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.Net Business Developer Sql Server Project Development

White Plains, New York, 10606, United States
March 02, 2011

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Phone: 201-***-****


0. Experienced IT professional over 7 years of experience with diverse and

extensive experience on multi-tier applications focusing systems

analysis and design, multi-platform systems integration with MS BizTalk

Server 2009/2006 R2 and .NET development.

1. Extensive working experience in developing BizTalk Solution objects

such as creating and validating Schemas, Mappers, Pipelines and

creating Orchestration and using .NET components in Orchestration.

2. Hands-on experience developing custom pipelines and Adapters - WCF-

BasicHTTP, SOAP, SQL, File, MSMQ, DB2, FTP, SMTP, etc.

3. Having solid hands on experience in healthcare industry especially in

using HIPAA EDI transactions such as 270/271, 834, 837 and 850


4. Good understanding of Enterprise Integration Patterns like Message

Construction and Transformation patterns using BizTalk

5. Two+ years in major Health Care/Insurance Company, Three+ years in

major Banking company, Two+ years Software vendor.

6. Microsoft Certification - Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist for

BizTalk Server 2006 R2.

. Expert at bringing clarity and ease of use to complex systems and

developing guidelines, frameworks for system development.

. Highly motivated, self directed, experienced BizTalk Developer with

excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

. Education - B.S in Computer Science, Maharaja Sayaji Rao University,

Baroda, INDIA, 2002.

SYSTEMS and Software Skills:

BizTalk & Tools Libraries & Languages Database Systems OS


BizTalk Server . NET C# MS SQL Server Windows

04/06/06R2/09, BAM, BRE, Framework 2000/05 Server

BizTalk RFID, Orchestration, /08including SSAS, 2003/05

BizTalk Administration and SSIS and SSRS.


EAI Adapters - HTTP, FTP, ASP.NET & Visual Oracle Server Win

DB2, File, SOAP, HIPAA, WSE ADO.NET Basic (10g/9i/8i/8) 9x/NT/

2.0/3.0, WCF, SQL, SFTP, versions 3 2000/20

SMTP, RFID. to 6 and 03

.Net /XP/Vis


EDI Adapters - HIPAA, MySAP, Web Forms, C/C++, Mainfarme DB2, MS

PeopleSoft; Transactions - Windows Forms COBOL Access 2000

270, 271, 276, 277, 810, and Web

820, 824, 830, 834, 835, Services

837(P, I, D), 850, 852, 855,


Visual Studio 2005/08, XML, XSLT, HTML,

Visual Source Safe, Team XPath, Dynamic

Foundation Server, Visio Xquery, XSD HTML,

2005/08, TOAD, SQL Server Schema. JavaScript

Management Studio, Microsoft and

Sharepoint Services. VBScript


Skill Level Experience

Microsoft BizTalk Server Expert 4years


Microsoft SQL Server Expert 7 years


Microsoft ADO.Net Intermediate 4 years

Microsoft C# and .Net Intermediate 4 years

XML, XPATH, XSLT Intermediate 7 years

C/C++ on Unix, JavaScript Novice 1 year


BizTalk Integration Specialist (Client: Aetna, Hartford, CT)

Apr 10 - Till Date

Aetna is one of the nation's leading providers of health care, dental,

pharmacy, group life and employee benefits. The objective of the project is

that all technologies and business processes meet Health Insurance

Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy requirements.


. Designed and developed an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) on the BizTalk

2009 platform, with itineraries driven by BizTalk's Business Rule

Engine (BRE).

. Responsible for one of the main integration of this projects using c#

middle layer, Asp.Net and BizTalk 2009

. Developed C#.NET Class Libraries outside of BizTalk and called them

inside Orchestrations, to implement complex business processes.

. Active in the development of BizTalk applications, and implemented

Scott Colestock's "BizTalk Deployment Framework" (Open Source from

CodePlex) to automate builds and deploys of these projects from Team

Foundation Server (TFS) to Development, QA, System Integration

Testing, and Production Environments.

. Implemented EDI transactions along with HIPAA compliance.

. Created BizTalk Map for the HIPAA 837P & I Inbound Transactions.

. Created transformation maps for HIPAA EDI Transactions (Health Care

Claim - 837, Enrollment 834, Eligibility 270/271 and Claim Payment


. Participated in BizTalk 2009 Development and Tracking (HAT)

responsibilities include Mapping and Business Process, Orchestration


. Generated schemas for the DB Updates and DB Lookups for the inbound

EDI Transactions

. Custom development on XSLT coding and XPath to transform into

desirable file formats.

. Create custom pipelines to meet the inbound messaging format

specifications and created Policies using business rule composer.

. Actively Worked with BizTalk Rules Engine, written Business Process

Vocabulary and Rules.

. Used BizTalk Web Services Publishing Wizard to publish an

orchestration as a Web Service, which allows Orchestration to be

accessed by other applications.

. Used SQL Adapter to access database in implementing Business Process.


BizTalk Server 2009, BAM, BRE, Custom pipelines, BizTalk schemas, Microsoft

Business Rules Composer, IIS 7.0 EDI / XML Schemas, XSLT, XPath, C#,

ASP.NET, JavaScript, Windows Server 2005, SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio


Sr. BizTalk Developer (Client: UBS, Stamford, CT)

Feb 09 - Mar 10


Residential Mortgage Clearing System (RMCS) is a Mortgage related

application that assists the UBS Loan Managers to provide title clearance

and closing on a mortgage. The application has several integration points

between systems serving different teams inside/outside the firm. Various

banks send the applications via web, fax or manual entry for closing and

Title search through enterprise service bus (cactis), which is built on top

of Microsoft BizTalk and .Net. During the Application Processing, vendors

are assigned for each application and based on Business Rules Engine,

vendors communicate back to the banks about its approval through system

automation. The front end of the application is designed in Asp.Net and C#

is used to develop middle tier and data tier.


. Designed, Developed and Created Schemas, Maps, Pipelines, and


. The Enterprise Service Bus controls the flow of loan data (using a

common message format) between seven in-house applications and five

external vendors.

. Made extensive use of cross-reference database and functoids, and

tools to migrate the cross-reference values.

. Involved in integration of this project (Cactis) with Vision (Title

info provider) using c# middle layer, Asp.Net and BizTalk 2009

. Involved in the integration of legacy mainframes AS/400 systems and

developed adapters enabling enlisting and exposing COBOL, DB2 and

other mainframe resources as Biztalk endpoints.

. Created C# "helper" routines using DOM, XPath.

. Web Applications called BizTalk orchestrations published as WCF web


. Designed and worked with WCF developers to create a data access layer

(DAL) for SQL2005 database which acted as the system of record for all


. All development and QA was done on virtual machines using VMWare.

. Actively Involved in Error Handling and Bug Fixing.

. Worked with four other BizTalk consultants on this project, and

mentored the customer's staff in BizTalk and WCF.

. Implemented patterns such as sequential convoy and advanced



BizTalk Server 2009, BAM, BRE, Mainframes DB2, COBOL, DB2, Windows Server

2005, Visual Studio 2005, Visual C#, SQL Server 2005, IIS 7.0 EDI / XML


Sr. BizTalk Developer (Client: Sage Software Solutions, Irvine, CA)

Mar 07 - Dec 08

eStore - SAP integration

Sage offers different software products and for each product there is web-

based eStore where customers buy products and orders go to SAP CRM. Sage is

using BizTalk server 2006 R2 to integrate eStores and SAP CRM for order

creation. Another BizTalk process monitors order going to shipping from SAP

and order confirmation coming back from 3rd party shipping system. BizTalk

process updates eStore with order shipping status at two points, first when

order sent for shipping and second when order shipping confirmation, with

tracking information, is received at BizTalk.

Web Portal - IBM Rational Focal Point integration

Sage is using IBM product Rational Focal Point for market and business

driven product and portfolio management. To capture customers, analysts,

market research, and internal stakeholders input through web portal and

submit to Focal Point, BizTalk Server 2006 is used to create data using

Focal Point web service interfaces.


. Provided production support and troubleshooting for existing BizTalk


. Worked with business analysts to understand the scope of projects.

. Worked with Web, SAP and PeopleSoft teams to identify the interfaces

to define endpoints in BizTalk project and developed EAI adapters.

. Independently designed, developed and deployed mentioned projects

using .NET Framework, BizTalk Server 2006 R2, C#, BRE, SQL Server


. Defined workflow-using orchestration to get orders by consuming eStore

web service and create order in SAP CRM by consuming SAP web service.

. For next iteration of the project, I implemented exception handling

and custom email notification to track order creation process for


. Developed complex map by using several Functoids and XSLT Templates to

transform eStore order into SAP order XML.

. Implemented rules and policies using Rule Engine to setup SAP

parameters in order XML.

. Used SQL Server database to store configuration data.

. Created requirements document for web developers to create web forms

for Focal Point data input.

. Designed and developed database tables and stored procedures, using

SQL Server 2005, to support order status update process.

. Created MSIs and binding files for different environments like;

Production, QA and Development.

. Deployed BizTalk process to the QA environment and worked with QA team

throughout the testing phase.

. Deployed and supported applications in Production.

. As per client's plan to upgrade to BizTalk Server 2009 in future, I

have installed configured and developing different applications, on

local virtual environment, to explore the new features.


.NET Framework 2.0/ 3.5, C#, BizTalk Server 2006/2006R2, Business Rule

Engine, IIS, ASP.NET/Web Services/WCF, XML / XSLT /SOAP, COM/ DCOM, MySAP,

PeopleSoft, Visual Studio 2003/2005, SQL Server 7/2005, Windows 2003 / XP.

Sr. Programmer Analyst (Client: Fidelity Investments, Boston)

Feb 06 - Jan 07

Fidelity Investments, is one of the largest mutual fund groups in the

world. Fidelity Investments manages a large family of mutual funds,

provides fund distribution and investment advice services, as well as

providing discount brokerage services, retirement services, wealth

management, securities execution and clearance, life insurance and a number

of other services. Involved in delivering various components for

configurations including analysis, design, development, unit test, system

integration test, HAT test support, partner integration testing and

deployment to production.


. Installed and configured BizTalk Support Environment.

. Involved in creating Software Development Life Cycle (Analysis,

Design, Development, Testing and Deployment) of project.

. Developed and Created Schemas, Maps, Pipelines and Orchestrations.

. Used BizTalk Mapper to establish the communication between the schemas

and various Functoids.

. Actively Worked with BizTalk Rules Engine (BRE), written Business

Process Rules and monitored business activity with BAM.

. Involved in writing Script/Custom Functoids based on various

protocols, used different adapters (SMTP, HTTP, and FTP) to serve

clients request.

. Implemented Custom Pipeline components.

. Involved in Error Handling to effectively and actively monitor the

business activities.

. Used Health and Activity Tracking (HAT) to track and view specific

events and messages.

. Developed Web Service Interface to submit the project requests and

approve the project requests.

. Extensively written technical specifications for various modules

according to the Microsoft specifications. Strictly followed the

Microsoft Application Development Standards and Quality Process.


BizTalk Server 2004, Visual Studio 2003, SQL Server 2005, Windows Server

2000, ASP.NET, C#.NET, XML, Web Services.

.NET Programmer (Client: Metropolitan Life Insurance, Bangalore)

Aug 05- Jan 06


Metropolitan Life Insurance is one of the largest insurance and financial

services companies, which offer full range of products and services for

home, auto and financial security. Insurance processing system is a web-

based application, which used by all the agents of Metropolitan Life

Insurance. The web-enabled system features a front-end interface, that

enables Internet access to agents information, forms and other online

resources like policies information, Offices information, process policy

claims, maintain the reports of the policyholder and lets agent request any

changes. The back-end administration system maximizes user efficiency and

provides all the functions and features needed to process insurance



. Analyzed the project and enhanced the existing application with new


. Developed new user interface for new features and functionality to the

application using ASP.Net

. Used VB. NET in the code behind page

. Developed Functional and Data Access classes for all Web Server


. Designed and Developed Web forms using C#.NET

. Implemented JavaScript

. Developed UI using ASP.Net and Winforms

. Used ADO.Net for data retrieving, querying, storage and manipulation

. Used Microsoft SQL Server on Microsoft Windows XP and exist in the

Active Directory structure.

. Created stored procedures, triggers, views for data access and


. Extensively used Data grids, Data Tables and Datasets for Data


. Used XSL defined schema structures for XML files

. Used JavaScript to validate the web page and loaded the content

dynamic in iFrames

. Used Visual Source Safe for Version Control

. Involved in GUI web Functional Testing using win Runner

. Used SOAP protocol for Message Format

. Used .Net Remoting to interact across application domains, processes,

and machine boundaries

. Integrated various reports into the application

. The reports were created using SQL Reporting


Windows XP, Microsoft Visual Studio 2000, HTML, DHTML, Java Script, C#.NET,

VB.NET, ADO.NET, SQL Server 2005, IIS 4.0

Programmer Analyst (Client: Citi Group, Bangalore)

Dec 03- May 04


This project facilitates Loan Originations and Loan Processing

functionality. This is a Web Based user interface, which consists of

different pages for New Loan Application, Authentication, Borrower-Cosigner

Information and Account Generation, Prequalification, and history Status.


. Designed Complex User interface using ASP.NET and Web Forms

. Designed User controls for Smart Navigation and Menu systems

. Used XML, XSLT and Cascading style sheets to set styles on ASP.NET


. Written Business logic in C# and exposed as a Web Service

. Developed Validation and custom Error Handling components for the

above modules using C#.NET assembly component architecture

. Implemented Online User Interface

. Created Stored Procedures, Functions and Table Schemas

. Tested, Deployed and Configured on Web Server


Visual Studio.NET 2000, C#.NET, ASP.NET, Web Forms, SQL Server 2000, XML,

Windows XP Professional

.Net Developer(Client: GKN Promoters, Bangalore)

Feb 03 - Nov 03


This project is to develop a marketing site for Real Estate Agents, Owners

and Advertisers. Client provides the details about property for sale, rent,

share accommodation, and for houses for vacation. Users can login publish

their property details and get the responses from the clients. This

application includes interactive features like: Classifieds, Newsletters,

Forum, Articles Website directory, Advertisements and Real-estate finance

and many more features.

Admin module is designed to manage the site effectively keeping in view of

the scalability and ease of manageability.


. Design and developed the windows application in .NET using c#.

. Developed business access components using C#.

. Used Validation by logical coding for validating Front-end forms.

. Designed and developed the database tables, stored procedures using

SQL server 2000.

. Involved in using all the best features of ASP.NET including Dataset,

Data View and Data Adapter.

. Attending regular weekly team meetings related to Application

development progress and future targets.

. Responsible for sending the web site to Development server, UAT server

and Production Web farm server through a well defined set of

procedures and coordinating with the deployment and testing team.

. Client interaction to understand their requirements and get feedback

on the existing application.


Microsoft SQL server 2000, Microsoft Visual Studio 2000.

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