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Manager Real Estate

10000, United States
March 12, 2011

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- Languages:

o Mother Tongue: German / French / Dutch

o Fluent: English / Hebrew

o Advanced: Italian / Spanish / Persian

o Business Conversational: Bulgarian / Romanian / Polish /

Hungarian / Czech

- Education:

o B.Sc. General Business Administration, University of Arizona,

Tucson, USA

o M.Sc. Accountancy and Finance, Catholic University of Leuven,


o LLM European and International Taxation law, Catholic University

of Leuven, Belgium

- Information Technology:

o Computer literate in Microsoft Office

o Basic understanding of Opera and Micros systems.

- Management Experience:

o Leading up to 300 staff over 10 countries

o Cross departmental and cross country liaison officer

o Weekly direct reporting of key financial data and commercial

activities to owners for Central and Eastern European Zone.

- Specialization:

o Food Production: Strong knowledge of food production for

specialty outlets and hotels.

o Logistics: Developed the only three temperature groupage system

from BENELUX and France to Central and Eastern Europe for food


o Finance: Proven track record to set up cost control mechanisms,

savings on purchases and direct reporting of financial data.

o Commercial: Proactive and innovative with in depth knowledge of

Central European market consumer F&B trends, demands and



- Logistics:

o Developed, put into practice and managed three temperature

domestic and international logistics for KFC and Burger King in

Bulgaria; for Starbucks in Bulgaria and Romania; Coffeeheaven in

Slovakia and Czech Republic.

o Created a single three temperature groupage logistics from

BENELUX and France to Central and Eastern Europe used by De

Messier Group of companies in Central Europe and local three

temperature detailed distribution for HORECA clients in

Slovakia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Estonia,

Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania.

- Food Production:

o Initiated and put into practice complete outsourced pastry

production in for Hilton, Marriott, Intercontinental and Sofitel

from one single production kitchen; in Sofia (Bulgaria) for

Billa Rewe supermarkets and in Budapest (Hungary) serving


o Development of business plan for Holder Groupe production

kitchen in Ghent (Belgium).

o Advised Costa Coffee for suitable food production candidates in

Poland, Bulgaria and Romania.

o Developed on-hands skills to train cooks in food production,

maintaining standards and HAACP / ISO requirements.

- Finance:

o Sourcing of food commodities in Central and Eastern Europe for

Western European market for De Messier Group of Companies;

netting a yearly increase of 2.3 million euros net profit in

2006, 2007 and 2008 for the commodities department.

o Put into a practice a uniform financial reporting structure in

Central Europe based on Microsoft Excel due to the unwillingness

of corporate to invest into elaborate MIS software.

o Responsible for monitoring and advising third party accounting

and legal firms working for de Messier group of Companies thanks

to knowledge of finance, local accountancy and legal


- Commercial:

o From 2004 to 2008 initiated operations for the Group in

Slovakia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Estonia,

Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania resulting in a consolidated

turnover from 0 Euros in 2004 to 26 million Euros in 2008 as

well as 300 staff recruitments.

o Developed major accounts for the F&B distribution business of De

Messier Group of Companies as well as supported the F&B

distribution as key account manager for Hilton / Marriott /

Intercontinental / Accor group / Costa Coffee / Starbucks /

Carrefour / Metro and Billa amongst others.


- June 1999 - December 2004: GEC NV, Antwerp, Belgium

o GEC NV is a Financial Holding active in Real Estate / Music

Business / Outdoor Advertising

o Incorporating US based reporting structure as liaison officer of

sold divisional companies of GEC NV (Music Business and Outdoor)

to Clear Channel Communications; a US Based conglomerate listed

on the NYSE.

o Rehaul of all F&B activities in its owned concert venues in

Belgium: Forrest National (Brussels - capacity 10.000),

Stadschouwburg (Antwerp - capacity 2.000) and Capitole (Ghent -

capacity 2.000).

o Rehaul included:

. Setting transparent financial transaction system and


. Negotiating group purchasing with F&B Suppliers.

. Incorporating marketing revenue from F&B Suppliers (Coca

Cola and Interbrew).

. Recruiting, design, set up & complete costing of F&B


. Managing the entire operation from a commercial and

financial perspective.

- January 2004 - December 2008: De Messier Group Of Companies, Zurich,


o Assessment of Central and Eastern European market potential for

HORECA F&B distribution.

o Developed pilot investment in Slovakia that was extended into

Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Estonia, Hungary,

Bulgaria and Romania with general management tasks of putting

into place HR, logistics, purchasing system and commercial


o Optimized net profit and reduced operational fixed logistics

costs by becoming a niche third party logistic provider in the


o Initiated, worked out and put into practice a pastry outsourcing

production in Warsaw which is being implemented by the group in

2008 in Hungary and Bulgarian and in 2009 in Belgium, Norway,

UK, Austria, Germany and the US.

o Started in 2004 as Junior Development Manager CEE region to Area

Director and owner representative CEE Region.

- January 2009 - : Independent consultant

o Assessment of Western, Central and Eastern European market

potential / development / acquisitions for industrial food


o Independent set up of multi-temperature full load and groupage

system in CEE region active as of March 2009 in joint venture

with American equity firm.

o Outsourcing and relocation studies for major food players from

Western Europe to the CEE region with one industrial customer

applying a cost saving plan of 2.500.000 euros in August 2009.

o Consulting private investors in hotel acquisition opportunities

with the help in depth back of the house knowledge of all major

hotels in the CEE region.

o Head Consultant for one of Central Europe's largest supermarket

chain in terms of outsourcing, project development and

referencing .

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