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Customer Service Accounting

Phoenix, Arizona, 85022, United States
March 30, 2011

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Renae Penuel

***** *. **** ****** ***-***-


Phoenix, AZ 85022


I am sending my resume to express my interest for the Accounting/bookkeeping position with

your company. I possess the skills, qualifications, and att ributes to complete the tasks needed

and would be a valuable asset to your organization, if given the opportuni ty.

U pon review of my resume, you will see two breaks in service. The most recent break, which

began in 2006, was due to a family medical issue (now resolved), which was then followed by a

necessary relocation back to Phoenix. The other break in service (11/97–10/02) was to care for my

t wo babies, born 11/97 and 1/99.

The short & long-term goals for my future are to re-establish my career and find a workplace to

call home. I am experienced in all phases of accounting and have worked in several different

i ndustries. If there is a software program that I have not worked with, I am a very fast learner

w ho takes excellent notes, so as not to repeatedly ask the same questions.

Solid references can be provided from all of the companies listed or referenced on my resume. My

education consists of completion of the Accounting program at Hawaii Business College in

Honolulu, HA. This was a 66 credit program which focused primarily on bookkeeping and

accounting. The credit load is equivalent to an Associate’s Degree. I t’s not included on my

resume as it would have run into a 2nd page just to list this information.

FYI, the phone number listed with the (702) prefix is correct. I still have my cell number from

Vegas as I’ve had that number for so long. Please leave a message if there is no answer or

contact me via email at .

I look forward to speaking with you regarding my background and how I can be of assistance to

your company.


Renae Penuel

Renae Penuel

12231 N. 19th Street


Phoenix, AZ 85022

Summa ry of Qualifications

• 15+ years of experience in accounting and clerical work.

• Proficient in Quickbooks, Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook. Also learned and became proficient

w ith industry-specific software used by previous employers.

• Excellent communication, customer service, and people skills.

• Data entry skills of 50 wpm (typing) and 10,000+ kph (10-key). Will increase when done on an

everyday basis.

• Abili ty to work independently or in a team setting.

P rofessional Experience

Office Assistant, O lson CPA’s, PLLC, Phoenix, AZ ( Temp.- I committed to them thru tax season)


• Entered data into Quickbooks as well as into the tax software program.

• Processed returns completed by both CPA’s – this included reviewing for possible errors.

• Completed basic office tasks such as scanning and copying supporting documents, answering

p hones, scheduling appointments, etc.

P roject Administrator, Carter & Burgess, Inc., L as Vegas, NV


• Invoiced (progress billing) approx. 300 projects monthly for engineering services for the Survey and

L and Development Departments. Invoices ranged from $1,000.00-$250,000.00+. The project scale

was as small as an individual survey to a subdivision or commercial complex and as large as a

master-planned community.

• Set up projects in computer system. Projects were set up on a task by task basis. Each task

(service), such as retaining wall(s), monument t ie map(s), drainage certificate(s), etc., had i ts own


• Tracked, on spreadsheet, services completed against budgeted amounts. This was done with every

i nvoice.

• In teracted daily with Project Managers. I tems discussed included project set up clarification,

b illable t ime and expenses, as well as delinquent accounts (they were responsible for collection of


• Completed research and resolved any needed i tems.

Accounting Clerk or Full Charge Bookkeeper, Accountemps, L as Vegas, NV


• Invoiced receivables, posted payments, prepared deposits, maintained customer files, reconciled

accounts, and researched and resolved customer inquiries (A/R clerk).

• Reviewed and entered invoices, prepared and processed payable checks, monitored and reconciled

accounts, maintained vendor files, and researched and resolved discrepancies (A/P clerk).

• Entered and maintained employee files, calculated and processed paychecks, prepared quarterly

and year-end reports and forms (941’s & 1099’s), maintained PTO records, and handled benefit

enrollment (PR/HR clerk).

• Completed all of the above tasks when assignment was a Full Charge Bookkeeping position.

Staff Accountant, Joseph Zerga, L td ., L as Vegas, NV


• Completed the monthly bookkeeping for 10 companies which included A/R, A/P, PR, Banking, and


• Prepared the necessary monthly sales tax reports as well as quarterly and year-end payroll reports

and forms.

• Entered data of financial information for lit igation cases.

• Assisted CPA’s as needed especially during tax time.

Additional Experience

Account Clerk I I, Account Clerk I I I, Accountant I, C ity Of Phoenix Municipal Court, Phoenix, AZ


• Reconciled the daily fines and fees collected in the Traffic and Criminal Divisions (Reconciliation

Team-AC I I).

• Updated the accounting system for financial orders received from the court rooms (Update Team-

AC I I).

• Resolved discrepancies between the accounting and judicial computer systems (Problem Team-AC

I I I).

• Hi red, t rained, and managed a 5 member team in the A/R Dept. I assumed staff duties as needed

(Acct. I).

• Organized and ensured completion of various projects, the largest project was for the computer

system conversion (Acct. I). The new system combined the previously separate accounting and

j udicial systems.

I have also worked in a full charge bookkeeping capacity as an independent contractor on a few occasions. For

approx. 8 years, I worked as a food server for which great customer service and people skills were required to earn

a good living.

Renae Penuel

12231 N. 19th Street


Phoenix, AZ 85022

My salary history is as follows (as en employee):

Olson CPA’s - $12.00/hour – just to get my feet wet again

Carter & Burgess - $20.00/hour

Accountemps – $12.50-$16.00/hour depending on the assignment

Joseph Zerga L td. - $13.50/ hour – 1st job in Las Vegas

City of Phoenix – $16.50/hour

T hese positions also included benefits.

FC Bookkeeper positions (as an independent contractor):

Solar Printing and Graphics & Silverstate Printing & Mailing - $16.25

Las Vegas Rescue Mission - $21.50

Prior to now I’ve never needed insurance coverage as I was covered under my husband’s

policy – now that we are divorcing I will need insurance coverage for myself only.

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