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Human Resources Health

Denver, Colorado, 80231, United States
March 23, 2011

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March ****

Human Resources

RE: Professional Medical Sales Positions

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to present my credentials and past professional work history

to you regarding the position mentioned above. I possess over 15 years of

successful business to business sales experience selling health and safety

products and services.

I am a Physician Assistant and hold a degree in Medical Science from the

University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. I am a computer literate

problem-solving individual who enjoys challenging projects.

I and my associates have provided OSHA, DOT, EPA, and other regulatory

training, risk assessment, accident investigation, root cause analysis,

expert testimony, and consultation to industry, health care organizations,

manufacturing (including chemicals), construction, and other entities. I

am a long-term Front Range resident and maintain many professional, and

governmental contacts here. I am willing to travel.

At this time I am seeking a professional, full-time permanent position with

a reputable company. In the meantime, I would appreciate it if you and

your colleagues would take time to peruse my resume. Please feel free to

contact me at your convenience if there are any questions or clarification

is necessary.


Michael G. Ludington

Michael G. Ludington, BSMS, PA, ASSE

3275 South Tulare Court

Denver, CO 80231

Phone: 303-***-****

Cell: 720-***-****



3275 S. Tulare Ct.

Denver, CO 80231

Phone: 303-***-****

Cell: 720-***-****


College: University of Colorado Health Sciences Center:

BSMS (Medical Science/Occupational Medicine): 1984.


1996 -- 2010:

Colorado Safety Compliance. Partner-Business to Business Sales

Manager. Sold products and services to health care organizations,

industries, and manufacturing. We provided consulting, training,

workers' comp management, litigation avoidance, and risk management,

regarding compliance with the following: OSHA, JCAHO, MSHA, FDA, EPA,

CDPHE, DOT, NFPA, and other federal, state and local regulatory


1988 to JUNE 1996:

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment: Environmental

Health and Safety Program Coordinator/Environmental Health Protection

Specialist for Corrections and Institutions. Responsibilities

included management of the statewide Environmental Health and Safety

program regulating the Colorado Department of Corrections Industries.

Coordinated statewide effort to provide all persons employed by or

residing within those facilities with a healthy and safe environment.

Regarding ongoing and past litigation.

All health facilities such as full service hospitals and nursing

homes, group homes, and clinics were monitored regularly. Inspections

were conducted utilizing FDA, JCAHO, and Colorado Health Facilities

Regulations. .

Inspections of laboratories were performed utilizing CLIA. Applicant

was responsible for all remedial action within these agencies.

Infectious disease and biohazard control programs were provided for

the above-mentioned facilities. Inspections and instrumental

monitoring were performed in living and working areas to insure air

and water quality and to prevent disease and/or injury to inmate

workers and staff. Hazardous materials such as asbestos, radioactive

isotopes, petro-chemicals, and other organics were also monitored by

this office using EPA regulations (RCRA, CERCLA, ETC). Transportation

of these materials was carried out under authority of the U.S. (DOT)

Department of Transportation Regulations.

Architectural Reviews and on-site audits/inspections were conducted by

this office on all new construction (utilizing ACA, UPC, UBC, UMC, and

all other ICBO codes/standards) to insure that safe and healthy

environments were provided during and after the completion of

construction. An ongoing in-service training program was provided for

all staff and inmate workers to insure the avoidance of on the job

injury, ergonomic injury, and other health, and safety hazards.

Continuing innovations in programs involving loss control and risk

avoidance were integral responsibilities of this office.

Contact: Human Resources, Colorado Department of Health and

Environment, 4300 Cherry Creek Dr. So. Denver, CO., 80222.

Phone: 303-***-****.


Practiced medicine as PA: Worked in family and occupational medical

settings. Was Interim Clinic Director (Acoma Clinic, Denver)

responsible for the supervision of >15 LPN's and RN's, and ancillary

staff. Associate of Nathan Pollack, M.D. Phone: 303-***-**** or 303-




Research Associate, University of Colorado School of Medicine.

Immunohistochemistry researcher.

Computer literate in windows environment, most Microsoft word

programs, power point, graphics and Internet research.


Medical School Graduate BSMS, PA. Specialty Occupational Medicine

Cardiovascular Technologist/Surgical Technologist

Professional Member: American Society of Safety Engineers

Certified in Workers' Compensation Management-Center for Workers'

Compensation Training, Denver

Certified Fire Investigation and Restoration-Belfor Denver

Certified in CPR and First Aid-American Red Cross

Certified OSHA Trainer (501)

OSHA Hazwopper Certified

Member, ICBO

Professional Member, American Correctional Association.

Member, Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society

Member, ICBO

HAACP Certified Food Safety Specialist

President, Colorado Department of Health Employee Council, 3 Terms.

Chairman, Colorado Department of Health, Safety Committee, 3 Terms.


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