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Project Manager Engineer

Frisco, Texas, 75035, United States
March 16, 2011

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Experience Summary

Strength and Abilities:

. Many years of experience on all the stages of Product Development

Lifecycle from idea to having the physical product such as Defining

the Requirements, Planning, Technology, Scheduling, Testing,

Documentation, Teams Setup, Packaging and Time-To-Market planning.

. Managed Small, Medium and Large Projects. Presented Projects Reviews

and Status from middle management to CEO levels and attended in Board


. Many years of experiences communicating with customers and identifying

the requirements.

. Helped companies to improve production processes by using Gap Analysis

and introducing KPIs.

. Strong technical background and Industry knowledge in Manufacturing,

Shipping, Warehousing, Supply Chain and Telecomm

. Total of 25 years of industry experience in enterprise integration of

Inventory Management, Procurements, Help Desk, Order Management,

Product Engineering, Billing and Financial Systems

. Position in both executive and technical: CIO, Project Manager,

Project Engineer, Team Lead

Product Development:

Following are list of products that I have engaged entirely in their

Software Development

Life Cycle (SDLC). Topmon. SDLC included Multi Platform product


. Rapid: Transportation and Logistics application

. SeaShell: ERP, CRM, PLM product group

. OrderNet: Web based Load Utilization System for Trucking Industry

. TopMon: Network/Middleware Monitoring System.

Technical Background

. Language: Highly experienced in C++, C, C#, Visual Basic, Pro


. Database: Oracle, MS SQL Server

. Operating System: Linux, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, AIX and MS Windows


. Communication: SNA/LU62, TCP/IP, EDI

. Middleware: Tuxedo, Top End, MQ Series

. Wireless Technology: Familiar with WAP, GSM and GPRS

. Management Packages: Familiar with mySAP and Oracle Financials


. MS - Computer Science - Indiana State University May 1983

o Research: Improving Scheduler in Utilization of Computing


. MA - Physics - Indiana State University Aug 1983

o Thesis: Contraction of Intelligent Data Acquisition Peripherals

Paper and Articles

. Prevention of Heat Losses in City of Terre Haute, IN.

. How to position your company as 3PL company

Work Experiences

Pars Online (POL) Co. (Tehran, Iran)

Business: Provider of ADSL, VSat and Enterprise Services

Project: Order Management Provisioning System Utilizing MS Dynamics

Position: Project Manager Apr 2010 to Feb 2011

Environment: C#, MS Dynamics, MS SQL Server, Change Gear, Qlik

Reporting System

. Operation Department at POL was looking into management software to

monitoring and controlling of entire lifecycle of Orders from the time

they were placed to the time they were delivered. Limitation on

technical resources and increasing number of orders made scheduling

very difficult and caused many delays in installation services.

. My task was to manage gathering information about activities in each

Operation team and create a logical data flow with input and output

requirements. Collecting information was done via interviewing

individuals and groups of Stakeholders. KPIs were defined to measure

performance and methods were introduced to use KPIs to improve speed

and quality of services.

. The data from Interview sheets were converted to MS Dynamics

activities. Required entry forms created via MS Dynamics Customize

Form options and complex forms were added using C#.

. Qlik Reporting System was used to create textual and graphical


. Over 100 Services were identified and implemented via MS Dynamics.

. Benchmarks were created to measure company's performance with European

Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).

Pars Khazar Industrial Co. (Tehran, Iran)

Business: Manufacture of Home Appliances

Project: Implementation of Turkish ERP, Logo Unity

Position: Project Manager Oct 2008 to Mar 2010

Environment: C#, VB.Net, MS SQL Server, Multi-Sites

. Due to limited availability of products and services in Iran, Logo

Unity ERP was selected as ERP of choice to be implemented corporate

wide (mySAP All-in-One was the first choice). My task was to manage a

team of Iranian Software developer and Turkish implementers to

identify the requirement, customize the software to fit the

requirements, convert the existing data, run applications in parallel

with existing software, Perform Quality Control over installed

software, obtain UAT and create training program for over 270 users in

all levels.

. As part of my tasks, I was involved in ERP Readiness project together

strength and weakness of company in moving into an integrated

environment and prepare pre implementation trainings programs as well

as many meetings to get user approvals for required actions.

. Attended Board Meetings to report outcome of project and progress was


. ERP implementation was to be done in all Factories, Headquarter and

Main Stockroom with access to Inventory Items from over 70 retail

stores for ordering.

GroupEx (Irvine, CA)

Business: International Delivery and Money Transfer

Project: SeaShell/Opra

Position: Project Manager May 1993 to Oct 2009

Environment: C, C++, Oracle, Linux, Sun, UNIX

. GroupEx is formed from 8 different businesses focusing on fast

delivery of small packages, letters and documents to Central America,

East Asia and North America countries. With over 2,000 agents in USA,

GroupEx is the largest mail delivery and money transfer to Central

America. In 16 years of service, QLINK has provided variety of

services from application development to consulting and maintenance.

In early 1993, I worked directory with president and CEO of company to

develop strategy for fast, within 24hrs, delivery to Central America.

Later I work with team of developer to design three groups of

applications to support entire needs of business from Receiving,

Consolidation, Transport, Deconsolidation, and Distribution. GroupEx

has over 12,000 international delivery offices. Due to lack of access

to financial institutions, some of these offices play the role of bank

and deliver the money to the recipient. Due to security and specialty

required to maintain this system, I am supporting this system remotely

and travel to the sites as needed.

. Large Routing System (LRS) to support Multi-Continent, Multi-Country,

Multi-Region delivery.

. High security required by OFAC and financial regulators, BSA, are

implemented in all systems.

. Multi-Company and Multi-Branch system to supports thousands of


. Every branch is capable of entering transactions such as Delivery


. Centralized Tracking and Customer Support System.

. Centralized database with over 12 millions of customers and over 50

million delivery addresses.

. High volume of daily orders and Money.

. EDI implementation to transfer money to banks in Central America.

. Low Amount High Volume (LAHV) Payment system to handle thousands of

checks daily.

. Specially design three tier using Sun servers as Database servers,

Lynx as application servers and windows to run client applications.

. Multi databases environment for Security Check, Reporting and daily


. Accessibility to system via Modems, High Speed Dedicated Lines and

Remote Printing.

Supercolor Digital Inc. (Irvine, CA)

Business: Provider of Large Format Digital Printing

Project: SeaShell

Position: Project Manager Aug 2005 to Apr 2007

Environment: C, C++, Visual Basic, SQL Server

. QLINK customized its ERP & CRM system, Seashell to meet Supercolor's

requirement for Sales, Financial, Human Resource and Manufacturing.

Seashell placed into full usage of June2004 and since then, QLINK has

been working closely with Supercolor to enhance the existing

functionality of Seashell while customizing it for additional


Futek Advanced Sensor Technology (Irvine, CA)

Business: Manufacturing High Value Sensors

Project: SeaShell

Position: Project Manager July 2003 to Jun 2005

Environment: C, C++, Visual Basic, SQL Server

. The Futek sales strategy helped Futek with a constant growth in all

aspects of the company in the past 5 years. Due to this growth rate,

Futek's MRP system was falling short of producing acceptable results.

QLINK customized its ERP system, Seashell to meet Futek's requirements

for Sales, Procurement, Financial, Human Resource and Manufacturing.

Seashell placed into full usage as of May 2005 and since then, QLINK

has been working closely with Futek to enhance the existing

functionality of Seashell while adding more features. This project

involved in all aspects of reviewing company processes, As-Is, and

their requirements, To-Be.

QLINK Corporation (Irvine, CA)

Business: Software Development

Project: SeaShell, ERP

Position: CIO, Project Manager June 2001 to Aug 2008

Environment: C#, VB .Net, VB6, Oracle, Pro C, PL/SQL, SQL Server

. Based on the success of earlier application Rapid (Rapid sold to

another software company in 2003 after 22 successful installations),

QLINK, from beginning of 2002, created a project to develop an ERP

applications for SMB (Small-Medium-Businesses). I took the same role

as project manager to develop ERP application called SeaShell.

SeaShell design included 6 main modules (Financial, Procurement, HRM,

Production, Sales and Inventory) targeting small and medium

manufacturing and Service Oriented Companies.

. I worked in all aspect of project from initiation to planning,

executions and closing. I managed to create full Installation,

training and user reference documents.

. SeaShell design as Client/Server architecture using Oracle or MS SQL

Server as database engine. Client was designed using VB6 at first and

later it was replaced with VB.Net and C#. SeaShell was designed to

fully take advantage of Web services for any integration to third

party applications as well as integration between its own modules.

Transportation Management Systems, Inc (TMSI) (Laguna Hills, CA)

Business: Shipping, Warehousing and Trucking Software Development

Project: Rapid

Position: Project Manager, Analyst Oct 98 to Jun 2001

Environment: C, C++, Visual Basic, Oracle, Pro C, PL/SQL, SQL


E-commerce, B2B, Cold Fusion, EDI, Oracle Applications

. I worked with TMSI to manage development of Rapid application, a

Logistic, Procurement and Management System for Shipping and

Warehousing Industry. My tasks include defining project

requirements, building delivery schedule, hiring and forming a

technical team to develop Rapid and work directly with management

team to review project status. Rapid development team was formed

from 12 full time employees and 5 Consultants. I receive status

reports from two Project/Lead Engineers and I also worked as

architect in earlier stage of Rapid development. As part of my

duties, I participated in all the design reviews and made sure the

design matches the company's Time/Cost requirements. I managed the

total project time; cost and delivery schedule using MS Project. I

have worked directly with the marketing team and defined testing

procedures to endorse Rapid with the known companies in the

Transportation industry. Rapid project phase I finished in November

of 2000 and then, it was installed in more than 8 sites for beta


. Rapid project offers Internet solution called OrderNet. Due to its

detailed design and requirements, I have spent majority of my time

to understand the competitions as well as the technologies. This

has given TMSI good knowledge of Internet solutions, Product

development and in general how to create eSolution in competitive


. Participate in Desktop level EDI transactions for Transportation

industry (MOTOR, WAN)

First American Credco (Carlsbad, CA)

Business: Credit Evaluation Provider to Credit Reporting Companies such


Project: EDI200 (Instant Merge) Credit Reporting

Position: Lead & Project Engineer Apr 97 to Sep 98

Environment: C, C++, AIX, Informix, EDI and Sterling Mentor Map Engine

. EDI200 project was done originally by IBM Global Services (IGS). I

was joined IGS, as QLINK consultant, as consultant to develop

secure communication links between Credco and its Trading Partners

to allow Trading Partners receive accurate Credit Reports in

shortest possible time via SNA/LU62 interface. Later IGS asked me,

as Project Engineer, to manage a technical team of 5 and finish the

development of EDI200. I worked directly with Credco management

teams in multiple locations to gather and finalize all the

requirements and created a development and delivery plan utilizing

Credco IT and QA teams. By early 1998, EDI200 project phase I

finished and via this project, Credco increased its transaction

volume from 18,000 to over 110,000 transactions daily and become

number one in its industry.

. EDI200 utilized IBM MQSeries (Middle-ware Product) to handle

incoming transactions from multiple sources and distribute them

between multiple clearinghouses.

. Communicate with the Trading Partners and implement Trading Partner

requirements for EDI200, 833 and 864 forms.

. Developed SNA/LU62 interface for High Volume Transaction Trading

Partners such as banks and government agencies.

QLINK Corporation (Irvine, CA)

Business: Software Development

Project: Topmon, Monitoring System for Top End (Middleware from


Position: Lead & Project Engineer Aug 95 to Dec 97

Environment: C, C++, Top End, Cross Platform Development, Win NT,

Solaris, HP-UX

. This was an internal project to develop a monitoring system for Top

End, next generation of Tuxedo from NCR. Top End was installed in many

large organizations such as US Postal Office, Walmart, Pepsi Co and

Amazon and it was lacking a smart monitoring system to monitor not

only the Network traffic but communications between database engine

and applications. Topmon was designed to provide customers with up-to-

date performance statistics. Topmon was created as Client/Server

applications which server originally was developed for NCR-MPRAS but

it was ported to Sun Solaris, HP HP-UX and Windows NT. Topmon Client

was running on Win95 utilizing MS SQL Server 7.

. Top End later bought by BEA and used as base to build Weblogic. BEA

later was acquired by Oracle.

. Topmon was built as joint project with ABACI Inc. ABACI was formed

from former employees of NCR Top End project

Saville Systems (Edmonton, Canada)

Business: Billing System Software

Project: Distributed Billing System (DBS)

Position: Consultant, Integrator Dec 96 to Mar 97

Environment: C, C++, NCR UNIX, Oracle SQL, Pro C, and NCR TOP END

This project as part of AT&T Global Billing Platform was created to

help Saville Systems to implement their Distributed Billing System

(DBS) utilizing NCR Top End (Middle-ware Product) and Oracle

Distributed database Engine.

Saville Systems, a Canadian based company that their main product

is Billing Systems for Telecom companies.

This implementation helped Saville Systems to handle billing

process for large Telecom Company; AT&T with over 95 million

customers, by distributing processing loads between multiple

database servers reduces the billing processing time to one third

of the original process time.

. Handled communications between Telecomm company, AT&T, and Saville

Systems to gather the requirements

AT&T, Business and Global Markets

Global Technology Solutions Division, Short Hills, NJ

Business: Telecommunications

Project: Global Billing Platform (GBP)

Position: Project Engineer Sep 95 To Dec 96

Environment: C, C++, OOP, Client/Server, NCR UNIX, Sun Solaris, HP-UX,

Oracle (SQL, Pro C/C Middle-ware (NCR TOP END, Tuxedo)

. With over 95 million customers and ever increasing needs for better

and additional services, AT&T did not have choice other than to

port its billing system from mainframe to more real time and

flexible operating system. In a Joined project, I worked with NCR

to resolve one major issue with the porting, high volume of data.

By choosing NCR hardware for this project, Top End was the best

choice to process data and route them to destinations sites. In

addition, due to availability of interface between Tuxedo and Top

End, the billing information could be routed to AT&T Customer

Support seamlessly whenever they need them. Therefore, GBP project

was created to run Billing System on the smaller Distributed

environment utilizing NCR Top End middle-ware product. I led the

Top End integration with a team of eight developers and 20 Testers

and two Technical Writers.

. During the development process I had to conduct many meetings with

the Customer Support users and analysts to identify the

requirements and build them in Multi-Tier Client/Server


. Due to the high volume of code for porting our team developed OO

API and classes to eliminate duplicate functions and provide faster

and robust programming development.

. Participate in developing Interface Specifications for other

departments such as marketing to utilize billing information for

data mining.

. Our team developed User Interface and Communications modules

between Call Center and Customer Relation Manger (CRM) and Billing

system allowing Call Centers operators to answer customer's billing

questions quickly and detailed without leaving the Call Center or

CRM applications. In addition this project helped the Customer

Relation Dept. to develop new strategy to reach Switched Customers

to other vendors and monitor customers lowering services with AT&T

based on the billing data.

American Airline (Saber Group Holding) (Dallas, TX)

Business: Airline

Project: Saber2000 Reservation System

Position: Lead Engineer Feb 95 to Oct 95

Environment: C++, OOP, Client/Server n-tier, AIX, Sun Solaris, HP-UX,

Oracle, DB2, Encina, Rational Rose

. This project was done with IBM Global Services (IGS) in Dallas. I

have participated, as QLINK consultant, in the overall design and

development of Saber2000 Pilot program as n-tier Client/Server


. Participated in design and development of prototype for Saber2000

Back-End to retrieve information from Saber system as well as all

other participants such as Airlines, hotels and car rentals

companies. Back-End was designed as object oriented module to allow

Saber2000 connects to Local and Remote databases and retrieve

information as a single data source. Encina as Middle-ware was used

to connect Saber2000 to the remote systems.

TRW Credit System (Orange, CA)

Business: Credit Reporting

Project : Copernicus (Credit Reporting System)

Position: Lead Engineer June 93 to Sep 95

Environment: C, NCR UNIX, Sun Solaris, Oracle, NCR TOP END, DB2, SNA/LU

. Developed strategy to distribute Oracle tables into multiple

servers and design access methods utilizing Top End middle-ware

product and its two-phase commit feature.

. Developed Communications API to allow TRW's Trading Partners to

access credit information regardless of their underlying

Communication Protocol.

. Worked with customer to design and develop a universal

communication interface to allow Trading Partners access the

information in the Credit System. Interfaces include the connection

to mainframe via SNA/LU62, a set of Client

Yamaha Motor Inc (Cypress, CA)

Business: Maker and Distributor of Marine and Motorcycle in USA

Project: Yamaha Dealer System (YDS)

Position: Analyst, Team Lead Mar 92 to May 93

Environment: Borland C++, Windows 3.1, DOS, Xbase Database, EDI

. Participated in design and development of Dealer Ordering System to

allow over 2,200 Yamaha dealers to create Orders using local

database and submit the Orders in batch to central site. Every

dealer site was a complete multi user UNIX site with local database

to hold Inventory, Sales and Financial information. My task was to

design and develop local applications and provide API for

communications between the local site and Yamaha Central site. API

allows two sites process new Orders via EDI transaction 850.

Borland C++ and Object Oriented concepts were used to develop this

product for DOS and Windows 3.1 operating systems. Functionalities

such as access to view stock availability information from other

dealers, centralize pricing and Local Drawing libraries to view

parts and their assembly configurations.

Automation Technologies (Woodland Hills, CA)

Business: Maker of Transportation and Logistics Software

Project: Distribution Management System (DMS), Logistics

Position: Director of Development Jan 90 to Mar 92

Environment: C/C++, Windows, DOS, SCO, HP-UX, Oracle, DB Vista, and EDI

. As a development director, I was involved in all the phases of

Design, Development and Implementation of company core product,

Distribution Management System (DMS). I participated in defining

Product Specifications, Target Platforms, Phase Definitions and

Deliveries, Scheduling, User Interface, Customer Support

requirement and managing development team. DMS was designed as

modular system to provide modules for Logistics, Financial, Human

Resource and Contact Manager. DMS was targeted for the Mid-Large

size Transportation companies with Truck Fleet. DMS supports full

implementation of EDI transactions for Transportation and

warehousing such as MOTOR and WAN.

. Developed Pilot program and designed Test, Problem Report and

Update procedures to test DMS functionality in real operational

environment with Transportation

. Companies willing to test DMS. This program later helped DMS

marketing and sales in many ways.

Micom (Simivally, CA)

Business: Telecomm Equipments

Project: Design and develop embedded drivers for telecommunication


Position: MTS, Principal Engineer May 88 to Dec 89

Environment: LAN, WAN, Z80 ASM, UNIX, DB Vista Database

. My task in Micom was to design and develop and maintain embedded

drivers for the data switches and PABX boxes. I worked directly

with hardware engineers to develop required embedded code in Z80


. Developed embedded drivers o support X.25 protocol on switches and

monitoring devices.

. I developed Network Manager in SCO XENIX to control and monitor

Data Switches and PABX using C and DB Vista (Embedded DBMS).

Eaton IMSD (Westlake Village, CA)

Business: Government Contractor

Project: Vessel Tracking System, Global Office Automation

Position: Senior Software Engineer Apr 86 To May 88

Environment: C, VAX, VMS, UNIX, LAN, WAN, RPC, SUN OS, X.400

. As a team member, I participated in developing a protocol to

interpret received commands and data into graphical objects and

display objects on the local imaging system. To reduce the network

traffic and provide fast search engine, each local imaging system

caches the received images for the future use. If image exist in

the cache, it is built from cache otherwise, it will be requested

from the central database. Proprietary Imagine devices and Sun

systems running Sun OS were used to display objects.

. As member of Office project development team, I was in charge of

developing Documents Router for very large office environment.

Office Document Routers finds

. The next recipient in the list and delivers the message along with

all the attached documents. RPC and X.400 were used to access

remote nodes and route documents.

Voicemail International (Santa Clara, CA)

Business: Voicemail Service Provider, Developer of first Voicemail System

Project: Voicemail and Voice Messaging

Position: SW Engineer May 83 to Apr 86

Environment: C, VMS, UNIX, VAX, ASM

. Developed embedded drivers for the voicemail ADC using J11 chip


. Designed and developed complete Call Forwarding and Broadcast

Message processors.

. Enhanced the telecommunications billing system to handle high

volume transactions processing.


. All the companies in this document are active and operate under the

names listed with the exception of Voicemail International that was

sold to Xerox and Eaton that was sold to Rockwell International,

Saville Systems sold to ADC, Micom sold to Nortel Telecomm,

Transportation Management System Inc. (TMSI) was sold to GroupEx Inc.

Phone numbers and names are gathered to the best of my knowledge.

Additional information can be provided per request.

. References will be provided per request.

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