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Quality Assurance Management

7728, United States
March 26, 2011

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Perry C. Smith

* **** *****, ********, ** *****

Home office: 732-***-**** Cell: 732-***-****


Summary of Qualifications

Accomplished software engineering executive and architect with over 20

years of experience in developing enterprise software and more than 200

product releases shipped during that time. Proven history of building

professional and highly productive development and quality assurance teams.

Extensive experience in creating scalable, n-tier, internet, client-

server, web, and SOA applications. Extensive experience in creating

applications offered via SaaS model as well as assuming responsibilities

for operations of those SaaS data centers. Extensive experience in

managing data center operations for applications created by development and

QA teams.

. Enthusiastic customer and sales-oriented business partner for

corporate leaders including emphasis on understanding business goals

and keeping engineering teams focused on clear path towards corporate


. Strong management and leadership experience with ability to motivate

and mentor individual contributors and managers to overcome

challenges, maximize productivity, and meet project deadlines.

. Knowledgeable in full product life cycle development including

functional requirements definition, architecture, technical design,

implementation, quality assurance, documentation, training, support,

and maintenance.

. Able to translate a detailed understanding of complex business and

technology issues to project requirements, company success, and

customer satisfaction.

. Excellent technical abilities in enterprise software architecture and

development using technologies and methodologies including Java, C#,

J2EE, and .NET. Newly acquiring experience in bringing applications

to the Microsoft cloud - Azure.

. Known for a contagious passion for technology, outstanding

communication and presentation skills, and as a strong motivational


. Self-motivated team player with strong problem solving, communication,

and customer interaction skills.

Professional Experience

Agilysys, Inc. 2005-2011

Vice President, Engineering Santa Barbara, CA

Agilysys acquired InfoGenesis in June

of 2007

InfoGenesis acquired e-Touch in August

of 2005

Agilysys develops and markets software for the hospitality market that

helps companies manage their guests' experience. Product line includes

best-in-class, enterprise point-of-sale (POS), self-service (formerly e-

Touch), property management (PMS), inventory and procurement, document

management, and hospitality analytics. As Vice President of Engineering,

responsibilities include product management, software design and

development, quality assurance, information development, and relationships

with integrated third parties. Leading the definition of the product

feature set, architecture, roadmap, development, test, and deployment of

the InfoGenesis, Eatec, Visual One, Guest 360, and DataMagine product line

offerings with the Agilysys Hospitality group. Applications built with

ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript/HTML/CSS, SQL Server, internally developed web

services exposed via a services oriented architecture, integration with

independent property management (PMS) systems, third party credit card

transaction processors, gift card systems.

. Responsible for fulfilling the development market-competitive roadmaps

for six distrinct product offerings from Agilysys including

InfoGenesis POS, InfoGenesis Self-Service, Eatec inventory and

procurement, Guest 360 PMS, Visual One (PMS plus golf, spa, sales and

catering, accounting, and retail POS), DataMagine document management,

plus an integrated reporting offering. Charged with taking each

product from its current architectural state and evolving them to all

be able to offered as SaaS and further, as cloud offerings. Manage

150+ engineers and capital expense budget according to annual company

EBITDA goals.

. Responsbile for InfoGenesis and Eatec data center operations including

offering four products as software-as-as-service as well as for the

security, reliability, maintenance of the data centers - especially

including fulfilling service level agreement commitments to Agilysys

customers. Efforts include obtaining PCI certification for POS data

center, migrating servers from a non-PCI data center to a new PCI data

center, consolidating Eatec and InfoGenesis data centers, as well as

creating and maintaining a disaster recovery plan.

. Reorganized and pushed to release InfoGenesis POS 4.x series product -

including a new configuration and reporting console, support for PCI

standards, and a new architecture for high-volume, enterprise

transaction processing and reporting.

. Architected new service oriented architecture component for multiple

Agilysys products that provides a framework for interaction with third

party interfaces including credit card, gift card, and EMV card

processing systems, loyalty systems, signature capture systems, and


. Released quarterly updates to InfoGenesis Self-Service offering

(formerly e-Touch) that places professional, enterprise content

management into administrators' hands as well as continues to redefine

a leadership position in ease-of-use in food and beverage self-service

order entry on behalf of managed food service and quick service


. Architected, designed, and implemented self-service interface for end-

users to support InfoGenesis Point-of-Sale gift card/cashless payment

solution. Release not only provides real value to InfoGenesis

customers, but also provides continuing proof that the e-Touch

acquisition was a significant addition to the product line and

engineering talent pool.

. Reorganized and reenergized the engineering staff to embrace product

management, adherence to product life cycle principles, and utilize

modern software development methodologies. Infused the development

staff with new talent that has led to a newly invigorated team.

. Leads M&A due diligence technical analysis for any hospitality

acquisition or partnering opportunities pursued by Agilysys

Hospitality Group. Was instrumental as the engineering leader during

M&A and due diligence processes in the sale of InfoGenesis to Agilysys

in the summer of 2007.

e-Touch International, LLC 2003-2005

Co-founder Princeton, NJ

Executive Vice President,


e-Touch was acquired by InfoGenesis in August of 2005

e-Touch International provided products and services that revolutionized

customer experience in ordering food, products, and services, while greatly

increasing revenue and profitability for hospitality businesses. As co-

founder and engineering lead, defined product feature set, architecture,

road-map, and led the development and deployment of e-Touch's product

offering, Slate eMenu-including the kiosk and web-based user site and web-

based administration site. Also implemented the company's web site.

Applications built with ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript, HTML, SQL Server,

internally developed web services, integration with independent POS

systems, and integration with third party credit card transaction


. Designed and implemented eMenu self-service order entry system

functioning simultaneously in kiosk and web mode in extremely short

period of time; implementation meets market requirements with highly

competitive and intuitive UI.

. Designed and implemented eMenu administration site.

. Met company's first installation/beta requirement on time and

supported successful beta process-resulting in closing business and

receipt of company's first order.

. Designed and implemented integration with third party point of sale

(POS) systems, credit card processors, and reporting services.

. Components and database designed, architected, and implemented to meet

enterprise, scalable, and high-volume requirements.

. Creating and fostering strong relationships with multi-faceted

partners and establishing high level of satisfaction from customers.

Micro Warehouse, Inc. 2003

Vice President, Web Development Lakewood, NJ

Led the development, deployment, and support of Micro Warehouse's high

volume e-commerce web site: Site built with ASP,

VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, SQL Server stored procedures, Microsoft

SiteServer, and LDAP. Site administration utilities built using both

ASP/VBScript and ASP.NET/C#.

. Delivered complete re-launch of the site in June of 2003.

. Followed re-launch with aggressive roll-out of several revenue-

enhancing features.

. Successful contribution in this role required extensive knowledge of

internet architecture, internet-enabled products and technologies, and

quality of service goals. In addition, cooperation and interaction

with Operations team towards the shared goal of providing a highly

available and optimally performing e-commerce site was critical.

KANA Software, Inc. 1999-2002

Vice President of Engineering Princeton, NJ and Manchester, NH

Provided engineering leadership for KANA's web-based eBusiness platform

development team and for products developed to this platform-most notably

internet-architected customer relationship management applications.

Coordinated 4 project teams in 3 locations through phases of requirements

definition, design specifications, project scheduling, implementation, unit

test and system test to successful completion and product roll-out.

Managed communications with counterpart in Redwood City, CA, office to

ensure engineers delivered high-quality product functionality aggressively

ahead of schedule.

. Directed 110-plus development and QA engineers creating new and enhanced

features of the KANA internet e-business architecture. Organized

engineering teams that delivered on customer commitments and new features

including support for the IBM J2EE application server, WebSphere, DB/2,

and AIX. Software includes the product formerly produced by Silknet

Software and now serves as the infrastructure and communication layer for

all KANA products. The eBusiness platform is an n-tier, J2EE-based

framework for the design, development, and deployment of web services and

sites in the realm of customer relationship management. It heavily

leverages Java, Enterprise Java Beans, JMS, JDBC, and JSP. The product

was designed and tested to be compatible on three platforms:

Solaris/Apache and Windows NT/IIS with Oracle 8i and BEA's WebLogic

application server as well as on AIX with DB2 and WebSphere.

. Led small development and QA team that delivered an updated release of

KANA's COM version of its e-business infrastructure product; this product

relied upon Microsoft internet technologies including IIS, DCOM, and ASP.

. Delivered on an aggressive integration plan with KANA's flagship product,

Response, bringing web-based I-Mail customer service feature to the

product. An important aspect of the quick and successful completion of

this product was to provide very timely validation to the market of KANA's

acquisition of Business Evolution, Inc.

. Business Evolution, Inc. acquired by Kana Software. Formed new 20-

engineer team for start-up Business Evolution in 3 months, supported bug

fix releases and prepared architectural and feature designs towards the

goal of re-crafting the company's web-based I-Mail software as fault-

tolerant, highly-scalable, and supporting redundancy-all requirements of

KANA's principal customers. Strategic deliverable ultimately was to

create an engineering team that would help make the company marketable-

this goal was achieved with the sale of Business Evolution to KANA in

December 1999.

Network Associates, Inc. (formerly 1992-1998

McAfee Assoc.)

Vice President of Engineering Santa Clara, CA and Tinton

Falls, NJ

Guided 150-plus development and QA engineers located in 5 sites, including

4 domestic sites (New Jersey, Texas, Virginia, California), and an

international site (Austria). Responsible for budget, staffing,

architecture, design, development and quality of Network Associates' server

and web-based anti-virus protection, firewall, network management, and help

desk products. The McAfee anti-virus products were implemented for the

following environments: Windows NT, NetWare 3.x-4.x, Microsoft Exchange,

Lotus Notes, Linux, Solaris, and HP/UX. Integrated with third party

firewalls, including CheckPoint's Firewall-1 and TIS' Gauntlet. Developed

home-grown firewall on Linux. Network management functionality included

help desk, asset management, software distribution, remote control, PC

diagnostics/repair, and software usage metering. Network management

supported platforms included Windows NT, NetWare 2.x-4.x, Windows 95,

Windows 3.x, OS/2, Macintosh, and DOS. In a start-up later acquired by

McAfee, was responsible for the full life-cycle management of the

aforementioned network management product line. In addition to engineering

management at the start-up, contributed significantly to the team's effort

by writing a substantial amount of code.

. Shipped 20 products in a 2-year period all on schedule and within


. Recruited and organized several new development teams in 5 locations

including an international site.

. Multi-site development teams were successful in large part due to

uniform processes applied to all sites-including extensive design

specification, prototyping, and phased quality assurance steps.

. Contributed significantly to the design and development of Network

Associates first Windows NT anti-virus product.

. Created the team and managed the architecture, design, development and

launch of the company's first Lotus Notes anti-virus product.

. Managed the design and development of Saber LAN Workstation 6.0-

delivering an integrated network management product that included

multiple feature sets such as inventory, metering, software

distribution and menuing to provide an extremely competitive offering,

plus enterprise-class infrastructure support as well-including support

for SQL Server, Oracle database, a COM/extensible management user

interface, and support for Windows NT (on top of NetWare). The

successful introduction of this product also served to validate to the

market McAfee's most strategic acquisition up until this point-Saber

Software of Dallas, TX.

. Coordinated the design and development of Network Associates Help Desk

offerings, including two significant releases that launched Network

Associates as a viable competitor in the space.

. Led the design and development of several major and minor releases of

Network Associates integrated and stand-alone network management

offerings, including SiteMeter 5.0-which was awarded Product of the

Year in 1995 by LAN Magazine.

. Brightwork Development, Inc. acquired by McAfee Associates in 1994.

Managed and coached the engineering staff of Brightwork Development,

Inc.; improved the products and matured the team to the point where

they were instrumental in enhancing the marketability of that start-up-

culminating in the sale of Brightwork to McAfee in 1994.

AT&T Bell Laboratories, Inc. 1981-1992

Member of the Technical Staff Middletown, NJ

Software design, development, and project leadership on networking

applications and cellular service provider software.

Technical Skills

. Languages: Java/JSP, C#, C/C++, JavaScript/HTML/CSS, T-SQL

. Integration Technologies: XML, SOAP, web services, SOA

. Microsoft development technologies: ASP.NET, AJAX, MVC

. Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL

. Operating Systems: Windows XP/Windows 7/Mac

Relevant Experience

Official Scorer, Inc. 2002-present

Founder Freehold, NJ

Designed, developed, and launched dynamic web site,,

providing a portal for amateur baseball and softball teams. Site includes

features such as customizable team home pages, photo gallery, roster,

schedule, broadcast news, season statistics, box scores, standings, leader

board and more. Technologies used were JSP, MySQL, Tomcat, Java, Java

Beans, JavaScript, and HTML to build an effective interactive site that has

attracted a significant and avid following. Business aspects of site

creation, feature enhancement, marketing, and customer relationships

continue to provide an enriching experience.

Espria, Inc. 2002-2003

Consultant West Windsor, NJ

Espria provides consulting and systems integration services to companies

looking to integrate their mobile employees into their enterprise

infrastructure. Responsibilities included design, development, and

technical evaluation of various mobile data integration alternatives for

Espria clients.

. Designed and implemented mobile sales force automation application

for the Pocket PC using two platforms: Visual Studio .NET 2003 and

Broadbeam's Mobile Solution System. The application communicates

with a SQL Server database via the 802.11b wireless LAN protocol or

a wired cradle.

. Performed competitive analysis between the Microsoft and Broadbeam

mobile development platforms; findings significantly influenced

Espria's customer towards a more competitive offering.


Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA

Masters of Engineering, Operations Research

University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI

Bachelors of Science, Business Administration

GPA: 3.75 out of 4.00. Summa Cum Laude. President of Beta Gamma Sigma

honor society.

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