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International Vice President

142, United States
March 18, 2011

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LL.M. in International Legal Studies (with Distinction)

May 17, 2009

. Relevant Courses: Corporations, International Commercial Arbitration,

Constitutional Law, Litigation Practice in International Arbitration,

Investor State Dispute Settlement, International Trade, International

Project Financing.

. Activities: Member, Foreign Lawyers at Georgetown, International

Arbitration Society.


Scuola di Specializzazione per le Professioni Legali

September2004 to June 2006

(Postgraduate Specialization School of Law equivalent)

. Thesis: Fraudulent Bankruptcy of Corporations according to new Art.

223 of the Italian Regulation on Bankruptcy (R.D.16 marzo 1942, n.


Laurea in Giurisprudenza (J.D. equivalent)

October 2000 to July 2004

GPA 27.7/30 Final Grade 110/110

. Thesis: The Travel Contract and the possibility to recover damages for

emotional distress ("Danno da Vacanza Rovinata") in the Italian, EU

and US regulations and case law.

Work Experience

CURTIS, MALLET-PREVOST, COLT & MOSLE, Milan, Italy September 2010

to Present

Associate, International Arbitration, Energy Division

. Participant in international arbitration proceedings representing

governments on oil and gas related disputes pertaining to contractual

and treaty claims pending at the International Center for Settlement

of Investment Disputes (ICSID) and International Court of Arbitration

(ICC) tribunals.

. Draft memoranda and research on OPEC related activities and recently

approved Long Term Strategy. Monitor International Energy Forum

activities. Advise governments on possible effect of the creation of a

new treaty, analysis and draft of international documents' provisions,

research on interpretation of treaties, reservations, legally binding

effects, registration under Article 102 of the United Nation Charter.

. Research principles of State Attribution under the ICSID Convention

and the Articles on Responsibility of States for Internationally

Wrongful Acts (ILC) application.

. Resume tasks initiated in the New York Office on arbitration as part

of the international arbitration group.

. Advise a government on protection of investments and on Model BIT.

CURTIS, MALLET-PREVOST, COLT & MOSLE, New York, US September 2009 to

August 2010 Associate, International Arbitration, Energy Division

. Involved in international arbitration proceedings on oil and gas

related disputes representing governments in relation to contractual

and treaty claims pending at the ICC and ICSID tribunals.

. Drafted memoranda on Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs) provisions,

Fair and Equitable Treatment, Full Protection and Security,

Stabilization Clauses and their typologies and effects, Expropriation

(Direct, Indirect, Lawful and Unlawful), typologies of Production

Sharing Agreements contracts (PSAs) and various provisions included in

the contracts, Environmental and Human Rights protection and

development related issues, States sovereign rights' protection and

enhancement, protection of natural resources, INCOTERMS in Production

Sharing Agreements.

. Researched among the jurisprudence, publications and ICSID, ICC,

International Court of Justice (ICJ), Iran-US Claims, Ad-Hoc

tribunals' awards for topics related to States sovereign rights

protection, stabilization clauses and their possible effects,

calculation of damages in case of unlawful expropriation, INCOTERMS,

BITs provisions' interpretations, umbrella clauses, stabilization

clauses in BITs and in national petroleum laws, Vienna Convention on

the Law of Treaties, Charter of the United Nation, ECT (Energy Charter

Treaty) and North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) provisions'

application and interpretation.

. Interfaced with clients in meetings, collaborated with subject matter

experts and actively participated in the preparation of documents

submitted for arbitration proceedings.

CURTIS, MALLET-PREVOST, COLT & MOSLE, Milan, Italy November 2007 to

May 2008

Associate, International Arbitration, Energy Division

. Involved in international arbitration pre-negotiations representing a

government in the oil sector; researched legal issues related to

foreign direct investments (FDI), NAFTA and ECT analyzing several

decisions awarded by ICSID, ICC, London Court of International

Arbitration, Iran-US Tribunal and Ad-Hoc tribunals.

. Drafted memoranda pertaining to foreign investment protection, host

states sovereignty in relation to natural resources, interim measures,

calculation of damages, direct and indirect expropriation.

. Assisted lawyers in negotiating foreign investments in Italy in the

gas sector.

. Analyzed, studied and drafted memoranda on Italian Snam Rete Gas


EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, Brussels, Belgium February 2007 to

July 2007

Intern, Office of the Italian Deputy; Vito Bonsignore

. Assisted Deputy on issues related to his work of Vice President of the

PPE DE Group;

. Involved in activities conducted by the Working Groups Neighborhood,

Enlargement and Euromed related to the enhancement of Immigration and

Free Trade policies in the Euro-Mediterranean Area and Islamic

Countries; researched and prepared presentations on the Lisbon Treaty

related issues connected with the development of the Euro-

Mediterranean area.

. Maintained public relations for the MEP inside the Parliament with

representatives of other Groups. Organized activities in relation to

the visit of Euro-Mediterranean countries' representatives as meetings

and conferences. Prepared documents to be used for those events.

. Participated in Foreign Affairs Commission's meetings drafting minutes

and memoranda of the meeting's core issues.


. Other Experiences: Two years of law practice in civil law and

criminal law areas in order to qualify for the Italian BAR Exam,

2004/2006, Rome, Italy.

. Other Courses: Human Rights and Refugee Protection, held by UNHCR

and Red Cross representatives, Rome, Universita' degli Studi Roma Tre.

. Bar Admission: Italian BAR, Rome, Italy, September 2007. Sitting for

the NY BAR on February 2011.

. Languages: Italian (native speaker), English (fluent),

Spanish (fluent), French (intermediate).

. Membership: Arbitral Women, Arbit, Foreign Lawyers at Georgetown,

Italian BAR Association.

. Interests: History of Art, Ancient Roman and Greek

production, Asian Art, Impressionism and Renaissance European

movements, Pre-Raphaelites movements; Music, Opera productions;

Theater productions; Decoupage decoration activities; Cooking,


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