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Manager High School

110058, India
March 16, 2011

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Farm Supervisor Resume

Prempal Kamboj

Cell: +91-989*******



To obtain a respectable entry-level position in the commercial management

field and apply theoretical and practical horticultural knowledge to meet

as well as exceed the customer expectations.

Summary of Qualifications:

* Over sixteen years of farming experience.

* Knowledge of proper care of farm livestock.

* Excellent Knowledge of farm crop planting, cultivating, and harvesting.

* Expert in the use of common hand tools and farm machinery and equipment.

* Superb Knowledge of artificial insemination of livestock.

* Remarkable ability to use and care for hand tools and farm machinery and


* Great ability to direct the work of others as necessary.

* Excellent ability to perform manual labour for extended periods of time.

* Uncommon ability to establish and maintain an effective working

relationship with other employees.

* Sound communication skills.

* Solid analytical and problem solving skills.

Professional Experience:

Agricultural Manager

Sundown Farms Inc. Rome,Italy 2005-2010

* Direct and manage the farm business capital; plans the strategic

direction of the farm.

* Responsible for managing the financial aspects of the business by

controlling income and expenses.

* Plan the type of farming activities to be undertaken, estimate operating

costs and order supplies such as seed, fertilizer, livestock fodder and

farm equipment.

* Plant, spray, fertilize, harvest and sell crops; recruit, coordinate and

direct farm workers on crop growing and livestock rising.

* Monitor animal health and seek veterinary advice when necessary and make

sure there are adequate food supply, water and protection from the weather

for livestock.

* Make sure temperature, ventilation and lighting conditions are

comfortable for livestock kept indoors.

* Observe and record produce quality or livestock body weight and

condition, adjusting management or feeding programs when necessary.

Farm Supervisor

Gujjar Farm, Haryana, India, 1999 - 2004

* Planned, monitored and scheduled farming activities and performed farming

activities such as planting, cultivating, irrigating, harvesting, applying

herbicide, pesticide and fertilizer.

* Received work requests from project leaders who are performing research

on designated plots of land or with research animals and discussed

feasibility with Farm Manager.

* Monitored the mixing and mixed experimental rations and fed supplements

for animals, according to experimental requirements.

* Bred cowherd and selected herd sires for artificial insemination purposes

and Attended animals during and after birth of offspring.

* Inspected and coordinated the repair and repaired farm equipment and

machinery such as tractors and trucks.

* Maintained inventories and requisitions of such items as fertilizer,

seed, pesticide and ingredients for animal feed.

Farm Worker

Sandhu Farm, Haryana, India, 1992 - 1998

* Cared for animals by performing such tasks as feeding, mucking out,

caring for sick animals, preparing cows for milking, and operating milking


* Ploughed fields, sowed, tended and harvested crops spread fertilizer and

sprayed crops.

* Drove and maintained tractors and combine harvesters and other vehicles.

* Maintained farm buildings, laid and trimmed hedges, dug and maintained

ditches, put up and mended fences.

Training, Education and Professional Certification

High School From Government School, Haryana,India

Diploma in Dialysis technician from Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi, India

Grew up on a family farm and participated in agricultural programs for

young people.

Personal Details:

D.O.B - 05/July/1976

Gender - Male

Marital Status - Married

Expected employment status - Full time

Ready to relocate - Yes

Languages Known - Italian, English, Hindi, Punjabi

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