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Physician Assistant Quality Control

Birmingham, Alabama, 35206, United States
March 31, 2011

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Sasha Morrison

*** **** ****** *****

Birmingham, AL 35206



to utilize my education, lab skills, and work experience in the medical

field to obtain a medical career, as to which the employer and myself be a

valuable asset to each other.


The University of North Alabama, Florence, AL.


Bachelor of Science with majors in professional Biology and bio pre-

professional medicine as well as a minor in Chemistry (Pre-Med).

Relevant Courses: Nutrition, Human Growth and Development,

Biochemistry, Cell. Biology, Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry,

Microbiology, Instrumental Analysis, Biological Literature

Lab Skills: Distillation and Titration, IR, NMR, Mass Spectroscopy,

Extraction, Crystallization, Filtration, Chromatography, Cell

Fractionation, SDS-Page gel Electrophoresis, Western Blotting, Aseptic

Technique, Gram Stain, Cultivation and Isolation of Bacteria, Scientific



Baxter International, Hoover, AL.


Biomedical Lab Technician

.Responsible for performing test on biological samples

.Ensure appropriate product and sample test are performed, completed,

and reported accurately and in a timely manner

.Responsible for identifying conditions that are out of speculation

from SOPs, directions, inserts, and manuals

.Perform preventative maintenance and trouble shooting on lab


.Responsible for review of testing quality control and other reports

for accuracy, completeness, and compliance to requirements to ensure

quality standards are met

.Involvement with 5s teams to accommodate the flow of the lab

.Performs all task in compliance with OSHA and FDA regulations

Acupuncture Clinic, Huntsville, AL.


Physician Assistant/ New Employee Trainer

.Trained and managed new employees on proper disposal of bio-hazardous

material and the safety precautions to maintain while doing so

.Aided the doctor by preparing the patient for their treatment, as

well as performing moxibustion, preparing shots, and providing acupuncture

units when necessary

.Managed check-out and scheduling of patients

.Ensured the patient was comfortable, and explained the purpose for

every procedure performed


Tri-Cities Allergy Clinic, Florence, AL

Summer 2002

Nurse Assistant

American Red Cross, Florence, AL.

Summer 2003

Secretary/ Phlebotomist assistant

Killen Medical Clinic, Killen, AL

Fall 2008

Shadowed Physician

Eliza Memorial Hospital, Florence, AL.

Fall 2008

Pre-Med Internship


Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Tecan Genesis and Tecan

Evolution Software


.Certified Yellowbelt trainer

.Annual certification in safety of bio-hazardous waste

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