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System Team Leader

110064, India
March 19, 2011

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CA-*** D, IInd Floor, Janta Flat

Hari Nagr, Delhi-110064





To learn and grow in all aspects and challenging growth oriented positions,

where my technical skills can be effectively utilized and improved,

eventually leading to the contribution to the organization .

Work experience and Achievements

Joined New Delhi Television Limited.(NDTV) January'2005 as Transmission

Assistance Seeing my performance over the years I have been Promoted to

Transmission controller and also given independent charge in different


On Jan 2010 I have been chosen as Best Performer under Reward and

Recognition Scheme.

Sahara India Media and Entertainment Networks

January'03 till January'05

Worked as (AJW-I) Ingest Department Sahara India Media and Entertainment

Networks from Jan'03 to Jan' 05.

Handling of the OMNIBUS Automation System.

Ingesting of the VSAT & Bureau Feeds coming across the country through the

Omnibus Lines Feed Application.

Handling and Co-coordinating the Outdoor Broadcast Vans (OB's) in recording

the Live Feeds.

Experience in coordinating International Feeds coming through Globecast,


Responsible for transferring Video/ Audio source from tapes through VTR

(Beta, DVC-Pro, DV-CAM) to Server,Media Management done through the Omnibus

Filer Application, LMCP, LRP.

Handling Station Automation system & Monitoring

Decision making in case of On-Air transmission failures and being a

effective team leader and ensuring the team works in a cordial environment.

Handling of the OMNIBUS Automation System for all the News channels viz.

NDTV India, NDTV 24x7, NDTV Profit, NDTV Arabia, NDTV BSKYB and NDTV

Metronation .

Handling of the ITX Automation System for NDTV Good Times and NDTV Good

Times US.

Monitoring broadcast quality of live and taped television programs,

ensuring programs are within technical parameters.

Reporting faults and abnormalities in transmission.

Coordinating multiple incoming signals (studios, satellite feeds from

bureaus/content providers and OB Vans).

Technical Skills:

I am computer savvy & a quick learner of new technologies.

Hands on experience to complete operations of the software called Omnibus &

Columbus, on which NDTV runs its complete operations.

Well verse in English& Hindi language.

Operational knowledge of [Avid News cutter]

Coordinating between Desk and PCR for all Live OB's and bureau Feeds .


B.A. (hons.) from Shri Venkateshwara College, University of Delhi

Professional Qualification

Done Windows Base Computer Course from APTECH, Rajouri Garden, New

Delhi.Windows95, Word Perfect, MS-Office& Basic.


Self motivated, enthusiastic and hard working. Ready to be in-sync to the

demands of technology in the face of fast changing media environment.

Personal Information

Father's name : Sh. Som Parkash Madan

Date of birth : 27th July 1978

Marital status : Married

Nationality : Indian


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