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Sunnyvale, California, 94086, United States
March 03, 2011

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(Senior Certified Business Objects Administrator)


Contact: 618-***-****


. 7 plus years of IT experience in Analysis, Design, Development and

Implementation of Data Warehousing and other applications using Object

Oriented Analysis, Design and Methodologies.

. 6 years of Extensive experience in Business Objects full client & thin

client environment.

. Expertise in installing and configuring all the versions of Business

Objects (6.5, XIR2, XI3.1, and Business Objects Data Services) on

Windows and UNIX platforms.

. Experience in installation, administration and upgrading versions of

BO both client and server products.

. Successfully applied fix pack and Service Pack patches on the

Enterprise servers.

. Maintained 2500 users by creating user level securities and


. Provided 24X7 support to the users.

. Expertise in designing and deploying Universes, Business Views, WebI

Reports, Full Client and Crystal Reports (8, 9, 10, XIR2, 2008).

. Installed, configured and maintained servers in different cluster


. Expertise in deploying OLAP tools, Materialized Views and partitioning

techniques for highly responsive Decision Support Systems.

. Installed Business Objects on a clustered server and tested FAILOVER.

. Successfully configured Windows AD and LDAP Authentication.

. Installed and Configured Netegrity SiteMinder to set -up Single-sign-


. Used the Import Wizard and Life Cycle Manager tools to migrate objects

from Dev to QA and Production.

. Expertise in migrating the all the objects, users, groups from BO 6.5

to BO XIR2 and BO 3.1.

. Periodically backed up the entire environment.

. Created complex reports by linking data from multiple sources, using

functionalities like Combined Queries, Slice and Dice, Drill Down,

Master Detail, etc.

. Used Stored Procedure Data Provider for frequently running tasks.

Trained Users in report development and running ad-hoc queries in

business objects. Tested business objects reports for data validation

and compared results with TOAD. Set up Broad Cast Agent and Configured

the Broad Cast Agent.

. Experience in Creating, Testing and Executing Data Integrator jobs

using Data Integrator Designer to transfer data from source to target.

. Databases: 7 years of solid database experience in Oracle

10g/9i/8i/8.0/7.x, Teradata V2R5/V2R4, DB2 8.0/7.0/6.0, MS SQL Server

2000/7.0, (database triggers, materialized views, In-line views,

Packages, stored procedures, functions, and database constraints), SQL

Loader, SQL*Plus, PL/SQL and oracle DBMS Packages, oracle supplied

utilities, Developer 2000 (Forms 6i/5.0, Reports 3.0/2.5), TOAD, Rapid


Education & Certifications

. Bachelors in Electronics And Communications, JNTU, INDIA

. Masters in Electronics and Computers, Southern Illinois University -


Technical Skills

Business Business Objects XI3.1/XI R2/XI/6.5/6.1 (Supervisor,

Intelligence Designer, Info view, Business Objects Reporting Business

Objects SDK, Web-Intelligence 6.0/2.7/2.6/2.5, Business

Objects Data Services 3.2, Data Integrator XI, Xcelsius,

Web-I SDK, Broadcast Agent, Publisher, Designer,

Supervisor, Auditor, Application Foundation Dashboard

Manager, Report Writer, BO Set Analyzer, Application

Foundation 6.0/2.5 & Dashboard Manager), Crystal Reports

XIR2/2008, Apache web server, IIS, Tomcat, Netegrity


Business Functional Requirements Gathering, User Interviews,

Analysis Business Requirements Gathering, Process Flow Diagrams,

Data Flow Diagrams, Data Analysis, Requirements Analysis,

Design, Data Modeling, Data Architecture, Data Flow, Data


Databases Oracle 10g/9i/8i/8.0/7.x, IBM DB2 UDB 8.0/7.0, MS SQL

Server 2005/2000/7.0/6.0, Teradata V2R5/V2R4/V2R3, Sybase


Programming Unix Shell Scripting, Kernel Programming, Perl Programming,

SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Plus, Transact SQL, ANSI SQL, VB, Java, C,


Operating Windows 2000/2003/2008, UNIX, Linux.



Genentech Informatics, South San Francisco, CA

May'10 - Till Date

Role: Senior Business Objects Administrator

Genentech, Inc. is considered as the founder of biotechnology

industry. Genentech has been delivering on the promise of biotechnology for

more than 30 years, using human genetic information to discover, develop,

manufacture and commercialize medicines to treat patients with serious or

life-threatening medical conditions. It is an upgrade project from XIR2 to

BO 3.1.


. Installed and configured Business Objects 3.1 and Crystal reports 2008

on Windows 2008 R2 servers and applied the latest Service Pack and Fix


. Installed and configured Apache Webserver, IIS servers and Netegrity


. Clustered 12 Serves in the production environment to maintain High

-Availability and tested the failover capability.

. Installed and configured SAP Business Objects Data Services.

. Designed and Implemented the new security model for the BO 3.1


. Successfully configured the Windows AD authentication and implement

Single-Sign On functionality using Siteminder and Apache web-server.

. Worked with the Load Balancer team to configure the Load Balancing on

all the Apache Web Servers.

. Configured the Single Sign On functionality for the open-doc reports

to access BO from third-party applications.

. Migrated the content from XIR2 to 3.1 using Import Wizard.

. Tested and verified that the data match in XIR2 and BO 3.1 and was

involved in Bug-fixing.

. Promoted the tested content form Development to IT, QA and Production

using Life-Cycle Manager.

. Documented the entire Installation and Migration procedure.

. Managed over 4000 users and 50 user groups.

. Created new server groups and added multiple servers to handle the

load and work efficiently.

. Designed Work-flows and data flows, to implement the conversion logic

for master data and transaction data with large volumes of history


. Involved in creating and modifying ETL jobs and monitored ETL

scheduled jobs. Designed data flow, work flows and jobs to load data

from source to Target in BO Data Services.

. Worked with SAP Technical Support to troubleshoot various Deployment

and performance issues.

. Worked with DBA's and System Administrators to back-up the repository

and database and scheduled daily and weekly back-ups for both

environment and repository.

. Member of the Production Support team and provided 24*7 support to

keep the environment up and running and continuously monitor, tune and

upgrade the environment.

Environment: Business Objects 3.1/XIR2, Tomcat 5.5.20/5.0.27, Xcelcius

2008, Crystal Reports 2008, SAP Integration Kit, Life Cycle Manager,

Windows AD, LDAP, Apache Web Server 2.2, IIS, Netegrity Siteminder, Windows

2008 R2, Windows 2003, F5 Big IP Load Balancer

Hewlett Packard, Cupertino, CA

Sep'09 - April'10 Role: Senior Business

Objects Administrator

Hewlett-Packard (HP) is an American information technology corporation

headquartered in Palo Alto, California, USA. The project deals with

setting up the new BO 3.1 environment and to design and build the reports

to meet the customer needs and to make business decisions.


. Extensively involved in setting a new BO 3.1 Environment.

. Successfully installed and configured Business Objects 3.1 on Staging

Environment, Applied Service Pack and fix pack.

. Clustered the servers successfully by distributing the Business

Objects Services effectively between all the servers to make the

Business Objects Environment Highly Available and got the "FAILOVER"

to work efficiently.

. Used Import Wizard tool to migrate all the objects from BO XIR2 to BO


. Tested all the reports that are migrated and analyzed the performance

of the BO 3.1 using Load Runner by creating many virtual users.

. Resolved the performance issues in BO 3.1

. Installed and Configured BO 3.1 on Production Environment of different


. Managed over 400 users and 30 groups in the entire Business Objects


. Maintained the whole environment (TEST, DEV and PROD) along with 8

main servers.

. Experience in scheduling of repository backup and tuning the Business

Objects servers for a better performance.

. Performed Server Management Tasks, using Central Configuration Manager

(CCM) and Central Management Console (CMC).

. Configured File Repository Servers, Crystal Report Job, Cache and Page

Servers, LOV Job server, Web Intelligence Job and Report Servers,

Desktop Intelligence Job, Report and Cache Servers, Destination Job

Server, Program Job Server, and Event Server.

. Applying patches, hot fixes, critical fixes, service packs and

testing/applying security patch.

. Requirement Collection, Documentation & high-level design.

. Configured Crystal reports 2008 to develop reports using Custom Coded


. Updated and maintained Universes to meet new reporting requirements.

. Use of BO Designer Module to implement Universes, linkages between

tables, creating prompts and queries, parsing the Universes, applying

contexts and alias tables to remove cyclic dependencies.

. Trained end users in understanding the reports. Functionalities such

as Slice and Dice, Prompt, Drill mode and Ranking were used for

Multidimensional Formatting.

. Created multiple universes and resolved Loops by creating table

aliases and contexts.

. Created Repository with multiple universe and document domains for

Development and Test Environments and distributed the BO Main key

among the enterprise.

. Created graphs/charts for the reports, Created Master Detail and Cross

Tab Reports.

. Created hyperlinked reports using open doc function.

. Created reports from multiple data providers based on the


. Created complex reports using user-defined functions like @variables,

@prompt, condition Objects and Aggregate Awareness Functions for SQL


. Configured Crystal reports using SDK, and ASP portals.

. Used query as a web services and live office for automation of


. Created dashboard using crystal Xcelsius.

. Documented all the differences between the two Versions XIR2 and XI

3.1, for the end users to understand the new environment effectively.

. Responsible for writing the SQL queries for the data validation and

testing the reports.

Environment: Business Objects XIR2/3.1, Crystal Reports XIR2/2008, Xcelsius

2008, Designer, WebI, Publication Wizard, Import Wizard, Dashboard Manager,

Reporter, Designer, Business Query, BO SDK, Web Intelligence 2.x/6 and Info

View, Windows XP, server 2003, Oracle 7.x/8.x/9/10g, DB2, Teradata,

Informatica Power Builder 8.6, Erwin Tool

BankOfNewYork-Mellon, Pittsburgh, PA

April'08 - August'09

Role: Business Objects Administrator

BNYM is a multinational corporation based in New York. The project scope

was to build financial and CRM module data marts for customers by pulling

data from EBS and builds universes and reports to meet their specific needs


. Business Objects Enterprise environment setup, server

installations, implementation, upgrades, Configured Report

Servers and made sure the environment is highly available.

. Migrate, upgrade and test the Business Object XIR3


. Setup, execute, and test the assigned programs utilizing BO XIR3

WebI and DeskI tools

. Troubleshooting BO XI installation and migration issues.

. Performed Server administrative tasks, including Manage Services -

Starting - Stopping Server Services, Publishing, Migrating,

Importing etc.

. Involved in Installing Clustered Business Objects 6.5SP2 in

Distributive environment.

. Experience in Performing the Server management and User management.

. Performed all the Administrative Tasks like setting up new Users,

Groups and assigning security at both Folder level and Universe


. Performance tuned Business Objects Data Integrator XI jobs to

ensure optimal performance.

. Extensively used Data Integrator to cleanse and populate target


. Responsible for Universe Designing, Hierarchy Building for Data

Analysis and applied conditions in Business Objects.

. Identified and road mapped the Business Requirements (functional &

technical) with the Business users, which acted as a base for the

project initiation and implementation.

. Created Repository with multiple universe and document domains for

Development and Test Environments and distributed the BO Main key

among the enterprise.

. Set up groups and users for Business Objects deployment. Managed

user profiles using Supervisor and Set object-level security and

row level security restrictions, to restrict sensitive client.

. Business Objects Enterprise environment setup, server

installations, implementation, upgrades, Configured Report

Servers, testing

. Gathered Customer, User and Owner requirements; analyzed and

documented them.

. Extensively used Business Objects Designer to design and maintain

Data warehouse Universe.

. Created Data Flow Diagrams (DFD) to define the data element flow to

the most granular level to translate data requirements to ETL


. Maintaining web crystal reports and SDK controls

. Developed web application interface with WebI SDK, ASP.

. Created Add-Ins and Macros based on the end users requirement using


. Prepared business process models; used Visio to create use case


. Determined user/business/functional requirements.

. Worked on evaluation of Metadata Interchange between Modeling Tool

(Erwin 3.5), ETL Tool (Informatica).

. Documented Meta data definitions.

. Customization of Business Objects using Enterprise SDK. Modified

the look and feel of the WebI and integrated the reports with the

intranet portal.

. Designed logical / physical data models and defined primary key,

foreign key using Erwin tool.

. Scheduled and monitored reports using Broadcast Agent Console.

. Deployed the development and QA domains to reduce the server loads

and to increase the performance.

. Trained end users in understanding the reports. Functionalities

such as Slice and Dice, Prompt, Drill mode and Ranking were used

for Multidimensional Formatting

Environment: Business Objects XIR3/XIR2/6.5, Crystal Reports XIR2, Data

Integrator XI, Informatica Power Center 8.1/8.0/7.1.2, Dashboard Manager,

Windows 2003/2000/NT, SQL, Oracle 9i, T-SQL scripts, TOAD]

Eli Lilly and Company, St.Louis, MO

May'07 - Feb'2008

Role: Business Objects Administrator

Eli Lilly is the 10th largest pharmaceutical company in the world. The

project deals with the Pharmacy Research Data collected from different

tests conducted on subjects. The data is consolidated into the data mart,

which is used for the report generation.


. Requirements Gathering and Business analysis

. Familiarized the business, its strategy and implementation.

. Performed Server Management Tasks, using Central Configuration Manager

(CCM) and Central Management Console (CMC).

. Gathered Customer, User and Owner requirements; analyzed and

documented them.

. Implemented Best Practices for Using Business Objects Suite of


. Created Dev and Test and Prod environments as per the best practices.

. Implemented Security with CMC for single sign on for end user


. Implemented Import wizard & publisher for migrating reports &


. Designed and customizing data models for Data warehouse supporting

data from multiple sources on real time.

. Experience in Data Modeling, Multi-Dimensional Modeling and involved

in creation of Star Schema and Snowflake dimensional schema using

Erwin Tool.

. Migrated reports from BO 6.5 to BO XI2.

. Creation of reports like Reports by Product, Reports by Customer,

Reports by Period, Demographic reports and Comparative reports,

Working with database connections, SQL joins, cardinalities, loops,

aliases, views, aggregate conditions, parsing of objects and


. Setup hierarchies in the Universe for providing drill down options in

the reporting environment.

. Helped manage risk analysis and mitigation plans, status reports, and

client presentations; prepared business process models, defined

milestone deliverables, and established critical success factors.

. Gathered requirements during inception phase, documented and delivered

functional specification documents, and assisted architecture analysis

and design using UML and Rational tools.

. Experience in cleansing data in DI using proper data types and

mappings and to create Workflows using object library and tool palette

to execute data flows.

. Created multiple universes and resolved Loops by creating table

aliases and contexts.

. Worked with database connections, SQL joins, cardinalities, loops,

aliases, materialized views, views, aggregate conditions, parsing of

objects, LOVs, and hierarchies.

. The universes were frequently tested for validity and correctness of

inferred SQL.

. Created reports on development data to test the functionality of

universes with a group of power users.

. Assisted the Application team in data modeling and T- SQL coding in


. Created reports using the business object functionality like queries,

Slice and Dice, Drill down, functions and formulae.

. Knowledge of Crystal Reports reporting system including Crystal Server

reports distribution infrastructure.

. Developed Internal control reports to validate the ETL load and

scheduled it.

. Created, refined and delivered functional test materials collaborated

with test cases, set up test plans, schedules and scenarios.

. Optimized database performance by using shortcut joins. Shortcut joins

provide an alternative path between two tables. Shortcut joins can

improve query performance by using shorter paths and bypassing

intermediate tables.

Environment: Business Objects XIR2/6.5/6.1, Data Integrator, Dashboard

Manager, Xcelsius, Web I 6.1, DESKI, JSP, SQL, PL/SQL, Erwin, SQL*Loader,

UNIX Shell Script, Windows 2000/NT, ORACLE, PL/SQL, SQL Enterprise Manager

Sun Trust Bank, Atlanta, GA

April'06 - March'07

Role: Business Objects Administrator


. Interacted with Business Users and Managers in gathering business


. Involved in analyzing, documenting business requirements,

functional requirements for developing universes and reports.

. Involved in the designing and Building of Universes, Classes and


. Created graphs/charts for the reports, Created Master Detail and

Cross Tab Reports.

. Worked on Master and Component approach during the linking of


. Resolved loops and Traps using Contexts and Aliases while designing


. Set up Universe level conditions to restrict data based on report


. The project involved development of reports using Business Objects

and WEBI to cater Ad-hoc reporting needs.

. Created reports using Business Objects functionality's like

Queries, Slice and Dice, Drill Down, Cross Tab, Master Detail and


. Migrated reports from Development/Testing environment to Production


. Worked with Multiple data providers including Personal Data files,

Stored Procedures.

. Created dynamic LOV's based on report requirements.

. Published and scheduled Business Objects Reports to users using


. Coordinating with DBA and general supervisor for resolving

technical issues

. Upgraded Business Objects Universes, Users and user groups, and

reports from Version 6x to Version XIR1 using the Import Wizard.

Environment: Business Objects XIR2/6.x, Performance Management, Business

Objects Designer, Web Intelligence, Desktop Intelligence, Broadcast Agent,

Sybase, Windows 2000 Server.

AT&T, Chicago, IL

Jan'05 - March'06

Role: BO Administrator/Developer


. Designed, developed and maintained Universes for supporting Adhoc

and canned reports.

. Coordinated with ETL, Data warehouse team to implement the Star

Schema modeling.

. Created various classes and objects in the Universe.

. Created user objects to enhance the reporting needs.

. Measure objects and User objects were created keeping in view of

the end-user requirement.

. Created Filters (Condition Objects) to improve the report


. Created Hierarchies from providing drill down options for the end-


. Created Context, Alias to resolve the Loops in the universe.

. Modifying the existing universes, Adding new objects editing joins

mapping the existing objects with renamed tables.

. Creating new Connections and editing existing to run the report in

different database test, development.

. Created the Derived and Aggregate Tables.

. Resolved the fan and chasm traps.

. Detected cardinalities and checked the Integrity of Universes.

. Created variables, @prompt (Interactive objects), formulas and etc.

. Created the stores procedures and functions at the back end.

. Fine-tune the existing universes to enhance their performance.

. Exported the universes to the Repository making resources available

to the users.

. Scheduled reports to business users and owners using Broadcast


. Exported the Business Objects reports to Web I to be viewed by all

users on the Intranet using Web I; SDK with JSP plug-in.

. Created reports using WEBI, DESKI, full client.

. Worked extensively on distribution, maintenance, and optimization

of universes for Business Objects and Web Intelligence deployments.

Environment: Business Objects 6.5, Oracle9i, PL/SQL, WebI, DESKI, Broadcast

Agent & Windows 2000.

Kenna Food Supplying Company, INDIA

May'02 - Dec'03

Role: ETL Designer/BO Developer

This is Bangalore based food supplier receives transactional information

from the Shopping marts located at several parts of India. All this

information is moved in to 3 data marts through Informatica Power Center

6.1 into an Oracle database. The client makes use of the OLAP technology to

maintain information at the warehouse level. Reports are taken out of the

three data marts using Business Objects Impromptu Administrator and Power

Play. The information out of these reports is taken to analyze the business

as well as the employees (HR) information.


. Prepare documentation including requirement specification.

. Design the Data Mart model with Erwin using Star Schema


. Installed and configured Power centre Client and Server Tools.

. Creating Dimensions and Facts in the physical data model.

. Documented the metadata to capture from the sources

. Created Sessions and batches to extract the data.

. Involved in the creation of jobs using work flow manager to

validate schedule run and monitor the jobs.

. Involved in designing the procedures for getting the data from all

systems to Data Warehousing system.

. Information is stored in table definitions in the repository and is

entered using the Repository Manager.

. Used the Power centre Designer to develop processes for extracting,

cleansing, transforming, integrating, and loading data into data

warehouse database.

. Assisted warehouse designer while designing the models.

. Wrote Unix Shell Scripts to automate the process.

Environment: Business Objects 6.5, Informatica Power center 1.7, Windows

NT, Oracle 8i, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Loader, Erwin 3.5, SQL Server 7.0, DB2,

Erwin 3.5, IBM AIX 4.2

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