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Engineer Engineering

Houston, Texas, 77030, United States
March 13, 2011

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Kegang Ling



Seeking a full time position with an employer in the field of petroleum

engineering to contribute outstanding talents toward supporting the

employer in optimizing bottom-line performance


Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering, December 2010

Texas A&M University, Measuring Gas Viscosity at High Pressure and High


M.S. in Petroleum Engineering, December 2006

University of Louisiana, Predicted Formation Pressure before Drilling,

Constructed Composite-IPR for Multilateral Wells

B.S. in Geology, July 1995

University of Petroleum in Beijing, China

Passed the Fundamental Engineering Examination


09/2009-03/2010, 09/2010-Present

Reserves Evaluation at RYDER SCOTT COMPANY in Houston, TX


Worked as a Geologist and Reservoir Engineer for China National Offshore

Oil Company (CNOOC)

A. Reserve Evaluation:

> Estimated reserve of Lishui Gas Field;

> Calculated reserve of Pinghu Oil and Gas Field after drilling appraisal


> Evaluated reserve of Pinghu Oil and Gas Field after production;

> Calculated reserve of Chunxiao Oil and Gas Field;

> Evaluated reserve of Tianwaitian Oil and Gas Field;

> Estimated reserve of Pingbei Oil Field

B. Geological/Reservoir Analysis for Exploration and Production

> Performed Geological analysis for target selections;

> Conducted Geological analysis for Pinghu Oil and Gas Field development;

> Involved in Production data analysis to adjust production plan;

> Supervised mud logging as a wellsite geologist;

> Diagnosed production problems for Pinghu Oil and Gas Field;

> Built reservoir simulation models for Chunxiao and Pinghu Oil and Gas;

> Fields Studied overall development profile for Chunxiao Oil and Gas


C. Work as Geophysicist

> Designed seismic data acquisition including both 2D and 3D seismic;

> Inversed seismic data for Chunxiao Oil and Gas Field;

> Interpreted seismic data for Chunxiao and Pinghu Oil and Gas Fields


Proficient with programming: Fortran, Borland C, Visual Basic

Fully experienced on software: Geoquest, OpenWork, PETREL, Eclipse,

Pansystem, VIP, SAPHIR

Excellent interpersonal communication and presentation skills

A perfect team player with multi-discipline background


Sponsor Training Content

Ryder Scott/CNOOC Reserves Evaluation

Ryder Scott/CNOOC SEC Reserve Regulation

Schlumberger & Landmark Seismic Interpretation

Schlumberger PETREL

CNOOC Wellsite Geologist Training


Research Assistant, Texas A&M University

Research Assistant, University of Louisiana

Institute Scholarships, University of Petroleum (Beijing)

Member of Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) since 2005


Guo, B., Zhou, J., Ling, K., and Ghalambor, A. 2008. A Rigorous Composite-

Inflow-Performance Relationship Model for Multilateral Wells. SPE Prod &

Oper23 (2): 241-248. SPE-100923-PA.

E. Davani, K. Ling, C. Teodoriu, W.D. McCain, G. Falcone: "Inaccurate Gas

Viscosity at HPHT Conditions and Its Effect on Unconventional Gas Reserves

Estimation," paper SPE 122827 to be presented at the 2009 SPE Latin

American and Caribbean Petroleum Engineering Conference held in Cartagena,

Colombia, 31 May-3 June 2009.

E. Davani, K. Ling, C. Teodoriu, W.D. McCain, G. Falcone: "More Accurate

Gas Viscosity Correlation for Use at HPHT Conditions Ensures Better

Reserves Estimation," paper SPE 124734 to be presented at the 2009 SPE

Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition held in New Orleans, Louisiana,

USA, 4-7 October 2009.

K. Ling, C. Teodoriu, E. Davani, W.D. McCain, G. Falcone: "Measurement of

Gas Viscosity at High Pressures and High Temperatures," paper IPTC-13528 to

be presented at the International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC), 7-

9 December 2009, in Doha, Qatar.

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