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Project Manager Administrator

Beverly Hills, California, 90210, United States
April 01, 2011

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Summary of Qualifications

Highly motivated and results-oriented Management Professional possessing

exceptional communications skills. Demonstrated ability to streamline

operations to increase efficiency and company profit. Strong background in

new product development that enhances market share and revenue base. Solid

track record of consistently exceeding corporate goals through strategic

planning, business expansion, staff development and project execution.

Fluent in English, Romanian and Italian.

Technical Expertise

Hardware & Software: Microsoft SQL, Sun Workstations, Sun Server

4000/6000, PCs and EMC, Oracle 8i, 9i, Sybase Open Client,

ASE 11.x/12.x, 15, Sybase Replication Server 11.x/12.x, 15,

Warm Standby Replication, Sybmigrate, Open Switch 12x, SQL

Backtrack, Autosys, Bradmark, Sybase IQ Data Warehouse, SQL

2000, DB Artisan, Sybase Central, Enterprise Portal and


Network & OS: Unix (Solaris), SUSE Linux 2.4.21_138, HP-UX 11.i v2, AIX,

Hitachi Tagmastore USP-600, Windows 9x/NT, MS DOS and


Education and Professional Certifications

The College of Staten Island (CUNY) - New York, New York 1996

Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science with Minor in Business

Professional Certifications (All Through Sybase):

. (2000) Replication Server Administrator 12.5

. (2000) Fast Track to Replication Server Administrator

. (2000) Performance and Tuning: Configuring Adaptive Server Enterprise


. (2000) System and Database Administration: Adaptive Server Enterprise


. (2000) Performance and Tuning: Configuring Adaptive Server Enterprise


. (2000) System and Database Administration: Adaptive Server Enterprise


. (1999) Fast Track to Adaptive Server Enterprise

Professional Experience

IBM Global Services

April 2007 - Present

Senior Database Administrator - Lead

Working with Replication Server 15.0.1, Warm Standby, ASE 15.0.2; and all

upgrades from lower versions. Worked with sybmigrate tool to migrate from

a 2k logical page size to a 4k logical page size.

Worked with Microsoft SQL

CBS/Paramount - Los Angeles, California

January 2006 - April 2007

Senior Database Administrator - Lead

Worked with IQ Data Warehouse version 12.6 and ASE 12.5.3. Migrated from

Paramount Television environment to CBS Television. Monitoring, reporting

using IQ Surveillance, performing backups with SQL Backtrack. Worked with

heterogeneous replication from Sybase Replication 12.6 to Oracle using

Direct Connect.

State Street/PIMCO - Irvine, California

August 2005 - January 2006

Project Manager/Senior Database Administrator

Worked with Sybase version 12.5.3 and Replication 12.6, Replication Warm

Standby, performance and tuning.

Maintained and supported Sybase and Microsoft SQL environment for PIMCO.

Performed daily backups and disaster recovery, snapshots for reporting.

Data migration to Hitachi Tagmastore USP-600 for multiple servers: PIMCO,

Irvine and Munich.

Western Asset/Legg Mason -Pasadena, California

April 2005 - August 2005

Sybase Database Administrator - Lead

Worked with ASE Sybase versions, 12.5.3 and Replication 12.5,12.6.

Performed daily dumps and loads in production and development environment.

Supported 500 users, 24/7. Set up replication between Sybase 12.5. and

Oracle 9i. Set up and maintained Oracle databases. Provided on call

support, 24/7.

T.ROWE PRICE - Mount Laurel, New Jersey October 2002 - December 2004

Sybase Database Administrator - Lead

Challenged as Database Administrator for manufacturer of ESM Integrator

Remote service to optimize mission-critical systems for clients including

trading floors and insurance firms. Constructed servers and installed new

software patches according to priorities. Tuned SQL and queries while

upgrading client systems. Tested new EBF and ensured interfaces were

correct for server start. Synchronized databases and tracked systems using

ESM Integrator tool. Analyzed and collected data and worked daily with

clients to provide general system support.

. Successfully supported 50 client end-users through careful planning

and daily contact that met customer expectations while increasing

client satisfaction.

. Performed intensive replication of Sybase 12.5 and built and

maintained the replication servers.

. Saved company substantial time and money through quickly identifying

issues and resolving problems. This reduced need for staff that

drastically cut employee-related expenses.

. Fostered good client relationships that expedited problem resolution

through joint efforts.

American Express - Phoenix, Arizona February 2002 - October 2002

Sybase Database Administrator - Lead

Monitored and identified daily jobs and performed troubleshooting for large

credit-granting firm. Assembled training programs, instructed employees

and repaired corrupt databases. Built new ASE servers, upgraded ASE 11.5

to 11.9.2 and documented procedures. Worked with Microsoft SQL and Oracle

8i. Provided production support 24/7

. Performance-tuned Sybase servers and SQL that improved capabilities

and reliability by 50%.

. Automated dump-and-load jobs for client that eliminated manual

procedures and increased efficiency.

. Created paging systems that connected all DBAs with system alert that

greatly enhanced security.

Port of Los Angeles - Los Angeles, California September 2001 -

December 2001

Sybase Database Administrator - Consultant

Database Administrator for one of world's largest, busiest and most

successful seaports. Improved systems environment by tracking server

performance and developed archive database for storing old records.

. Resolved major issue affecting bulk insert for data transfer.

Identified incorrect command and network structure that solved

critical problem and drastically improved performance.

. Enhanced performance for existing databases and systems. Done through

changing parameters, designing new databases and documenting


AT&T Local Services - Los Angeles, California January 2001 - August


Senior Consultant - Sybase Database Administrator - Lead

Joined unparalleled leader in communications as Senior Consulting Database

Administrator. Built new servers and databases while interfacing with

clients on future plans and present functions. Prepared backup

environments and all supporting database and production environment


. Excelled in resolving complex problems and anticipating future

concerns that simplified technical processes and operations.

Sybase, Incorporated - New York, New York November 1999 - December 2000

Senior Consultant - Northeast Management Consulting Services

Chosen as Senior Consultant for provider of open-architecture enterprise

infrastructure, mobility and end-to-end vertical industry software.

Functioned as Project Manager and Database Administrator, leading teams in

installing and configuring Sybase infrastructure products. Tracked

progress against budgetary restrictions and contracts.

. Supported over 500 users through interfacing with user community and

providing on-call user technical expertise that increased workflow


. Served as ground-floor participant in portal project, providing secure

and personalized access to critical business information and

applications, legacy systems and online resources serving user


AT&T Local Services - Staten Island, New York & Dayton, New Jersey

December 1997 - November 1999

Sybase Database Administrator January 1999 - November 1999

Promoted to manage 10 DBAs in absence of management. Responsible for

global system monitoring and resolving database issues. Worked with Oracle

7i. Provided on call support 24/7.

. Ensured accuracy of jobs while maintaining online status for all

databases. Performed critical functions on short notice while

learning management skills that improved overall productivity.

MIS & Network Analyst - Lead December 1997 - January 1999

Served in multiple capacities, supervising new and existing workstations

while supporting users on software and hardware. Tested applications for

QA purposes, then documented and coordinated test results with vendors.

Monitored Sybase environment and cleared blocked processes. Backed up all

data on regular basis.

. Quickly responded to problems that led to reputation for expedient

issue resolution. This led to superior career opportunities while

satisfying company and co-workers.

Hokuriku Bank - New York, New York June 1996 - November 1997

AS/400 Computer Technician

Joined bank specializing in stock trading as AS/400 Computer Technician.

Worked on Global Banking System (GBS) while handling trading and loan

transaction information, transferring funds and reconciling daily reports.

. Gained expertise in Japanese management style that expedited

operations and pleased company managers.

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