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Customer Service Administrative Assistant

San Pablo, California, 94806, United States
March 20, 2011

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GLENNISHA GABRIEL Cashier & Customer Service Specialist

**** ********* **. #* ******** Service Cash Register Administrative Duties

Richmond, CA 94806


To obtain a position in a diverse environment where I can utilize my

Cell: 510-***-****

customer service and communication skills as well as broaden my experience.

Key Skills

Career Snapshot

World Class Customer Very Good at multi

Over 8 years of

Service tasking

customer service

experience. Troubleshooting/ Problem Very Fast Learner


Ability to type over Excellent at following

65 words per minute Excellent Attention to Detail directions

as well as lift over 60

Professional Experience


DAL GLOBAL SERVICES Ramp Agent, 10/2007 4/2008 & 6/2010

Proficient in MS

Oakland, CA – Present

Word, Office, Excel

and Power Point, as

I currently work at the Oakland Airport

well as photo editing

as a Ramp Agent, Load Coordinator,


and Push Back Driver. I also load cargo

& baggage, and clean and service

Ability to learn

aircrafts. I enjoy working here.

quickly and

immediately apply new


WAL MART San Cashier, Customer Service Rep., 2/2007

Ability to work Leandro, CA 6/2007 & 12/2008 2010

effectively and pay

I worked at a register as a cashier and,

excellent attention to

also at the Customer Service desk

detail in a fast paced

cashing checks, sending and receiving

work environment.

Money Grams, and processing

Variety of customer’s returns and exchanges.

experience including

stocking, data entry,

phone, retail, shipping ATA Airlines Oakland, Administrative Assistant, 6/2007 4/2008

and loading. CA

Awards I worked under the supervision of the

station manager, preparing payroll,

“Ace Card” received for

ordering supplies, setting appointments

outstanding Customer

and hiring new employees.

Services in 2008.

First shift Employee of the

FINISHLINE Hayward, Cashier, Visual Merchandiser, 2006 –

Month at Wal Mart,

CA 2007

December 2009.

At Finish Line, I worked as a Lead

Computer Skills

Cashier, as well as a stock room

Word, Excel, PowerPoint,

associate when we were understaffed. I

Outlook, Photoshop.

would also come in to maintain the store


Mission Statement


Strive to exceed customer/

employer expectations by ACADEMY OF ART UNIVERSITY San Francisco, CA

delivering second to none

Obtaining a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Web Design, Current

service, always putting the

customer first. BERKELEY CITY COLLEGE Berkeley, CA

Associate of Arts (AA) in General Education, 2009


Alicia Gabriel, Preschool Teacher at YMCA of the East Bay 510-***-****

Yvonne Smith, Site Director at YMCA of the East Bay 925-***-****

Renee Deprue, Ramp Supervisor at DAL Global Services 510-***-****

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