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Supply Chain Management

Fort Collins, Colorado, 80524, United States
March 11, 2011

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Arun Kumar C.G

*** ******* ******, **** *******, CO 80524 (970) *** ****


Business Administration, MBA, Colorado State University, CO: Dec’10, GPA – 3.8/4.0

Business Management Diploma, PGDM, IFMR, Chennai, India: Feb’04, GPA – 3.1/4.0

Mechanical Engineering, BE, MS University, Tamil Nadu, India: May’00, GPA – 70% (3.5/4.0)


• Top 10% of MBA Class, College of Business, Colorado State University, CO

• Won Cash & In Kind Prizes at Rice Business Plan Competitions, Texas, USA, 2010

• Super Merit Award for Cross Functional Team Projects in 2007 & 2008

• Best Performance, ‘4’ Star rating at Ashok Leyland Limited in 2007 & 2008

• Won Awards and Laurels at Various School and Inter collegiate events

MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL, with 6 years of experience having applied graduate

management education, possess strong understanding of Business Development, Data Analysis,

Market Research & Business Analysis, Sustainability & Life Cycle Analysis (13 months

exp.), Channel Management, Marketing.

• Fluent in English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and basic French (DELF – A Level)

• Superior problem solving and decision making abilities, managing teams

• Highly adaptable working in diverse cultural and transitioning economic/social environments



Business & Market Analyst

Business and Market analysis of startups and projects that has potential social impact.

Currently involved in the life cycle analysis (LCA) of wooden pallet using software tools like

Excel, GABi & SIMAPRO. LCA study is undertaken to assess the environmental load created

(Green House Gas Emissions) by wooden pallet in its entire life cycle.

Life Cycle Analysis & Sustainability Jan 2010


GABi Experience – Working knowledge in Licensed Educational Version,

Tutorials and examples; Projects in LCA of Corrugated Pallet, Wooden Pallets,

Steel Paper Clip.

SIMAPRO – Wooden Shed, LCA of Wood, Cardboard and Plastic Pallets, Wheat

production comparison.

OKALA impact analysis – Paper V/s Plastic, Aluminum Cans.



Market Research Analyst

Qualitative and Quantitative market research study on social impact startups and

organizations working in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The objective of the research is for

future collaboration of OWOB with these organizations connecting them with research bodies

and institutions around the world.

• Secondary research, creating databases of 120 social impact organizations that has

the potential for future expansion and mutual beneficial collaboration with OWOB in the

broader social and economic context.

• Primary research through questionnaire and quantitative analysis of firms in terms of

their size, country of operation, market segment and area of operation.

• Analysis and reporting using statistical tools SPSS and Excel Spread sheet.

THIN AIR NITROGEN LLC, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA Sep 2009 – Dec’10

Business and Strategy Analyst

Designed and developed an international firm roll out strategy that delivers sustainable

business development solutions in Agricultural Sector, which include market assessments,

channel development, new product introductions and business plans. Worked at international

level in Ethiopia, India and US to research and deliver tools enabling business expansion


• Strategic Planning covering study and development of Marketing and Distribution

through Secondary and Primary Research and market feasibility assessments for

Africa and Asia expansion programs.

• Business plans, Stake holder collaboration, research and financial analysis involving

descriptive statistical techniques and financial modeling. Quantitative analysis of

findings using various statistical tools.

ASHOK LEYLAND LIMITED, Kerala & Tamil Nadu, India Jun. 2006 – Aug 2009

Deputy Manager, Marketing

Business development, Branch operations and Channel management activities involved with the

Sales and Marketing of Automotive Products/Vehicles. Designed and supervised all project activities

including Key Account Management, New Product Development and Supply Chain Activities.

• Successfully achieved company objectives and deliverables of business development in 2007

& 2008 with consecutive high performance in Sales and Market Share.

• Awarded “4” Star rating for best performance consecutively in 2007 & 2008

• Super Merit awards in 2007 & 2008 for Cross functional team projects involved with the

improvement and design of existing products and processes.

GMMCO Limited, A.P & Tamil Nadu, India Mar. 2004 – May 2006

Assistant Manager, Marketing

Direct sales activities, implementation and monitoring of corporate decisions, reports, score cards,

new improvement areas, inter departmental communications covering business objectives to regional

levels throughout India.

• Corporate Reporting, Financial Analysis, Presentations and Market research on improvement

areas, construction, infrastructure and mining sectors in India.

• New product introduction and cross functional organizational collaborations on effective

service delivery processes, and additional responsibility of Executive Assistant to Executive




Program Assistant, Micro Insurance

Study on Micro Insurance Market, Market research, Delivery channels, Investor Mapping and

Technology support for establishing international expansion strategies for Micro insurance start up in

Africa and Latin America for USAID funded project.

• Market assessment and Investor Mapping of over 100 MFIs in Peru, Dominican Republic,

Brazil and Haiti.

• Engaged in collaborative efforts with MFIs, NPOs and Insurance Agencies in Rwanda (World

Vision International), Kenya (KIVA), Namibia (Elephant Energy) and USA (Techno Serve).

• Studying and adopting best technology practices in Micro insurance sector enabling online

transactions and knowledge sharing.

EMPOWER (NEED), NY, USA Jul 2010 – Aug 2010

Economic Empowerment Analysis

Provided business consulting and assessment of women entrepreneurs involved in the development

of traditional handicraft products through various Microfinance schemes.

• Assisted in development and management of outbound supply chain activities and technology

usage improvements for EMPOWER funded project.

• Monitored NEED supported social enterprises and entrepreneurship programs assessing

social impact, development challenges recommending improvements through case analysis

in rural areas of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

• Coordinated with Coalition of Indian NGOs (CONGO SHONGO) and NOVICA for expanding

the rural product reach with significant economic improvement and poverty alleviation.


SEED, Fort Collins, CO – Business development, Fundraising and financial modeling for

future expansion of 2 4 HP pump sets into Asian Markets of Bangladesh and India.

OWOB, Fort Collins, CO – Market research on startups and social enterprises that has

future expansion in Africa and Asia for potential future consulting opportunities.


Volunteer, UNITED NATIONS, Global Dec. 2009 – Present

Volunteer, ASHOKA, Ashoka Fellows, Global Jan. 2010 – Aug 2010

Volunteer, KOL foods & FAB Campaign Dec 2010 – Present

Beta Gamma Sigma Member Life time member

Scouts Badge Holder School level


Social Media Marketing, Fundraising, Web design & Site Administration, Consultancy, Agro tourism

projects, Solar Cooker Design and Grant writing & Solicitation, USDA food Labeling process,

Database building, Marketing consultant & Financial Analysis, Online Marketing, Search Engine

Optimization, Business Plans.


Marketing for Sustainable Enterprise Financial Management & Markets

Business Decision Making Enterprise Funding & Evaluation

Information Technology & Project Management Supply Chain Management

Managerial & Financial Accounting International Business


Business & Statistical Tools SPSS, Crystal Reports, Citrix CRM, Excel, COGNOS BI (Basic)

Programming tools JavaScript, C, C++

Software Packages MS Office, Adobe Multimedia Tools, HTML, CSS

Databases Oracle, Access

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