hammurapi.

Training / Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP 310-055)

Certificati Sun Certified Web Component Developer (SCWCD 310-081)

on Vignette Suite of Products - VCM 7.3, VAP 7.1, VBCS 5.6, DP

2.0.4. Records can be obtained from Vignette Corporation, if


PRINCE2 2009 Foundation and Practictioner Certification

Web 2.0 development with Ajax and JQuery

Oracle 10g Comprehensive

SharePoint - Building Data Driven Application and SharePoint


Training in OOAD Design using UML Diagrams

Work Apr 2010 - Current IBM UK Ltd.

Experience Client: UK Border Agency (UKBA), UK Government, London

Java / J2EE Developer / Consultant / Records and Documents


I joined as a Documents and Records Management specialist and

implemented the full solution using Vignette Records and

Documents (VRD) for the UKBA's new "Immigration system". I have

also worked on the Oracle Business Process Modelling (O BPM)

which is responsible for orchestration of the overall business

process for this new system with Siebel and OSB.

The solution involved migrating all the documents from Siebel to

VRD and provide seamless authentication and authorization of

creating, reading, updating (CRUD) the documents.

Building the architecture, documenting, recommending options,

implementation of the full solution.

Integration of the solution with other third party systems like

Siebel, Oracle Service Bus (OSB). CA SiteMinder.

Configuration of SSO, integration with LDAP (AD and Sun DS),

Development of solution and providing Web Services requests and

parsing responses.

Using Ant for building the ear for the application.

Creating deployments scripts

Building / developing existing and new process models using OBPM

Working with the environment and hosting for the Go-Live

Troubleshooting high profile issues

Jun 2008 - Nov 2009 Morse / Diagonal Consulting Ltd.

Client: Homeoffice, UK Government, London

Java / J2EE Developer / Consultant, Vignette Architect /


The Home Office is currently building an intranet system using

the latest web technologies. I joined the team as a specialist

in Vignette suite of products (VCM Content Management, VAP

Portal). These technologies are based on Java / J2EE

technologies. Technologies used are VCM 7.5, VAP 7.4, Java 1.5,

1.4.2, JSP, Spring, Hibernate, Spring Portlet MVC, Maven 2, SQL

Server 2005, IIS 6, Windows 2003, Weblogic 9.2. So far my role


Complete environment build for the Vignette platform for

failover / High Availability, monitoring, scaling and

performance tuning

VM Ware setup for internal System Test environments replicating

clustered architecture

Complete documentation of firewall ports / rules, and also

Intrusion Detection System (IDS) rules for the Inter Server

Communication for the Architecture.

2nd / 3rd line support for troubleshooting Vignette VCM, VAP and

DPM issue

Development / code updates of modules and tools for

troubleshooting - listeners, configuring resources, widgets

Code review and recommendation

Creating / Modifying build scripts and deployment scripts

Finding failure areas where the code would fail during


Recommendations for performance and best practice improvements

Mar 2008 - May 2008 Virtusa UK Ltd

Client: Nakheel, Dubai, UAE

Java / J2EE Developer / Consultant, Vignette Architect /


Nakheel is a massive construction company in Dubai, UAE with

many prestigious projects like The Palm Jumeirah, The World,

Waterfront etc. All these projects they manage it as communities

and are building a communities portal in Vignette. I joined as a

Vignette Architect and was based in Dubai. This was an

implementation using VCM 7.4, VAP 7.3, DP 2.0.7, Tomcat 5.5,

Apache HTTP Server 2.x, Linux OS and Oracle 10g database.

I was responsible for the full build and configuration of the

environments using VCM 7.4 and VAP 7.3 on the red hat linux 4.0

platform. The database was also in Oracle 10g on a HP-UX

environment. The output was a document that anyone could follow

and build the environment.

I was involved in the build and design of various components

e.g. The Database Schema, Content Type Definitions (CTDs), VAP

Pages, layouts, DP Portlet breakdown, Grids, Styles etc.

Decided the topology and component distribution on the

environment. What VCM/ VAP/ App Server, HTTP Server etc. goes on

which server and the communication and setup.

Recommendation to third party creative design company for HTML

approach / design patterns and how to fit it in the Vignette


Labels, properties and cache management for multiple languages

and implementation solutions for the same.

Manage offshore team for development and guidance for building

the portal / content management stuff.

Documentation of the Build / Config guides, Technical

Specification, Content Modelling, Release Docs, HTML

Recommendation, SVN Source management in Dubai.

Deployment of code to Dubai data center.

Troubleshooting of problems and strategy for solving problems.

Tuning and performance for the system.

Scripting Export / Imports for the VCM system.

Sept 2007 - Jan 2008 Patni Telecom Ltd.

Client: British SKY Broadcasting, London, UK

Senior Java / J2EE Web Developer, Vignette Consultant

Involved in 2 implementations for the Sky Web Systems. This

involved using VAP 7.2.1, VCM, Java, WebSphere 5.1,

Spring, JSP, JSTL/EL, Apache HTTP Server etc. ANT / Maven was

used for building and deploying the web applications. The source

control was carried out using CVS and later on SVN.

The role involved communication with the Business users,

Analysts, Testers, Content Editors, Release and Implementation


Provide generic solutions for Content Management and

implementation for the front end using the Vignette Portal. Was

actively involved in taking the requirements and providing

suggestions and solutions for it in tight schedules.

Support of the release to Live environments.

Nov 2005 - Sept 2007 Schroders Investment Management, London, UK

Jul 2001 - Oct 2005 Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), London,


Nov 2000 - Jul 2001 Apar Infotech, London, UK

Client: Schroders Investment Management, London, UK

Java / J2EE Developer, Web Architect, Vignette Specialist,

Senior Lead Analyst

Currently implementing various enhancements and improvements to

the VCM / VAP platform using VCM 7.3.1 and VAP 7.2.2 including

2nd / 3rd line support for critical issues.

Upgraded VCM platform from to 7.3.1 (DP 2.0.5) and VAP

from 7.2.1 to 7.2.2

Finished Implementing a Vignette V7 solution for Schroders using

VCM, VAP 7.2.1, DP 2.0.4, XML, JSP, Java, XSL, HTML,

JavaScript. Involved in Functional Specification, Technical

Spec, Architecture Design, Hardware/Software recommendation,

Design of VCM components, Data Modelling, Development,

Accessibility, Autonomy Search, configuration of environments,

Performance Tuning / Optimisation and final Implementation. This

project involves building a Content Management and a Content

Delivery solution in VCM/VAP/DP as a whole for all the Schroders

Web Systems.

The flexible system uses a framework to rapidly create many

sites of a consistent brand and accessibility. There are

currently around 130+ site live.

Other brands or styles can also be implemented by using CSS

only. This brand can be easily changed by changing the site

setting easily for a particular site.

Creating lot of utilities for support / toubleshooting e.g.

Missing Content Check between Live and Preview stage, Job Check

queue and auto email for out of support, Staticfile

Synchronizer, Project Mismatch checks, etc. to name a few.

Provided a reporting solution to the top management using web

trends and writing a 2 level parser for parsing of raw IIS logs

and converting to meaningful URLs for management reporting.

Friendly URL implementation for VAP. Wrote encoding filters, URL

Rewriting / proxying rules and migration scripts for various URL


Involved in writing Listeners for Automatically assigning

channels to staticfiles and the wrapper, creating incremental

indexing file on a daily basis for vgncontentindex utility to

run nightly.

Training and educating VCM users globally.

Implemented an Intranet based Collaboration system using VBCS

5.6.3 for Schroders. This was very successful and popular with

all the employees globally.

Content Scan to pull content out of the VCBS (as above) and

importing into VCM.

Creating roles (using capabilities) for granular level


Worked on V6.0 and V5.0 version of Vignette CMS.

Responsible for all upgrades to the Vignette Platform.

Performance tuning / troubleshooting for critical web system


Implementing a Log Parsing / Reporting solutions for Statistics

for web sites usage.

Recommendation and solutions for critical V6 CMA and CDA


Support of the Vignette Architecture and web applications

running on it.

In short I have done everything and anything related to the web

systems for Schroders over the last 7 years.

Jun 2000-Sept 2000 Nexgenix Inc, USA / India

Client:, California, USA

Project / Technical Lead / Developer

Vignette 5.0, IIS 4.0, Oracle 8.0

I was the Project Leader whereby I managed a team of 6 people in

India for some modules for the website.

I was required to travel to the USA for requirement gathering,

work with the USA team.

Been involved in the design and prototyping of,

recommendation, setup and final implementation of the full


Responsible for the end to end delivery for the web system.

Mar 2000 - Jun 2000 Nexgenix Inc, USA / India

Client:, California, USA

Technical Lead / Developer

Vignette V5.0, SQL Server 6.5, IIS 4.0

I worked with the USA office and the India office for the

implementation of this project.

Was the technical lead for this project. Role involved

configuring the systems, installations, troubleshooting

application / web systems. In the event there were issues with

the environment i was fully responsible to fix it and do the

fine tuning and performance improvements.

Development of some modules for

Dec 1999 - Mar 2000 Nexgenix Inc, USA / India

Client: PENNnet Publishing,,

Okhlahoma, USA


Vignette 4.2, Oracle, Apache Web Server, Solaris platform.

This was building a web system for PENNnet Publishing who have

an Oil and Gas Journal publication. They wanted an online system

built for the same.

Was involved in the development and implementation of the web

system off site / on site for This was achieved 1

week before the deadline.

July 1997 - Dec 1999 Nexgenix Inc, Bombay, India

Client: Mecklai Financial Services, Bombay, India

Developer, Project Leader, Designer

During this period I was involved in graphical design / layout,

development, implementation of various product and project

developments for Mecklai. They were Fixed Income and Forex based


The 2 main product developments was for a Fixed Income System

and a Forex system.

Apart from this I also did some projects for various clients in

Bombay, India. Some of the clients being Novartis, Air Freight

Ltd, A Pharmaceutical company.

Access 97, VBA, Visual C++, Visual Basic was used.

Education 1994-1997 - Thadomal Shahani Engineering College, Bombay

University, India

Passed my Technical Graduation Engineering Degree in Computer

Science / Engineer - First Class with Honours.

1990-1993 - Vivekanand Education Society's Polytechnic, Bombay,


Passed my Technical Diploma in Computer Technology - First Class

with Distinction.

Interests I am very much into sports - Cricket, Football, Badminton. Have

been very active at school and college level with various level

of participation. Travelling is one of my passions. I also like

experiencing various cuisine - favourites being Japanese,

Mexican, Thai, Lebanese. Also have interest in learning

languages (currently learning French and Japanese).

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