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Project Manager Technician

Belle Chasse, Louisiana, 70037, United States
March 03, 2011

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I am seeking a position as a Power Electronics Field Service Technician. I

have vast experience with variable speed drives, soft starters and

controls, multiple generator paralleling, Woodward prime mover governors

and actuators, Basler regulator/protection systems, megawatt load

management, switchboard/alarm panel troubleshooting, upgrades/retrofits,

and emergency repair. I have participated in USCG/ABS surveys, am a FCC

licensed electronics technician, a licensed master electrician, a licensed

electrical contractor, and prior to Hurricane Katrina, have operated a very

small sole proprietorship in Ottawa, KS when not serving nuclear power

facilities during refueling shutdowns or other remote industrial

construction projects. I have most recently worked for Point Eight Power

Inc., a New Orleans based switchboard and alarm system manufacturer as a

senior field service representative. Through Point Eight, I was summoned by

vessel operators throughout the Gulf of Mexico and Eastern Seaboard, as

well as the Agbami Oilfield near Lagos, Nigeria when ship service

generator/switchboard systems and well stimulation equipment power failed.

I commissioned most all new switchboards and starters purchased by Edison

Chouest Offshore Corp. since 2005. I also worked for Bollinger Shipyards

Inc., BQR (Corp. of Engineers Contractor) as a technician on the New

Orleans Sewage & Water Board pumping station motor overhaul project

resulting from the Hurricane Katrina Disaster. I served as their senior

field service technician and would travel to offshore petroleum support

platforms, crane barges, and ships for AC and DC generator, and

switchboard, commissioning, troubleshooting, and repair in October, 2005. I

am in possession of Transportation Worker Identification Credentials (TWIC

card) and PEC/PREMIER (Safe Gulf card) offshore training. During the

summer, 2005, I worked for Elkhorn Construction (Questar/Wexpro/Haliburton

contractor) on the electrical system installation of the Pinedale Anticline

Condensate/water System in Wyoming. I have participated in the Wolf Creek

Nuclear Operating Center (Burlington, KS) Refuel XIV Outage in March, 2005;

the Cooper Nuclear Station (Brownville, NE) degraded cable replacement

project, RE22, and safeguard systems retrofit, November, 2004; the Palo

Verde (Tonopah, AZ) fuel building dry cask crane retrofit, and also the

Wolf Creek (Burlington, KS) Refuel XII Outage. Activities at these

facilities included FBI security screening, Nuclear Regulatory Commission

(NRC) monitored Plant Access Training and testing, Radiation Worker

Training and testing, Electrical Safety Training, and electrician

certification. This culminated with an unescorted plant and

Radiation/Contamination Area clearance, and also a Qualified Electrician

status. I am also a FAA licensed repairman, Commercial Pilot with both

multiengine and instrument ratings, and a Certified Flight Instructor.

Flying airplanes, flight instruction, and activities within General

Aviation are my hobbies.

After attending High School, I studied under various electronic technology

associates degree programs and attended technical schools as preparation

for testing, passing, and obtaining a FCC commercial license (PG078489). I

received factory training from Honeywell Corp. for component level BJT,

FET, TTL, CMOS dual inline package, surface mount device, and passive

element circuitry troubleshooting and repair on multilayer printed circuit

boards for various instrumentation and control systems. I have serviced

numerous SCADA systems and am very familiar with the standard 4-20mA analog

protocol, ASi, CAN, DeviceNet, HART, Modbus, and Profibus digital

protocols. I received online training at the HART Communication Foundation

and have training completion certificates on file there. I am experienced

in the proper use of oscilloscopes, voltmeters, signal generators, spectrum

analyzers, process calibrators, vacuum desoldering equipment, etc. This

knowledge and skill would quickly and easily enable me to acquire similar

skills as related to any other brand name instrumentation or components

used by your facility.

As an electrical contractor, I regularly used Microsoft Excel and Autodesk

AutoCAD R12, R14, & 2002 to develop project takeoffs and bid generation. I

am skilled in microwave data collection/dissemination, wireless

communication systems, PLC retrofits, UPS battery maintenance, 4160/480/277

volt-3 switchgear, motors, and motor control centers. I have serviced

water damaged cables/panels, grounding, short circuit, insulation ageing

issues, and sea water damaged deck cables/cable trays. I have medium

voltage ABB Corp. training and knowledge for installation and maintenance

of their Safegear and Advance series one-high and two-high 2000 amp MVMCCs

(medium voltage motor control center) with 400 amp starters. Regarding this

equipment, I am familiar with personnel safety, draw-out PTs (potential

transformers), CT's (current transformers), vacuum interrupters/solenoid

drive assemblies, CL (current limiting) and general purpose fuses and

holders, contactor truck assemblies and truck latches, lift trucks, primary

load grounding modules with padlocked or kirk-key interlocks, test jumpers,

test cabinets, stress cone and joint torque-cleaning/maintenance,

SCR/snubber maintenance, insulation and arc chamber inspection/cleaning,

protective relay calibration, non-resettable operations counter, fault

current calculations, cause and effect of transient voltage recovery,

voltage sags, harmonics, momentary interruptions, and the following devices

related to surge protection and suppression: zinc oxide arrestors, surge

capacitors, series resistor capacitor circuits, and zorc assemblies. This

knowledge and training also incorporated single point grounding of shielded

cables, measurement of motor inrush current, voltage surge and voltage

regulation; motor starting technique including electronic multi-pulse fired

SCR (soft), full voltage (across-the-line), autotransformer with korndorfer

and resistor/reactor circuit variations, and wye-delta starters. Skills in

the installation, adjustment, and maintenance of soft starters, sequential

start contact circuits for wound rotor starters and synchronous motors

using rotor start resistors and DC exciter circuitry have also been

acquired. With site specific training and post testing, this aforementioned

knowledge and skill would quickly and easily enable me to acquire similar

skills as related to any other brand name MVMCC and/or instrumentation used

by your facility.

As a commercial pilot, I have managed on-demand transport of key personnel

and/or co-workers to remote locations using twin engine turboprop all-

weather aircraft and routine inspection/maintenance of the same. As a FCC

commercial licensee I have experience as chief engineer of a broadcast FM

radio station, and manager/chief inspector of an FAA certified repair

station (avionics shop). Duties and responsibilities included component

level troubleshooting and repair of solid state and vacuum tube electronic

subassemblies, weather radar, and autopilot systems. My past duties and

responsibilities have included that of field service representative,

electrician, millwright, avionics technician, machinist, mechanic, foreman,

project manager, plant maintenance/repairman, pilot, process/interface, and

QC inspector.

Should my qualifications listed herein and/or subsequent interviews prove

acceptable, I will forward a detailed r sum complete with verifiable job

history. I am prepared to accept regular, irregular or extra-hour

employment, and would be willing to travel.

Thank you for your consideration.

John T. Laturell (Jack)

P.O. Box 7188

Belle Chasse, LA 70037-7188

Phone: (785) ***-**** cell

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