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Health Safety

Rockville, Maryland, 20852, United States
March 15, 2011

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S aeed R ahimi, PhD, C I H Mobile: Mobile: 301-***-****

***** ****** **** ******* *****: 301-***-****

Rockville, MD 20852 Day Phone: 703-***-****

E mail: dr

An experienced certified industrial hygienist and environmental scientist with established record

of evaluating, designing, implementing and managing occupational safety and environmental

health programs in government agencies, academic and research institutions and international


Country of citizenship: United States of America

Clearance: Top Secret


Industrial Hygienist 4/2006 - Present

US Department of State

Washington, DC

Conduct special studies and develop procedures for implementation and oversight of sensitive

policies and procedures to reduce occupational risks and environmental hazards. Provide

oversight and direction necessary to implement health and safety programs and control hazards

in living, working and ambient environments to prevent the introduction of new hazards. Manage

Department’s post managed construction safety and drinking water safety programs. Develop

policies, standards, guides, and integrates these with industrial hygiene, occupational medicine,

building design, safety and other related disciplines. Assist posts in establishing health and safety

programs and appropriately interpreting programmatic requirements, regulations, and other

technical requirements. Develop courses of instruction and presentations on subjects related to

facility and construction health and safety. Provide expert technical advice on hazards associated


with renovation and construction, and develop policies and guidelines to ensure construction

projects are performed safely. Work with health, safety and professionals in other disciplines to

identify needs and vulnerabilities and develop policies and standards for implementation in the

US missions abroad. Develop objectives and guidelines for complex safety, health and

environmental programs in compliance with Federal, Department wide and host country

regulations and requirements. Identify, evaluate and control hazards in living, working and

ambient environment and prevent introduction of new hazards. Provide technical assistance on

water quality and drinking water safety to designers and overseas managers. Plan preventive

measures, control methods and/or personal protective equipment for worker protection in the US

overseas' posts.

Key achievements:

• Assessed operation & maintenance hazards to evaluate need and design a personal

protective equipment program for the Department. Designed user-friendly templates,

program forms and interactive website to aide post managers in implementing the

program. Designed a companion distance learning course for Foreign Service Institute to

train overseas employees participating in the program.

• Integrated occupational safety and health in DS/ST operation by partnering with

diplomatic security managers, performing job safety analysis of their operations,

cooperatively establishing a safety committee, and preparing electronic safety awareness

bulletins. Designed safety plans for assets and work procedures for incorporation in their

electronic work management system, Maximo. Designed an operation specific OSH

briefing and training for the new hires.

• Evaluated existing design standards, and prepared chemical waste, construction waste and

effluent quality standards for inclusion in Standard Embassy Design in compliance with

new sustainability Executive Orders.

Health and Safety Officer 1/2005 - 11/2005

Baltimore City Public School System

Baltimore, Maryland US

Serve as the Health and Safety Officer for the Board of Education. Review current and proposed


legislation, regulations and standards and state executive orders relating to student and employee

health and safety, and establish board of education position. Propose policies to the Board,

establish policies, implement occupational safety programs to improve workplace and classroom

condition. Represent the school system in statewide safety, health and emergency committees.

Direct the office of Health and Safety, associated staff, contractors and budget. Manage drinking

water safety, asbestos management and lead in water abatement programs. Evaluate effectiveness

of employee and student health and safety programs. Coordinate facility health and safety issues

with Facilities Management, school and state Planning Departments. Manage emergency

preparedness and crisis management program and coordinate with local security and fire

authorities. Advise school and legal officials in matters related to complex occupational health,

facility safety and worker compensation. Investigate student and employee accidents, make

necessary preparations and represent school system in legal proceedings. Manage OSHA log and

Health Hazard Inventory, assign Risk Assessment Codes and prepare final analyses. Serve as the

school's liaison with regulatory agencies, and represent the school district in government and

non-government health and safety forums. Conduct inspections of facilities to observe

environmental conditions and to detect violations of published health standards. Serve in risk

management, facility planning, school health and safety committees. Provide health and safety

training to employees. Supervisor: Carleton Epps, 410-***-****

Key achievements:

• Designed a website for the Health and Safety Office, initiating a web based health and

safety training programs for facilities operation and maintenance crews who required

training in asbestos awareness, blood borne pathogens and respiratory protection to bring

employees to compliance with training requirements.

• Partnered with Baltimore City Health Department, designed a inspection plan to identify

occupational and public health deficiencies, coordinated inspections with the health

inspectors analyzed findings for 46 schools, identified cause and proposed health and

safety programs to reduce accidents, as well as student and teacher lost workdays.

Industrial Hygienist 1/2003 – 1/2005

District of Columbia Public Schools

Washington, DC US


Manage industrial hygiene, indoor air quality, asbestos, hazardous waste management and

emergency response programs, associated staff and contractors for 11000 employees, 67000

students and 168 buildings. Analyze information, develop long range goals, plan programs and

advise administration on occupational safety, health and environmental management

requirements. Coordinate emergency response and contingency plans with District offices and

local governments. Advise facilities, planning, design and maintenance departments on safety of

swing space, renovation and new construction. Develop health and safety policies based on

federal and district regulatory framework and oversee implementation throughout the school

system. Represent the school district in interagency health, safety, IAQ, and emergency

preparedness committees. Investigate critical and complex industrial hygiene and environmental

matters pertaining to the safe and efficient operation of projects. Serve as Contracting Officer

Technical Representative, oversee contractors for conformance to internal safety policies and

external regulations. Plan site safety programs for small project, capital and strategic planning

departments. Inspect projects and work sites to observe environmental conditions and detect

violations of published health standards. Establish a Health Hazard Inventory, assign Risk

Assessment Codes and prepare final analysis. Consult with management officials and employees

representative concerning the nature and purpose of the inspection and procedures to be

followed. Review investigation reports, recommendations of proposed penalty, abatement dates,

and classification of citations, conduct closing conferences with management, employee and

parent groups. Meet with parent groups regarding school safety and facility health activities.

Manage related staff and budget. Provide health and safety training to employees. Supervisor:

Ricardo Eley, 202-***-****

Key achievements:

• Evaluated asbestos management program and proposed reorganization to the school

administration. Prepared statement of work, solicited proposals and selected a new

contractor at the cost of 1.7 million dollars saving the district $1.5 million annually.

• Worked closely with the US Environmental Protection Agency and the DC Department of

Health to introduce indoor air quality program in 18 schools reducing children's

symptoms and lost days by 16%. Obtained grants for school operation and maintenance

HVAC and IAQ training.

• Improved processes and developed efficiencies through the implementation of strategic

initiatives such as chemical storage cleanups, mercury thermometer exchange programs,

and development of chemical inventories, spill cleanup training for science teachers and


chemical hygiene plan templates for use in high school labs.

• Through timely investigation of operation and maintenance issues, reduced the number of

emergencies leading to school closures by 40%.

Contract Industrial Hygienist 4/1998 - 11/2002

Seattle Consulting Firms

Seattle, Washington US

Worked on projects for several consulting firms as independent contractor (15-25 hrs/week).

Consulted with customers and provided cost estimates and project proposals. Managed

environmental programs for MedTox Northwest. Provide oversight to asbestos, lead, noise, and

hazardous material investigations and abatement projects. Conducted safety inspections of the

US custom houses and immigration facilities for Federal Occupational Health. Performed Phase

1 & 2 environmental assessments, mold inspections, asbestos monitoring and negative exposure

assessments for ATC Inc. Monitored ground and underground crew exposure to chemicals for

Seattle City Light. Taught life science, environmental science, environmental ethics, and

hazardous materials chemistry in Seattle area colleges.

Chemist 4/1996 - 4/1998

US Army Corps of Engineers

Seattle, Washington US

Provide technical advice on scientific investigations, environmental and health endangerment

assessments, chemical quality control programs and remedial action design studies for control

and clean-up of contaminated surface waters, groundwater, and soils for the Defense

Environmental Restoration Account Program for formerly used DoD sites, the Installation

Restoration Program for active military installations, the Federal Environmental Protection

Agency Superfund Program, and hazardous, toxic and radiological waste (HTRW) support to

other agencies. Independently plan, scope, coordinate and oversee site investigations, field

studies, remedial action design, and HTRW site clean-ups. Advise district staff in regulatory,


scientific and health and safety requirements of environmental projects. Establish accurate

budgets for tasking and coordinate with division lab and contractors to ensure data quality

project objectives are met. Review management plans, statements of work, data quality

objectives, and other documents to ensure contract compliance. Advise district customers on

scientific investigations, health endangerment studies, remedial action design studies, asbestos,

lead, PAs, phase 1 and hazardous waste inspections for control and cleanup of contaminated

surface water, groundwater and soils under DERP-FUDs, IRP and other environmental

programs. Prepare specifications for site investigations, site occupational safety and health plans,

remedial designs, asbestos, lead, phase 1, phase 2, and quality assurance. Review analytical data

and prepare chemical data quality reports. Supervisor: Ginny Dierick 206-***-****.

Key achievements:

• Introduced lead, asbestos and hazardous chemical evaluations to the district's portfolio

and made services available to customers, trained engineers to conduct such site


• Conducted more than 200 site safety visits, preliminary assessments, and environmental

evaluation of hazardous, toxic, radiological and disposal waste and remedial project sites.

Environmental Health Specialist 5/1994 - 5/1995

Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department

Tacoma, Washington US

Inspect water recreation facilities for general sanitation, water quality, facility and chemical

safety. Review swimming pool construction plans. Discuss with facility operators, write reports

of findings, recommend corrective actions or assess fines. Respond to citizen complaints in

matters relating to water recreation facilities and take action on behalf of Tacoma- Pierce County

Health department. Collect water samples and analyze for pH, alkalinity, total and free chlorine,

cyanuric acid, temperature and occasionally nitrates in support of inspections. Supervisor: David

Delong 253-***-****.


Contract Technical Expert 4/1988 - 4/1996

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Gaithersburg, Maryland US

Evaluate Polarized Light Microscopy (bulk asbestos) and Transmission Electron Microscopy (air

asbestos) laboratories; audit testing procedures, quality control, record keeping, proficiency

testing, documentation and effectiveness of their management practice. Identify deficiencies,

discuss issues with laboratory management, write reports of findings, and recommend corrective

actions and/or accreditation status.

Provide guidance on EPA-AHERA and NIST-NVLAP processed and procedures. Advise

participant laboratories in matters relating to sampling, analysis, quality control, documentation,

and management. Evaluate participant’s responses and forward to secondary review committees.

Participate in the secondary review panels and accreditation hearings. Project Manager: David

Alderman 301-***-****.

Key achievements:

• One the initial 21 technical experts selected by NVLAP - Asbestos Program who

performed the first rounds of site visits of asbestos PLM and TEM laboratories


Manager of Laboratory Services 5/1984 - 3/1992

Environmental Health Services

Washington State University

Pullman, Washington

Directed Industrial Hygiene and environmental laboratories and a self sustaining service center,


professional staff, students and budgets. Evaluate research facilities, establish chemical

management and exposure control policies and integrate into the university's standard policies

and procedures manual. Manage the chemical operations of a Treatment, Storage, and Disposal

Facility. Manage industrial hygiene, hazardous waste and water quality laboratories and

associated quality control programs in support of the university occupational and environmental

health programs. Serve as a member of SSBR, a committee of Safety, Sanitation, Biohazard and

Radiation officials overseeing occupational safety, environmental health and security in Whitman

County, Latah county, University of Idaho and Washington State University. Act as the university

emergency coordinator, respond to laboratory chemical spills, and manage cleanup activities.

Lead environmental and industrial hygiene investigations; oversee contract inspections of

facilities, hazardous waste accumulation areas, asbestos building materials, and chemical storage

areas. Monitor university disposal sites, contaminated sites and groundwater test wells. Develop

project designs, review proposals, submit project proposals and negotiate cost with customers

and contractors. Develop educational programs, conduct occupational safety and health training

modules to the university community, and maintain records appropriate for regulatory

inspections. Oversee hazard communication plan and chemical hygiene plan for the laboratory

services unit. Advise other occupational and environmental mangers on matters relating to

chemical hazards, exposure monitoring, environmental assessment, and laboratory safety.

Manage staff, budget and contractors for a university unit and a self sustaining university service

center. Supervisor: John Miller, PhD 509-***-****.

Key achievements:

• Planned and performed chemical inventories and personnel exposure monitoring of

research facilities. Analyzed data to establish performance benchmarks for OSH

programs, and introduce chemical management policies.

• Proposed and received approval for establishing an environmental lab in compliance with

the national RCRA, NIOSH, and SDWA regulations.

• Established a self sustaining service center to provide services to the Eastern Washington


• Participated in writing Hazardous Waste Permit Part B permit for the university, one of

the first 10 universities in the United States to d so.

• Developed a NIOSH 582 course, medical surveillance, PPE and chemical hygiene


• Was selected as one of the 22 original technical experts for National Voluntary


Laboratory Accreditation Program initiated by the US Department of Commerce National

Institute of Standard and Technology traveling throughout the US advising labs and

monitoring their progress towards accreditation.


Vocational, Health and Safety – 4/1995 - 6/1996

South Seattle Community College

Seattle, WA

Took vocational courses in occupational health, industrial hygiene, industrial safety and

hazardous materials management.

PhD, Soil Chemistry, 1986

Washington State University

Pullman, Washington US

Studied solution equilibrium, solubility of chemical species, complexation, and precipitation of

secondary mineral phases in soil solution. Understand chemical interactions in micro

environments in calcareous soil systems. Took advanced levels of theoretical and applied

chemistry, biological sciences and natural resources.

MS-Teaching - Agriculture 12/1979

Tarleton State University

Stephenville, Texas

Studied two soil pedons in Texas. Participated in agricultural education activities, educational

practicum and took advanced courses in natural sciences and natural resources.


BS, Soil Science 1977

University of Jondishahpour

Ahwaz, Iran

BS in soil science. Took courses in basic sciences, agricultural sciences, agricultural engineering,

pest control and earth science.


• March 2010, OSHA Course 510. Chesapeake Region Safety Council. Manassas, VA.

• June 2007, Planning Health and Safety for Construction Projects. American Industrial

Hygiene Association. Philadelphia, PA.

• September 2006, How to Be a Contracting Officer's Representative. Foreign Service

Institute. Arlington, VA.

• February-March 2005, Master Manager's Training, University of Baltimore, Baltimore


• June 2004, HAZWOPER, Aerosol Monitoring and Analysis, Inc. Hanover, MD.

• February 04, Indoor Air Quality for Building Managers and HVAC Operators, Mid

Atlantic Environmental Hygiene Resource Center, Washington DC.

• January 2004, Asbestos Project Designer, Aerosol Monitoring and Analysis, Hanover,


• May- Sept. 2003, Comprehensive Industrial Hygiene Examination Review, Johns

Hopkins University, Washington DC.

• June 2003, The Contracting Officer's Technical Representative Training Program, DCPS,

Washington DC.

• February 02, Adult Education Theory, Curriculum Development and ICS Faculty

Certification, University of Phoenix, Seattle, Washington.

• August 2001 EPA Lead Assessor Training. HUD, Boise, Idaho.

• August 2001 EPA Lead Inspector Training. HUD, Boise, Idaho.


• October 2000 Technical Writing, Learning Teams and Adult Education,. University of

Phoenix, Washington Campus.

• February 93 AHERA Management Planners Training. Lake Washington Technical

College, Seattle, Washington.

• January 93, AHERA Building Inspector Training. Lake Washington Technical College,

Seattle, Washington.

• September 92 Radiation Safety. Radiation Safety Office.

• September 89 NVLAP Technical Expert Training (TEM Program). National Institute of

Standards and Technology.

• July 86, Response Safety Decision-Making (EPA 165.8). U.S. Environmental Protection



Have prepared many statements of work (SOW), materials safety data sheets, proposals, reports

of findings, accident investigation reports, code criteria, policies, standard operating procedures

(SOP), management and field briefs, lesson plans, rubrics and training modules, internal

newsletter and journal articles.


Joseph Beres, PE, CIH, CSP

Industrial Hygienist, State Department

202- 663-1355,

Cassandra Cooke, PE

Chief, SEB Branch, State Department



Muhammad Elhelu, PhD

Chair, Environmental Science, University of District of Columbia


Kimberly DeGroat, MP

Regional Medical Technologist, US Embassy - Mexico City

+52-55-508*-**** x 4193,


• Served as the member of the environmental committee of the Association of School

Business Officials (ASBO)

• Served as the member of Bellevue School District Financial Committee

• Served as the member of Clyde Hill Elementary Parent Delivery Council

• Served as a board member of DC Asthma Coalition

• Served as a board member of Baltimore City Red Cross Committee


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