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Quality Control Operator

Tucson, Arizona, 85712, United States
March 17, 2011

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Lawrence E Lee


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Seeking employment in the Oil Gas Mining or Power Generation industry.

Work Experience:

Nov 2004 – Sept 2010 Kellogg Brown and Root Houston, Texas

Travel Associate Sept 2007 – Sept 2010

*Travel Associate: Camp Al Asad duties:

*Maintain correct and accurate Passenger manifest. Matching Manifest with Boarding passengers and

disembarking passengers. Correct last minute changes in manifest and forward to affected digitations

with in operations security parameters .

* Coronate Mil Air flights with military counterpart and manifest approved passengers for out lying FOB’s

with in operations security parameters .

* Comply with NISPOM ( National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual ) when manifest when

finding uncontrolled domination.

* Be prepared for unusual passenger behavior during times of personal stress.

* Be knowledgeable in flight line training and procedures and movement of equipment and personal.

* Be knowledgeable in both commercial and military flight refueling procedures.

Work Experience:

Operator Nov 2004 – Sept 2007 Ar Ramadi Sept 2007 to Sept 2009

*Operator: Camp Cedar T2 ROWPU

*Maintain production and testing of Camp Water supply with in SOW.

*Maintain water distribution in both pipe line and water tank/truck supply.

*Periodically Chemically treat water storage tanks as required by SOW.

* Dailey samples of storage chlorine residuals in storage tanks as required by SOW.

*Maintain production equipment: filters chemical pumps and storage Bags.

* Reverse Osmoses element insulation.

07/03 – 11/04

Control Room Operator MidAmerican Energy Yuma cogeneration plant Yuma, AZ

*Monitor and operate Control Boards to regulate power Plants.

*Inspect equipment for Malfunctions.

*Maintain Consumption and Productions reports.

* Knowledge of GE Mark V DCS control system. Comparable to BEAR system.

(Basic Expeditionary Airfield Resources )

*Knowledge of document and report writing.

*Knowledge of Voltage control system from 69000 volts down to 4160V 480V and 220 volt.

* Types of power production operated form 19 1979 to 2004: Solar Centaur dual fuel turbine: Emerson 20

cylinder diesel, 69 KV underground nitrogen filled power transmission lines and distributions system, salt

water desalinization waste water treatment.

*Control Operator: Operator for a 50 MW power plant. Equipment operated: GE Frame 6 gas fired turbine

capable of producing 38 MW of power. A waste heat recovery HRSG high pressure steam boiler captures

the turbine waste heat, for steam turbine generation of 13 to 19 MW of power. Other plant equipment:

Duct burner system for HRSG used during on peak demand to increase steam output. air emissions

monitors, Reverse Osmosis system, Mixed bed dematerializer, multimedia filters, Activated Carbon filters,

Frick rotary screw gas compressor, and two 1900 ton York refrigeration chillers.

Reason for leaving: to accept other employment

05/97 – 07/03 Coastal Chemical/El Paso Gas (Dyno Nobel Inc) Battle Mt. NV


* Nitric Acid plant operations: The equipment operated is Compressors, gauze combustion chamber, air

emissions monitors, monitoring levels of associated vessels, and performing quality control checks

* Ammonia Nitrate Plant operations; Acid from the storage system is combined with anhydrous ammonia

for an endothermic reaction that forms liquid ammonia nitrate. Product can be separated to liquid sells or

sent up a tower for cooling and formation in to prill. Operator monitors levels in vessels, tank farm,

propane vaporizer, and drying train. Performs quality control test.

* Water Treatment Plant operations: This plant consist of a cold lime softening system, cooling tower,

multimedia filters, boiler feed water and boiler chemical test. An electronic ionic system for removal to fid

unwanted chemicals from blow down water. Operator also performs quality control test.

Reason for leaving: Continual shut downs so I accepted other employment.

10/96 05/97 Kerr McGee Henderson, NV

Relief employee

* This was a temporary/ part time position working to cover for vacation schedules and sick relief. Duties

were limited to the loading of manganese dioxide into one ton containers, maintaining of rotex screening

table, ball mill operation, fork lift operation, and clean up.

Reason for leaving: This was only a temporary part time job. I left for full time permanent employment.

1977 – 1996 ARCO Alaska Inc (now British Petroleum Alaska or BP) Anchorage & Prudhoe Bay, AK


*This position entailed being a production operator in Prudhoe Bay.

*Experience included but not limited to several phases of operation and production of various facilities.

*Qualified to operate Control Room at all facilities I was posted at, systems included DCS, Microwave, and

Mainframe control systems.

*Major Start UPs and operation of Flow Station # 1 Gas section; Low Pressure Separation start up and

operation of Flow Station # 2; Start Up and operation of the Sea Water Treatment Plant.

*Major equipment operated: GE LM 1500 gas turbine, GE Frame 5 gas turbine, Royals Royce gas turbine,

Solar Centaur dual fuel turbine, Emerson 20 cylinder diesel, 69 KV underground nitrogen filled power

transmission lines and distributions system, salt water desalinization for potable water, waste water

treatment for living quarters, electronic sodium hypochlorite generation for bacterial control, oil and

*Electrical Power Generation and distribution at the Sea Water Treatment Plant.

gas well testing separation, Shaffer hydraulic control skid and valves, pipeline cleaning and launching and

receiving for pigging.

*Hosted multiple tours over the years for visiting dignitaries and politicians from such places as China,

Russia, and the Vatican.

Extensive employer training history records available upon request.

Reason for leaving: Laid off due to Reduction in Forces.

1974 – 1976 Tipperary Chemical Corp (no longer in business) Lovington, NM


*Anhydrous Ammonia plant: Water Treatment Plant operations: cooling tower, multimedia filters, boiler

feed water and boiler chemical test. Operator also performs quality control test.

*Compressor operator: Maintained and operated Cooper Bessemer reciprocal compressors. Adjusted

loading pockets for volume control, adjusted packing glands, monitored temperatures and levels.

*Olutside Syn Gas operator: Monitored incoming natural gas, monitored the primary and secondary

reformers, optical parameter reading on primary reformer; monitored levels in vessels and took associated

readings. Gas chromatograph testing for quality control.


1968 – 1972 Big Spring High School Big Spring, TX


*Graduated with a diploma in general studies.

1972 – present

*Extensive employer sponsored training as an emergency Trauma Technician; hazardous materials

handling; assertive behavior training; work leadership; analytical trouble shooting; and others

( Copy of training records available upon request )

Personal References:

Lorne Clark 573-***-**** ext 3024

Dyno Nobel

11025 Highway D

Louisiana, MO 63353 4123

Dennis Miller 713-***-****

249 Litchfield Lane

Houston, TX 77024

Ramon Miranda 928-***-****

4156 W 21 St

Yuma AZ 85364

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