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Training Design

Troy, Michigan, 48084, United States
March 27, 2011

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Julie Rea

**** ********

Troy, MI ***** 248-***-****

Profile: Program assessment and evaluation from a purely qualitative lens

requires understanding how people work independently and together within

that arena. Each environment is a culture unto itself and maintains its own

norms and ways of creating both meaning and change. Coming to understand

these processes and describe them demands the ability to know when to step

in and when to let others step up to the plate themselves as narrators of

their own story. Good qualitative research requires constant reflection

while working with people in common situations and getting to know them -

hearing their words, and their silences, and understanding what they are

asking for. It is my firm belief that successful qualitative research

design comes about more by asking, listening and facilitating those within

the setting, than it does by telling, directing, and deciding from without.

Excavating the essence of what is happening in an environment or culture

involves not only coming to understand that setting, but also learning to

become part of the meaning making within it. I appreciate the total

commitment that is required of a participant researcher in this kind of

role and love the full effort it both requires and allows. My approach as a

qualitative researcher is one of dedication to experiential effort, which

has evolved using tools grounded in both theory and the field. That said, I

am most interested in finding out how I can use my training, and life

experience, to help others avoid having the devastating life experience I


Organizational Developer and President

. Women and Innocence

Consultant Program Assessment and Instructional Materials Development

. Assess existing program using qualitative interview technique

research, then assist design for Abbott Pharmaceuticals in

training materials based on outcomes accordingly to introduce

world wide wed compatible data-basing for all internal records

and information access.

. Trained George Olive HR in experiential training techniques and

facilitation skills, following program assessment by means of

materials review and interviewing.

Associate Instructor Indiana University

Responsibility was for complete course design, instruction, and


. Counseling for Teachers

. Educational Psychology for, all grades, elementary, and

secondary - Teaching both qualitative and quantitative research

methodology was curriculum covered in these courses. As well,

assessing students required the creation of measures, which

accurately revealed how well the students had comprehended and

could display mastery of the material we had covered during

their semester.

Research Assistant for Faculty Grant

a. Program development and implementation

b. Qualitative research study design for program assessment

and interviewing

c. Program handbook creation and assessment of meeting the

grant guidelines report

Outdoor Residential Program Director

. Programming included an equestrian, dramatic arts, and full

aquatic schedule.

. Hired, trained, supervised staff serving over 800 girls for

summer residential camp

. LEAD RESEARCHER: Designed and conducted descriptive research

project of experiential based problem-solving task resulting

in publication.

Adjunct Instructor Wabash Community College

. Business communications: vocational technology students.


. Individual counseling and assessment in both private and

community offices.

. This experience offered an exceptional opportunity to develop a

variety of listening and interviewing skills, as well as various

techniques with which to understand and consider information

which if offered. As a qualitative researcher I consider my

background in counseling [both training and practitioner]



. Program Assessment

. Research design and project completion

. Instructional Materials Development

. Brainstorm Facilitation

. Creative Problem Solving

. Working Under Pressure

. Presentation

. Writing (both cultural and scholarly) An example of cultural

reflection is available at


M S Educational Psychology Indiana University

Doctoral Candidacy included full coursework toward a doctoral degree and

successful completion toward candidacy.

Indiana University

M S Education Counseling and Guidance Eastern Illinois


B A Psychology and Counseling Faith Baptist College

Scholarly Publications

Harper, Julie Rea (2005). PTSD: A situated look at the semiotic process and

role of individual umwelts in human existence. Semiotica 157-1/4 (2005),


*PTSD: A situated look at the semiotic process and role of individual

umwelts in human existence is available at:


Schuh, Kathy L. and Rea, Julie (2001). Emotion and meaning-making:

affordances in the classroom. Mid-Western Educational Researcher 14 (2), 2-


Rea, Julie and Slavkin, Micheal (2000). The gender based relationships of

girls to their natural environment. Values and Outdoor Learning: values and

education. 89-96.

Rea, Julie (2000). The moral meaning making process of the experiential

education activity. Values and Outdoor Learning: values and ways of



Curt Bonk, PhD Indiana University School of Education 812-322-CURT

Karen Daniel, JD Northwestern University School of Law 312-***-**** k-

Advocacy Work visible at

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