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Phoenix, Arizona, 85021, United States
March 23, 2011

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Jaikanthan Sankaradass Immigration Status: GC

Phone: 480-***-****


. Around 11 years of experience on a large scale UNIX (AIX, Linux, Solaris,

HP-UX), WINDOWS (NT/2003/XP/2008) and SAN/NAS Storage environments.

. Thorough understanding of fundamentals of AIX UNIX kernel, LVM and file

system concepts.

. Experience in installation, configuration, tuning, security, backup,

recovery and upgrades of IBM AIX on P-series servers.

. Extensive knowledge in installing AIX in LPAR environment on P-Series


. Experience in installation and configuration of Virtual I/O Server (VIOS

1.5. x & on LPARs.

. Expertise in doing NIM Installation on P-series servers for AIX

5.2/5.3/6.1 Operating Systems.

. Assist with architecture and design of LPARs, micropartioning,

capped/uncapped resources, etc

. Experience in implementations using advanced AIX features such as DLPAR,

memory and processor pools, VIO, etherchannel/link aggregation, Live

partition mobility, Workload Partitioning, kernel tuning, etc.

. Troubleshooting, performance tuning and backup/recovery the AIX


. Expertise in Planning, Installation, Configuration and Maintenance of IBM

PowerHA V6.1.

. Configured HACMP 5.3 to monitor, Disaster recovery, detect and react to

failure events, allowing the system to stay available during random,

unexpected software problems and also configured to react to hundreds of

system events.

. Implementation of Apache and Oracle Web Server on IBM P-series servers

and its administration

. Migrated HACMP from 5.1 to 5.2 on IBM P595 servers on both development

and production servers.

. Implementation and Administration of DHCP, NFS and NIS on AIX and

automation of Jobs using crontab and scripts.

. Extensive experience in installing, upgrading, removing, verifying

packages using installp utility on AIX OS for P- series servers.

. Handling the multiple priorities of the conflicting performance

objectives of the different workloads and delivering the cost/time

effective solutions.

. Experienced in Tivoli Storage Management, Managing LVM and File systems,

SRC and Paging space management, restore and availability, Monitoring

System / Network Performance and Send mail administration.

. Knowledge on websphere administration, TIBCO administration and clear

case & clear quest.

. Installed EMC powerpath, EMC control center, EMC Navisphere and Veritas

command central on IBM P series Servers.

. 24X7 on-call production support and troubleshooting problems related to

IBM AIX P series servers like p670, p690, p520, p550, p570, p595, etc...

. Knowledge and experience on installing, configuring, troubleshooting

various components of DCE for AIX 5.3 OS.

. Experience on Sun hardware & software and used jump start on solaris 9 &

10 installation.

. Installed & configured Red Hat linux & SuSE linux for IBM P-Series

Servers and troubleshooting the LINUX OS issues.

. Used kickstart for installing Red Hat linux on various machines and

experience on Linux LVM & LVM2.

. Experience with upgrading and migrating linux systems and knowledge about

virtualization on RHEL.

. Installed HP Open View agent (Version 7.35, 7.37) on Windows and AIX

servers and also installed DCE to run the RPC.

. Installed Bind view on UNIX and windows server for our application.

. Installed IBM Rational Functional Tool (version 6.1.1) for our tester on

windows PC for the Application testing and also for improving the

performance of the application.

. Installed Control-M agent (Version to make the oracle and

application job automatic on both windows and UNIX servers and

troubleshoot the errors.

. Experience on Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM 5.0) on AIX and cluster server

(VCS) in Sun and Windows OS.

. Installed, maintain, and upgrade the Veritas Net backup (version 5.0, 6.0

and 6.5) on both UNIX and Windows Servers.

. Installed, configured and troubleshoot and upgraded HMC version for HMC.

. Wintel Tier 3 Team member tasked with administering and maintaining

corporate IBM server infrastructure.

. Installed and troubleshoot Oracle 10.2 installation on both windows and

UNIX servers.

. Skilled in replacement/repair/upgrade of software, hardware and firmware.

. Excellent knowledge in writing Shell Scripts (C, SHELL, PERL, KORN) to

make the jobs automatic.

. Experienced in managing LPAR & storage Area Networks SAN and Extensive

experience in TCP/IP networking.

. Deploy the Application code on QA and production environment which was

already test on Test, Training and development environments.

. Experience on administration, troubleshooting & windows user account

creation and maintenance for Wintel (window OS running on Intel Micro


. Knowledge on GPFS for high speed access to large volume of Application


. Experience working with Enteprise class SAN storage arrays, FC HBA

connectivity, etc.

. Working experience on .net framework, sql server 2000,,,

java scripts, oracle, Visual Source Safe, etc.

. Experience on Kintana, Remedy, Siebel, HP Service Desk 4.5 and Service-

now ticketing systems.

. Knowledge of ITIL concepts.

. Designed and hosted a website for a small IT consulting company.

. MCSD certified professional and also preparing for VIOS and HACMP


. Prepared various documents along with the screen shots for future

references and maintenance of all servers.

. Experience on AIX with db2, oracle databases for SAP environment and

troubleshoot database & application issues.

. Implementation and Administration of Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000,

Windows 2003 and its services like: DHCP, DNS, WINS, VPN, Terminal

Services, RAS, Active Directory, Group Policy, IIS etc.

Operating IBM AIX (6.0/5.x/4.x), Linux 4.x/5.x, Windows 2000/NT/4.0,

Systems Sun Solaris7/8/9/10, HP-UX11.x

Hardware IBM P-series servers (590,570,550,650/640/630/M80), IBM

RS/6000, SUN E-3000, E-4000, HP 9000/750

Databases Oracle 7.x/8.0/9i/10g, DB2, MS SQL SERVER 7.0/2000/2005

Networking TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, and Cisco Routers/Switches.

Tools Active Directory, Veritas NetBackup, Veritas Volume Manager,

Veritas Volume Replicator, NAS, Shell scripting, Visual

Source, safe, Rational Clear case, clear quest, etc

Storage DS8100, DS6000, Brocade, McDATA, NetApp Filers, EMC

Symmetrix DMX 3000, IBM 3584, Hitachi 9507V, Cisco Switch

MDS-9509, SCALAR ADIC Tape Libraries.


Capgemini, Phoenix, AZ

Jun 2010 - till date

Team Lead - 24/7 Environments

. Installation and configuration of AIX Operating System 6.1 on IBM P750 P-

series & HS 22 blade server for new build using NIM server for 27 LPARs

for SAP environment

. Build new NIM server for Dev & QA and another NIM server for Production

environment and admin over 1300+ servers.

. Done Live Partition Mobility on POWER6 servers that allows a running LPAR

to be relocated from one system to another which is similar to VMware


. Created LPAR on P750 and installed AIX 6.1 on IBM blade servers.

. Migrated AIX 5.3 to AIX 6.1 on over 30 servers using NIM server.

. Experience on system configuration, troubleshooting and performance

tuning on os level.

. Upgraded the sddpcm mpio on bunch of server and migrated from sddpcm

mpio to RDAC on few AIX servers

. Installed Red Hat Linux on hp blade and also added some memory cards.

. Upgrading the AIX 6.1 TL 01 to TL04 & SP 03 on the development, test, QA

and production servers.

. Installed, configured and troubleshoot PowerHA 6.1 and also upgrade to

the service pack 2 on three 2node cluster.

. Migrated HACMP 5.4 to PowerHA 6.1 on the existing 2 node clusters.

. Document the cluster testing with & without process monitoring for SAP


. Upgraded the VIOS from fixpack11.1 to fixpack 24 using

NIM server on dual VIOS environment.

. Upgraded HMC from various older version to &

. Upgraded the firmware on various servers to the current release on IBM p

series servers using HMC

. Allocate the LUN from IBM XIV storage and mapped them to newly created

LPARs and dual VIOS servers and also increase the LUN size for filesystems

growth & also took snapshot on storage level.

. Upgraded to EMC powerpath from 4.5 to 5.3 on Dev, QA & Production servers

for VIOS migration.

. Configure all the unix servers for Legato backup and have a dedicated

static route for backup IP address to take backup.

. Use to take mksysb, backupios for vios backup and also backup using TSM

before doing any upgrades.

. Experience on Nagios monitoring tool for alerting the issue on the

servers and also the System Administrators.

. Work on the tickets and updated / resolve the tickets with in the SLA and

guide the offshore team.

. Installed, Configured IBM DB2 8.2 as per the client Application


. Installed backup software EMC LEGATO NetWorker 7.5.3 client on multiple

AIX LPAR's for taking backup.

. Updated EMC Networker from 7.2.x to 7.5.x and installed on cluster

servers as well.

. Installed, configure and troubleshoot veritas Netbackup 6.5.2 on AIX and

also window servers.

. Document all the new changes with appropriate screen shots for future


. 24X7 on-call production support on production UNIX environment.

. Trained onshore and offshore junior system administrator.

. Develop, maintain and cultivate relationships with internal clients.

IBM, Minneapolis, MN

May 2010 - Jun 2010

UNIX / AIX System Admin - 24/7 Environments

. Installation and configuration of Operating System AIX 5.3 & 6.1 on IBM P-

series for new build using NIM.

. Upgrading the AIX 5.3 TL and migrated from AIX 5.3 to 6.1 tl04 on the

development, test, QA and production servers.

. Installed, configured windows server 2003 using GHOST image and

add/replace memory card on IBM x servers.

. Used Nagios monitoring tools and Remedy ticketing systems and installed

autosys for job automation.

. 24X7 on-call production support on production UNIX environment.

APS (Arizona Public Service), Phoenix, AZ

Dec 2007 - Apr 2010

Team Lead for UNIX / AIX System Admin - 24/7 Environments

. Installation and configuration of Operating System AIX 5.3 & 6.1 on IBM P-

series for new build using NIM.

. Administration for the user accounts on windows and UNIX servers (AIX

5.3/6.1, SUN Solaris 8/9/10) over 300 users on 127 servers.

. Upgrade the firmware and also the memory to secure and to improve the


. Installation and configuration of oracle RAC 10.2g on test, QA boxes and

also in production boxes on windows and unix servers.

. Upgraded the HP OVO 7.35 from 7.14 and using alarm point for call out the


. Installation and configuration of Oracle Application Servers (OAS) 10.1.3

and also upgrade the patches on quarterly basis on test, QA boxes and also

in production boxes on windows and UNIX servers.

. Good knowledge and experience on LPAR, Micro Partioning, LVM, et.c

. Experience on system configuration, troubleshooting and performance

tuning on os level

. Installed veritas netbackup 5.1 on development, test, QA and production

servers on windows and UNIX servers and planning to upgrade to version 6.5

in the near future.

. Worked on taking backup's using master and media servers and validate

them on windows 2003 servers, AIX 5.3 p series servers and also in sun

solaris severs.

. Experience on Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM 5.0) on AIX and cluster server

(VCS) in Sun and Windows OS.

. System Administration on Linux 4.x/5.x. Migration and System deployment

through kickstart.

. Calculated the storage space for the file systems and also for the

netbackup storage.

. Experience on administration for VMWare ESX servers.

. Working on NetApp Filers (NAS) for the new build and taking care of the

existing IBM storages (DS4200 & DS 8000) and planning to move from SAN to

NAS completely.

. Experience on HACMP 5.4 and system supervision cluster software, which is

similar to IBM HACMP.

. Supporting VMware on windows and working with VIOS on IBM P series


. Write script for operational and performance test for the new environment

on unix and windows environment and also for taking mksysb on all the

clients from NIM server.

. Performance analysis using nmon analyzer, vmstat, iostat, topas and

tuning using commands like vmo, ioo, filemon, etc.

. Using HPSD (HP Service Desk) and Seibel for ticket systems & Supporting

the 24*7 production servers on call rotation basis (three weeks once)

. Training couple of internship/fulltime employee on AIX UNIX


GE-GIS [Oil & Gas], Alpharetta, GA

Aug 2006 - Nov 2007

Sr. AIX System Admin - 24/7 Environments

Genpact, Cincinnati, OH

Nov 2005 - Aug 2006

AIX System Administrator - 24/7 Environments

SunGard Higher Education, Maitland, FL

Sep 2003 - Jul 2005

UNIX Administrator - 24/7 Environments

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Minneapolis, MN

Nov 2002 - Aug


AIX/windows Administrator - 24/7 Environments

TATA Consulting Service, Chennai, INDIA

Jan 2000 - Sep 2002

System Administrator - 24/7 Environments


Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering (B.E)

Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (D.E.E.E)


Microsoft Certified Solution Developer [MCSD]

IBM Certified System Administrator - AIX 6.1

IBM Certified Systems Expert - Virtualization Technical Support for AIX and


IBM Certified Systems Expert - High Availability for AIX Technical Support

and Administration

ITIL V3 Foundation - In progress

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