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Engineer Design

39011, United States
March 31, 2011

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Calle Tres De Noviembre,*A,2A


Santander, Spain,30010


. Masters in Electrical Electronics and Communication Engineering with 5+

years of Antenna Design experience, good research qualities, efficient

quantitative and analytical skills and an exemplary academic record

. Strong Computer modeling, programming skills and excellent hands on

experience Designing different types of novel Antennas in VHF,UHF, L, Ku

and Ka Bands and using RF test equipment.

. Quality interpersonal, presentation & communication skills, ability to

work on projects individually as well as with a team.


HFSS, Ansoft Designer, CST Microwave Studio, AutoCAD, MathCAD, COM study

(Antenna Coverage Pattern), TICRA.


Antenna Design Engineer, TTI Norte, Santander,Spain,

Aug 2009 - Present

. Design of a dual branch PIFA Antenna for a mobile phone for

multibands (GSM 800 and 1800). Design of external matching network.

. Optimization of radiated performance including TRP/SAR for improved

user experience

. Investigation and designing including the mechanical aspects of

OmniDirectional Antennas (PIFA,IFA ) for VHF and Ku bands in the

stealth environment for applications in Car's and UAV's .

. Implementation of form factor reduction of IFA, PIFA using

Metamaterial concept.

. Implementation of Adaptive algorithm (Least Mean Squares) for Linear,

Planar, and Conformal Arrays in a mutually coupled environment for

Medium Earth Orbit Local User Terminal (MEOLUT) .

. Designed a Broadband Corrugated Horn Antenna for Ku band applications

. Designed a QuasiOptical Power Divider ( Cassegrain and Offset

Reflector Antennas ) for Family of Advanced Beyond Line-of-Sight

Terminals (FAB-T) Applications

. Designed an BroadBand Elements for a Phased Array systems with High

Cross Polarisation .

. Designed a Low Profile Dipole receiving Antenna for a Linear

Polarization for Family of Advanced Beyond Line-of-Sight Terminals

(FAB-T) Applications

Current Projects

. Antenna Engineering Manager for designing L Band Phased Array Antenna

for a Radar application for a Transmit mode operation .

. Mutual Coupling Compensation In Antenna Arrays

. Designing on OMT's and Filters for Ku Band Applications

Antenna Design Engineer, WaveBender, Inc.,Milpitas,CA

Aug2006- May 2009

Worked in a highly Competitive startup environment for development of

flat panel antenna systems

for terrestrial communications (cellular, WiMAXTM, 700MHz Off-Air, and

60GHz wireless backhaul), mobile video, two-way satellite, as well

as a number of military applications.

. Designing and Testing Slotted Waveguide Array, Microstrip antennas

and Array, Standing Wave, Travelling Wave, Antenna, Parabolic

Antennas, Phased array antennas and its Waveguide Components mainly

at the 1-30GHz band, using industry standard high-frequency simulation

tools such as HFSS, Ansoft designer, Matlab [codes].

. Extensive experience using advanced RF/microwave test equipment.

. Test and measurement of prototype and integrated product hardware

. Investigation of approaches, and design techniques to improve

performance and cost reduction

. Interface directly with team and support staff on issues relating to

design, layout, procurement, documentation, test and assembly

. Interface with vendors and internal departments on technical issues

related to product development

. Complete design and development tasks per agreed upon schedule

Completed Projects

. Worked on a innovative and cost effective Feed for the colocation of

Ka (18.3 GHz - 20.2 GHz) and Ku (12.2 GHz - 12.7 GHz) frequency bands

at the same satellite location (101 WL) and successfully integrating

with the existing Slimline Paraboic dish Antenna from DIRECTV so as

to form multiple beams and maintain high discrimination across a

single frequency band and multiple frequency bands

. Designed a Dual Polarized, Single Beam Antenna Array for a DBS market

in Ku Band

. Designed an Efficient Three Beam Single and Dual Polarized Antenna (

0 and +- 9 Degrees ) in Ku Band

. Worked on different Feeding techniques for Microstrip Patch for Ku

Band and its integration with Dedi ElementTM to provide a Phased Array


RF/Antenna Design Engineer, Systems with Reliability Inc., Ebensburg, PA

Aug 2004 - Aug 2006

. Finding new Locations, analyzing systems, optimizing system modifications

and system coverage for transmitter site taking into account multipath

and the effects of geofeatures and atmospherics an RF propagation for FM

and TV services

. Calculating protection, regulatory and in real world of terrain and

propose interfering systems becoming licensed.

. Designed and Testing of Low, Medium and High Power FM and dual input FM

Panel antenna (Analog and Digital transmitters) arrays for a single and

multichannel stations.

. Designed Directional FM and TV (UHF and VHF) antenna arrays in fractional

or full scale models to meet the specific elevation and azimuth pattern

requirements of a directional license issued by the Federal

Communications Commission or a foreign governmental agency.

. Designed and testing on Directional and Non directional Illumitron FM

antenna array, (Antennas with main lobe and virtually no side lobes)

using a precision Center fed or branch fed power divider and phase

matched arrays

. Designed, developing, and testing of Low, Medium and High power; single

and axial Traveling wave slot (Center fed and bottom fed) antennas

according to azimuth patterns provided by the directional license for

different(Side and Top) mounts in UHF and VHF bands and tuning the

array with VSWR better than 1.1:1 across the channel.

. Designed and testing of batwing antennas, NOAA ( Weather Antennas) and

cavity back resonators for different azimuth patterns.

. Designed of broadband single panel, double panel and corner reflector

antenna arrays for multichannel operations of UHF and VHF stations

according to the pattern requirements of the customer

. Designed and testing (Impedance matching ) of transmission line,

broadband power dividers (unequal and equal power distribution), filters

and feed systems using Broadband panel array, slots antennas and FM


Research and Graduate Projects, The George Washington University,

Washington DC Sept 2002 - May 2004

Range limited Antenna

Nov 2002 - May 2003

. Designed a linear dipole antenna array, impedance matrix and its element

patterns and developed its complex baseband response.

. Narrowband DOA estimation using Music, Root Music, Modified Piseranko and

Modified Root Piseranko algorithms for uncorrelated sources in presence

of mutual coupling

. Element Pattern Equalization techniques for a linear dipole antenna array

and its implementation to root algorithms in mutual coupling environment


MS, Electrical Electronics and Communication Engineering,

May 2004

The George Washington University, Washington DC.

BE, Instrumentation Engineering,

May 2001

VCET, Mumbai University, India.


Pertaining to Applied Mathematics:

Random Processes in Engineering, Computational techniques in Electrical


Pertaining to Communications:

Antenna Wave Propagation in Wireless medium, Communication theory.

Pertaining to Electromagnetism:

Antenna design, Remote sensing, Applied electromagnetism, Numerical


.Pertaining to signal Processing

Signals and transforms, Array signal Processing, Estimation and Detection


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