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Manager Project

Damascus, Maryland, 20872, United States
March 24, 2011

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Job Information: Research/Writer/Editor

Duty Location: Bethesda, Maryland

Personal Information: Shi V. Faust

Mobile Number: 316-***-****

Address: ***** ******* *****/ ** *****

E-mail Address:

Country of Citizenship : United States of America


Baker University/Wichita, Kansas 67226/Graduated December-2003/Bachelor of

Science in Business Management

Wichita State University/Wichita, Kansas 67260/Graduated December-

2005/Master's in Public Administration


. Experience preparing scientific reports.

. Proficiency conducting fact finding analysis to interpret and organize

data, while coordinating projects to meet the established needs of the


. Proficiency conducting research by interviewing subject matter experts,

and obtaining information from research journals and substantive online


. Experience researching, reviewing, analyzing, interpreting, organizing

and drafting materials for dissemination to a public audience.

. Proficiency developing language for scientific and technical documents,

including speeches, summaries, reports, articles, newsletters, talking

points, brochures, factsheets, public service announcements and press


. Experience extracting critical information and condensing the

information into user-friendly communication materials.

. Experience imparting information, utilizing graphs, charts, statistics,

polls and reports with a special skill at translating technical,

complex language into easily understood facts.

. Exceptional proofreading, fact-checking, and research skills.

. Collaborated with subject matter experts to obtain background research

and presented scientific and technical information clearly and


Prince George's Community College

September 2010 until March 2011


Experience obtained writing speeches, newsletters, talking points, op-eds,

editorials and media collateral for publication venues. Experience obtained

writing speeches that carry high visibility and high priority, explaining

and interpreting a variety of complex policies, programs, issues and

activities. Experience obtained writing speeches involving policy

pronouncements carrying significant weight. Responsible for writing and

preparing major publications such as the annual report disseminated to a

wide public audience. Experience obtained writing policy reports, annual

reports, advertisements and other materials for internal and external

publication venues. Writes and edits materials according to the dictates of

subject matter experts in the higher education. Demonstrate an exceptional

ability of proofreading, fact checking, and conducting research. Experience

obtained writing for an executive leadership team/president of the college.

Vigil Magazine

November 2008 until August 2010


Obtained experience generating story ideas, while conducting background

research on the stories and articles written for inclusion in monthly

publication. Writes and edits materials according to the dictates of

subject matter experts in the communications arena. Writes and edits

materials to appeal to public audience, with an ability to incorporate

captivating headlines and main texts in the written materials. Primary

responsibilities include writing cover stories and feature articles for

national magazine. Obtained experience editing hard copy of electronic

files, and performing online reviews of edited materials and inputting

corrections as needed. Demonstrate an ability to work efficiently on

simultaneous projects with deadline requirements in effect. Demonstrate

proficiency reviewing and critically analyzing online web content.

Experience working closely with production and design teams to publish

content deliverables.

Headquarters for Oletha Faust-Goudeau Senatorial Campaign

April 2008 until November 2008

Press Secretary

Developed and edited speeches and a wide range of other written materials

for internal and public sector communication venues, including talking

points, reports and brochure copies. Developed press releases and other

media deliverables, for print and electronic publication venues; within a

deadline driven context. Obtained experience writing for a senior official

titled, Senator. Attended public events and captured the written account of

what transpired. Obtained experience performing proactive media outreach

initiatives, while generating positive media coverage in various newspaper

publication venues. Utilized a variety of analytical techniques to assess

program operations, and made recommendations on ways to improve program

results. Experience preparing backgrounders, talking points and support

for campaign team.

Kansas Department of Health and Environment

July 2006 until June 2007

Governor's Fellow

Experience developing and producing communications materials such as press

releases, speeches, fact sheets, public service announcements, reports and

newsletters for electronic and media publication venues. Developed written

materials electronic and print required in supporting public health

advocacy campaigns. Experience working in a variety of styles and formats,

including web content, issue advertising, brochures, newsletters,

presentations, and issue backgrounders. Expertise editing the work of

other writers, to enable cohesive voice in the overall written products

developed, upon completion. Experience participating in cross-functional

teams, interviewing project/program managers, and writing and revising

documentation as required. Educational materials written and edited for

print, and electronic format and venues. Prepared communication plans to

meet specific objectives, and then develop such information vehicles as

news releases, fact sheets, brochures and graphic presentations.

Identified and analyzed policy regulations, and/or standards covering

portions of an organization's programs, activities or functions.

Demonstrated the skill level required in coordinating the production of

print, electronic, and multi-media products.

Wichita State University

August 2005 until December 2005

Co-investigator/Graduate Assistant

Served as co-investigator of an applied survey, research project, sponsored

by the Unified School District 259 titled, Engaging the Community in

Strategic Public Education Decisions. Measurable outcomes were obtained

through direct participation in the project coordination efforts involving

research design, questionnaire construction, data coding and data analysis.

The research engaged more than 5,500 registered voters, while impacting

approximately 45,000 school children, and was designed to provide policy

guidance on decisions related investments in public education. Worked

diligently with stakeholders to develop and pitch key messages. The

investments were designed to improve overall scholastic performance.

Obtained experience with preparing analytical reports, position reports as

well as designing and conducting policy studies and surveys. Obtained

experience organizing and reporting research results clearly and

effectively in a narrative and graphical form. Maintained rapport with

school executives, community leaders and citizens throughout the process

and continued to serve as information link.

Resume Cartel

January 2004 until August 2005


Developed creative advertising promotions for the services provided by

Resume Cartel. Demonstrated ability to produce and present analytical data

for print and electronic media on the company's website. Created and

produced all business communication materials, including brochures,

business cards, flyers and the company's website. Custom made resumes and

cover letters for clients according to diverse employment sector. Heavily

involved in all marketing, brand awareness, and public relations

activities, and developed new strategies to carve out and build market

niche. Managed administrative and financial transactions to ensure

quarterly goals were consistently met.

Bank of America

February 1998 until December 2003

Customer Care Correspondent

Developed correspondence sent to various establishments and businesses

throughout the entire United States of America. Developed a series of

letters converted into templates titled, the general apology letter, the

merchant letter, the merchant-hold apology letter, the consumer-reporting

agency letter, chex systems-restoration plea letter and the account-paid-in-

full letter that were disseminated throughout the country. All of the

letters served as an innovative solution to difficult and complex problems

encountered within the banking realm, and helped to streamline cost while

minimizing time.

Areas of Proficiency and Expertise

Microsoft Office Suite HTML Authoring/Dreamweaver

Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint Reference Manager

Microsoft Access VISIO/Desktop Publishing

Adobe Acrobat VoteBuilder Software

SPSS and SAS Adobe Illustrator


Recipient of the 2005-2006 Hugo Wall School of Urban and Public Affairs


Recipient of the 2005-2006 Hugo Wall School of Urban and Public Affairs


2006-2007 Governor's Fellow for the State of Kansas

Authored the Report Card on the Health of Kansas

Contributing Writer to the Kansas Tax Incidence Study

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