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Sql Server Sales

Mcallen, Texas, 78503, United States
March 19, 2011

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Jean-Pierre Dareys

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As this resume will outline, I have twenty years of experience in the field

of Computers, Software Engineering and using Relational Database Management


Sybase has been my specialty and I have operated in a variety of roles:

designer, developer, administrator, instructor, support engineer, pre and

post sales resource as well as consultant.


A challenging position in the field of IT within a leading edge firm which

will provide the opportunity for technical growth, career advancement and



Sybase Replication Server Administrator 12.5 (07/02/03)

Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise Administrator 12.5 (07/19/02).

New York University - Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science 1987

Lyc e Fran ais de New York - International Baccalaureate 1981


Sybase 11.x Administration - 2003-03-03 Brainbench

MS SQL Server 6.5 Administration - 2003-03-04 Brainbench

MS SQL Server 6.5 Programming - 2003-03-04 Brainbench

RDBMS Concepts - 2003-03-06 Brainbench

SQL Server 11: Performance/Tuning - 1997-07-30 Sybase

ASE 11.5 Server Admin - Asso. - 1996-10-01 Sybase

ASE 11.5 Server Admin - Prof . - 2000-04-20 Sybase

Sybase Certified Instructor - 1997-09-26 Sybase

Sybase ASE 12.0 Administrator Asso. - 2001-03-02 Sybase

Sybase ASE 12.0 Administrator Prof. - 2001-03-02 Sybase

Sybase ASE Administrator - v. 12.5 - 2002-07-19 Sybase

Sybase Replication Server Admin 12.5 - 2003-07-02 Sybase


Fluent in English, Spanish and French. Basic understanding of Portuguese.



C, DCL, Pascal, PL-1, Prolog, 8088 Assembler, Basic, UNIX Shells (K-Shell,



IBM family of computers running Windows (2000, NT 4.0 SP 6a, XP, Vista)

Sun family of computers running UNIX (Sun OS)

HP family of computers running UNIX (HP-UX)

IBM family of computers running AIX (AIX)

DEC VAX family of computers running VMS (up to version 5.4)

DEC VAX family of computers running UNIX (BSD)

DECSYSTEM-2060 running TOPS-20

CDC CYBER 180/Model 830 running NOS 2.5.1


Sybase ASE 3.x, 4.x, 10.0, 11.0, 11.x, 12.0, 12.5,, 15.0.2

Sybase Replication Server 10.0, 11.0, 12.0

MS SQL Server 6.5



Macintosh: MacWrite, MacDraw, Mac Project, Excel, DEFT

DEC VAX : VMS VAXSET, VMS RTL and System Services, DEC Windows, Word

Perfect, DEFT, SA Companion

Windows: Microsoft Office


04/06 - Present (Client prospecting, business development and pre-sales


Prospecting of clients for the purpose of business development.

Conferences with the same to determine needs and potential solutions, setup

of prototype environments, demonstration of functionality and related pre-

sales activities, such as follow up of questions and potential issues.

Skills Upgrade to Sybase ASE 15.0.2 - Independent study and training at

Sybase, Inc. in Mexico City.

Suggestions for improvement to Sybase, Inc. Training materials by reporting

typographical errors, classroom Server setup issues and providing technical


Active participation in resolving technical issues on the Sybase Internet

Newsgroups (

Suggestions to improve the quality of Sybase, Inc. products by reporting

software problems to Technical Support (e.g. Case # 11440848).

Configured wireless networks, with or without encryption using Linksys and

2Wire products.

Setup, configuration and maintenance of Windows PCs and software related to

every day use as well as the corresponding third party software evaluation.

Upgrade to the latest Windows XP SP3, use of Windows Vista with SP1, use of

MacBook with multiples OSs loaded via emulation and use of Built-In UNIX



Participated in meetings to explore customer environment and requirements.

Setup test environments, demonstrated Sybase HA functionality, promoted the

product and endeavoured to sell consulting services for implementation.

04/04 - 04/06: JP Morgan Chase

As an Independent Consultant, was a member of the DBA team responsible for

the 24x7 production support of JP Morgan Chase's Sybase ASE and Replication

Server Systems supporting Private Banking and Investment Management.


Solved Sybase technical issues within the company, allowing operations to

be carried out 24x7.

During transitions, mentoring of new employees.

Architecture and maintenance of Heterogeneous, Distributed and Replicated

Systems. Specifically:

1. Studied an existing ASE Replication Server topology, involving

Standard Replication and Warm Standby Replication to Architect and

implement a plan to alter the topology with the objective of

minimizing the number of intermediate Replication Servers and

improving performance by decreasing latency.

2. Participated in the design and implementation of Warm Standby

Replication of ASE Servers with the purpose of providing disaster

recovery sites for the JPMChase s Private Banking ASE data servers.

3. Participated in the design and implementation of ASE Replication

schemes to distribute JPMChase s Investment Management financial

information to sites Worldwide such as New York, London and Hong Kong.

Management of client resources.

08/02 - 11/03: Moody's Investors Service

As an Independent Consultant, was a member of the team responsible for

processes related to a subset of the Structured Finance pages of the Web site. Specifically, was responsible for the Performance

and tuning of slow running stored procedures and T-SQL queries.


Exponential performance improvement in the use of the Structured Finance

pages of the Web Site.

04/92 - 07/02: Sybase, Inc.

As a Certified Sybase Instructor (01/97-07/02), taught Sybase course

materials at Learning Centers throughout North America. Designed curricula

for custom deliveries and participated in the creation of CSP Certification

exams. Mentored less experienced instructors. Assisted in the day to day

management of the New York Learning center during the transition period

between Operations Managers. Lectured at International Conferences (Sybase

Techwave 2000, 2001)


Improved the quality of Sybase software and training materials by reporting

problems and issues to Technical Support and Curriculum Development. In

certain cases, provided suggestions for improvements and/or actual


Assisted in the day to day management of the New York Learning center

during the transition period between Operations Managers.

Delivered training in several countries in NorthAmerica and lectured at

International Conferences (Sybase Techwave 2000, 2001)

Instructor Award for above and beyond service related to the September 11th

2001 terrorist attacks in NYC (Q2 2002)

List of courses taught (in learning centers and at client sites):

Introduction to SQL

Fast Track to ASE

System Administration for ASE

Advanced Administration and Troubleshooting ASE

Performance and Tuning: ASE Query Optimizer

Performance and Tuning : Configuring ASE

Powering up with ASE

Fast Track to Replication Server

Warm Standby with Replication Server

Advanced Transact SQL Techniques

High Availability for ASE.

As a Senior Consultant (04/92 - 12/96), conducted engagements which

required a variety of skills such as requirements analysis, logical and

physical database design, software development, database administration,

performance monitoring and tuning, stored procedure coding and tuning,

system installation/upgrade/troubleshooting, setting up proof of concept


third party software evaluation, managing local resources, participating in

pre and post sales calls and writing proposals.


Management of client resources.

Adapting to difficult, changing, ambiguous situations and clients of all

industries and in geographically diverse and distant locations.

Learning new technology quickly.

Solving all types of problems, including those initially not related to the

specific project or technology.

10/89 - 01/92: Associated Press

Participated in the analysis, design and implementation of the Associated

Press' Financial Markets Reporting System.

As a Developer (10/89-01/92), assignments included the Design of relational

databases (e.g. Mutual Funds) based on interviews with users, analysis of

previous production system, as well as output and operational needs.

Development of database load/conversion programs to initialize the Sybase

market database system with financial information from the previously

existing production system using C/DB-Library. Coding of typesetter-

readable financial reports for distribution to newspaper members.


Database design and coding of asynchronous communication programs.

As a DBA (12/89 - 07/91), was a member of the team responsible for the

installation, support and administration of the project's development,

integration, and production SQL Server environments.


Design and coding of a program to automatically and periodically check logs

and send email to the administrator in the event of problems.

09/87 - 10/89: New York University

Participated in the analysis, design and implementation of the Bursar,

Registration and Personnel Database Systems using VMS, VAX C, and the

INGRES RDBMS (Version 5.0).


Design and coding of programs to find and correct integrity problems in the


Participated in training sessions and provided continuous application

support to end-users.

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