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6518, United States
March 21, 2011

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Ohkyu Kwon

Hamden, CT 06518***-****)


. Software engineer (w/ Image processing)

. Researcher developing novel image processing/computer vision algorithms

. Hand-on image processing algorithm engineer for commercial robotic

microscope system

. Current Status: Green Card Holder

Experiences on research and development of imaging system:

. Object matching, pattern recognition, and geometric transformation

- Robust Hausdorff distance measures for target tracking for missile


- Image alignment multi-sensor data (Visible -IR thermal face images)

- Barge detection in video consequence image

- Hierarchical Hausdorff distance matching method for real-time processing

- Fast and accurate 2D/3D geometric distance transforms in binary image

using parallel processing

. Image progressing algorithms in robotic controlled microscope

- GUI for Microscope control and image acquisition (RedLake Camera, Olympus

microscope, and MIL)

- Auto-focus, and auto-exposure algorithm for automated florescent


- Calibration and distortion correction by using fluorescence beads images

- Accurate slide positioning by circular marker detection for automated


- Nuclei object feature extraction based on texture analysis

- Fluorescence cell image segmentation based on watershed algorithm

- Antibody signal and Fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) spot


- 3D de-convolution implementation with stack cell images

. Multi-sensor images fusion and registration

- Image fusion of visible and thermal infrared images for robust

recognition using DWT

- Image registration with combined MI for multi-modal image (visible-IR

thermal, CT-PET and Landsat)

. Multimedia applications development

- Develops video mail, video communication, and video conferencing systems



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Image Processing (ICIP), vol. III, pp. 21-24, Lausanne, Switzerland, Sep.



University of Tennessee, Knoxville

May 2006

Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering (GPA:


Sogang University, Seoul, South Korea

Feb. 1997

Master of Science in Electronic Engineering

Sogang University, Seoul, South Korea

Feb. 1995

Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering

Working History:

Ikonisys, Inc (New Haven, CT)

Image Processing engineer/R&D Engineer Nov. 2007 to Oct.


. Research and development the image processing algorithms for automated


. Upgrade image processing module for FDA trial applications (Bladder,

Breast, and Cervical cancer)

. Requirement/Design/Verification documentation for FDA approval process

. Optimize image analysis algorithms to execute robustly at the highest

possible speed

. Provide technical support for the image processing software based on C#


Accenture, Llc (COLRLIANT, Inc) (Philadelphia, PA)

unified Communication network engineer Aug. 2006 to May


. Design and implemented Cisco's unified communication (voice and video


. System ingratiation test (SIT), user acceptance test (UAT), and customer

support and training

Samsung Networks, Inc (Seoul, South Korea)

Sr. Consulting engineer / Product manager Jan. 2003 to

June 2004

. Design and implemented Cisco's unified communication (voice and video


. System ingratiation test (SIT), user acceptance test (UAT), and customer

support and training

Onnet Technologies, Inc (Seoul, South Korea)

Lead Multimedia Software engineer (Start-up)

April 2001 to Aug. 2002

. Developing and testing processes of multimedia applications including

voice communication, video conferencing, and messaging application

. Developed web-to-phone prepaid application and multimedia solution for

Telecom Company

. System ingratiation test (SIT), user acceptance test (UAT), and customer

support and training

MJL Technologies, Inc (Seoul, South Korea)

Multimedia software developer / R&D assistant manager Jan.

1997 to March 2001

. Developed the SS7 signaling unit of messaging system (UMS) handling

multimedia message such as voice mail, video mail, and e-mail based on

Hardware CTI board for telecommunication Company

Technical skills/ Certification:

. Programming Languages: C# .NET, Visual C/C++, and MATLAB

. 3rd Software tool for image processing: Matrox Interface Library and

Definiens (Life science)

. Environments: Windows XP/7, Linux, and UNIX (Solaris/ HP-UX)

. Project Management Professional (PMP #193451)

. Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)

References Available Upon Request

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