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Engineer Software

La Jolla, California, 92037, United States
March 19, 2011

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Asif Grushkevich

Address : **** ******** *****, ** *****, CA, 92037

Mobile : 858-***-****

Email :


To leverage my embedded software, wireless protocols (Bluetooth and WLAN) and power

management background in a fast paced company to build the next generation of smart mobile



Programming Languages : C, C++, ASM (ARM)

Embedded Programming : Device Drivers, BSP, RTOS

RTOS : ThreadX, pSos, AMEX, VxWorks

Processor and Microcontroller : ARM7TDMI, CORTEX CM3, Motorola ColdFire

Experience in developing and debugging Wireless protocols in embedded environment. Using

the JTAG debuggers (Luaterbach, GreenHills probe, ARM RealView), air sniffer, serial sniffer,

scopes and logic analyzers.


Currently Working at SMSC who acquired the startup Symwave at Nov’ 2010.

Principle Software engineer – Symwave Inc:

Developing a USB3 - SATA Bridge.

Core Responsibilities:

Managing projects (USB3-SATA bridges), that includes support for RAID0, RAID1 and

JBOD (for WD, Seagate, LaCie and SanDisk). This work includes receiving customer

requirements, defining the work for the engineering team, and follow up the project till the

project is completed.

Developing embedded s/w for the bridge.

Developing low level drivers for the device peripherals (processor Motorla Cold-Fire).

Reduced code complexity by designing and implementing generic infrastructure to

support complex customer requirements.

Power Management.

Develop proprietary RTOS.

Implement SCSI Commands.

2003 July – 2009 December:

Senior Staff Software engineer – Broadcom Corp.

Strong experience with Bluetooth chips for mobile devices. Beside the ongoing the development

work, I was involved in integrating the Bluetooth chip for different cell phone manufactures

such as Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Apple. In addition, I developed the Power

Management in the BT chips.

Core Responsibilities:

BSP (ARM7 and CM3). HCI, UART Transport. AFH- Channel Classification.

Coexistence with WLAN.

Power Management Unit,.

RTOS porting + RTOS abstraction layer (ThreadX).

Develop device drivers for other peripherals in the device. Port the code for several

platforms such as ARM7 and CM3.

2000 April-2003 July:

Software engineer- Mobilian Corportation, embedded software group.

Developing a SOC for a Combo Bluetooth-WLAN device.

Core Responsibilities:

Debugging Wireless LAN protocol software (Management, RX and Host Interface


Developing the Host Interface Tasks for Bluetooth (HCI over UART and PCI) and

Wireless LAN (PCI), integration between H/W and S/W.

Developing the BSP of the system, porting of Real Time OS (AMX), and writing drivers

for all the system peripherals (UART’s, DMA, timers, interrupt controller etc’). The system

used an ARM 7TDMI processor programmed in both C and assembler, with a Lauterbach for in-

system debugging.

1999 June-2000 April:

Software Engineer - Motorola Communication Israel, Mobile Radio Department.

Developing s/w for mobile embedded system with mobile Internet communication, including a

RF modem, GPS and web server. Coding in C and C++ on pSos operating system using SDS

debugger on M-Core (RISK) processor.

1997 - 1998: System Engineer - Kulicke & Soffa, Israel

Responsibilities included system engineering for a manual wire bonder, engineering manager of

a multidisciplinary project, management of a customer support group and application group, as

well as integration between the various disciplines (S/W, H/W and mechanical).


Course College/University Year

BSC Technion, Israeli Institute for


(Mechanical Engineering) Technology, Haifa, Israel

MSC Technion, Israeli Institute for


(Mechanical Engineering) Technology, Haifa, Israel

BSC Computer Engineering, Technion, Israeli Institute for


complete all the requirements Technology, Haifa, Israel


Nationality : Israeli (holding an American Green Card)

Languages Known : English, Hebrew

Patents : More than ten issued and pending patents in Wireless systems. Can

provide details if required.

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