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System Objective

Ames, Iowa, 50014, United States
March 16, 2011

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Xin Liu


*** ******** ******, **** ***

Ames, Iowa, 50014

Objective: A full-time job as a synthetic organic chemist

in the biotechnology or

pharmaceutical industry

Education: Master of Science

May 2011

Iowa State University

Ames, Iowa

Major: Organic Chemistry

GPA 3.61/4.0

Research mentor: Prof. Nicola Pohl

Bachelor of Science

June 2008

Jilin University

Changchun, China

Major: Chemistry

Relevant Physical Organic Chemistry, Organic Synthesis,,

Chemical Biology

Coursework: Carbohydrate Chemistry, Spectrometric Identification

of Organic Compound

Chemical Skills:

. Multi-step synthesis, purification and structural

characterization of compounds using traditional or

parallel methods.

. Chromatographic techniques to isolate and purify

compounds and expertise in characterizing novel

compounds using analytical techniques such as NMR, MS

and IR.

. Automated synthesis of small biomolecules, such as di-

and trisaccharides, Parallel synthesis

. Large-scale synthesis and chemical modifications of

monosaccharide building blocks



. Automated solution-phase oligosaccharide synthesis

system(Chemspeed ASW 1000)

. Automated purification System (Biotage SP1)

. Varian Prostar HPLC

. CEM Discover Microwave and CoolMate

. Solvent purification system

. Shimazu LCMS 2010

Oral Automated synthesis of systematic di-

and tri-saccharide libraries

Presentation: 240th ACS National Meeting & Exposition

August 2010, Boston, MA


. Prof. Nicola L. B. Pohl

. Prof. Yan Zhao

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