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Sales Office

Narberth, Pennsylvania, 19072, United States
March 21, 2011

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A nuja B. Mathur

* ****** *****, ********, ** *9072 610-***-****

Objective: To attain a challenging position in the public sector.

Education: M asters in Public Administration, Northeastern University, Boston, M A, December 2004

B.S. Political Science, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC, August 1999

E mployment H istory:

Graduate I nte rn, Senate Office of Senator Ma ria Cantwell Jan. 2010-April 2010

Seattle, WA

Responsibilities: Constituent Advocate for Senator’s office to act as a liaison with federal, state and /or local agencies on behalf of the

constituents; answer correspondence and oral communications from constituents; work with various levels of government

officials to assist in the resolution of constituents’ problems; primary focus on constituents’ immigration issues.

Graduate I nte rn, Senate Office of Senator H illa ry Rodham Clinton Sept. 2004-Dec. 2004

New York, NY

Responsibilities: Worked on various policy issues for the State of New York and New York City. Worked on various policy

issues in economic development. Projects: Small Business Initiatives for the State of New York, West Side Stadium

development project and Lower Manhattan development. Also provided background research for various press events.

Volunteer Team Captain, Boston 2004 (DNC), Boston, MA March 2004-July


Responsibilities: M anaged 60 volunteers to help coordinate special events for the Democratic National Convention.

Helped with security check-in, event support and coordinating volunteer assignments at various events.

G raduate I nte rn, John Ker ry P residential Campaign Feb. 2003–Jan. 2004

Boston, MA

Responsibilities: Worked within the campaign finance division and helped organize fundraisers, tracked finances,

consolidated and deposited campaign contributions, helped verify campaign law compliance, and other administrative

t asks as required.

Assistant, Chief Secreta ry’s Office: Boards and Commissions May 2001-Dec. 2001

Massachusetts Governo r’s Office, Boston, MA

Responsibilities: Worked to help appoint candidates to over four hundred different boards and commissions within the

state of Massachusetts. Tasks included reviewing candidates’ credentials, background checks and recommendations;

maintaining communication with potential candidates; submitting proposals to Chief Secretary based upon findings;

created press kits for the media upon appointments. Also, continuously reviewed the status of each board and updated

commission databases accordingly.

L egal Assistant, City Attorney’s Office/Budget & Evaluation Sept. 1999-May 2000

G reensboro, NC

Responsibilities: H elped format contracts between vendors and the city government; reevaluated existing

contracts to reflect cur rent market prices. Researched and documented all legal cases w ith the

C ity Attorney’s Office. T racked all departmental budget spending and consolidated them into

monthly reports that were used to review the cur rent budget and forecast futu re spending. Also

r eviewed proposals for city capital improvement projects; evaluated each project and prioritized

t hem; prepared formal proposals for city council to vote upon.

I n te rn, D istrict Attorney’s Office, Greenville, NC Summer 1999

Responsibilities: O pened and closed case files and consolidated information on each case for review.

Assisted attorneys in district court and superior court w ith case file information.

I n te rn, Fox & Associates P.A., Greenville, NC Sept. 1997-June


Responsibilities: C reated a DW I manual to reflect recent legislation changes and other relevant court cases

for use by the fi rm’s lawyers.

I n te rn, Gilba rco I ncorporated, Greensboro, NC Summer/Winter 1994, ’95,


Sales, M a rketing and Service Department

Responsibilities: Helped upgrade computer system for sales and service department, computer programming, and data



• Experience in performing i nternet-based online government and private research, including the IQ system

• Hands-on experience with MS Word, Excel and Outlook

• Excellent personal, communication, presentation and administrative skills

• Multilingual: English, Hindi and Punjabi

R eferences: Available Upon Request

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