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Quality Control Assurance

Lansing, Michigan, 48911, United States
March 08, 2011

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Vernon E. Wooden

**** ***** ********* *****

Lansing, Michigan 48911

517-***-**** (home)

517-***-**** (work)

517-***-**** (cell) (e-mail)


Position: Supervisor

Company: T & M USA, Inc.

Location: Jackson, Michigan

Duration: October, 2002 - present

? Directed installation of equipment in start-up facility; managed

maintenance since then

? Hired and trained all shop personnel

? Successfully launched production, meeting all targets through model

changes since then

? Standardized all operations and generated working standards &


? Applied material specifications to standard work for quality assurance

? Planned, executed and tracked all production and delivery

? Assumed responsibility for proprietary wood drying/stress relieving

process; in 2 years successfully dried 70 consecutive loads worth average

of $60,000 each

? Interpreted/translated for Japanese management

? Negotiated and communicated with North American suppliers, U.S. customer,

Japanese customer and Japanese parent and sister companies

? Streamlined processes by conducting continuous improvement activities,

thereby reducing headcount from high of 18 to current 8, and reducing

inventory overall by 30%

Position: Interpreter (at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky)

Company: International Consulting Technology

Location: Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Duration: July, 2002

? Interpreted/translated for Toyota personnel and service technicians &

contractors working on equipment in Power Train Plant during Georgetown

facility's shutdown

Position: Interpreter (at Mitsubishi Motors North America in Normal,


Company: Amino Corporation

Location: Shizuoka, Japan

Duration: January - March, 2002

? Assisted engineering supervisor in overseeing and directing installation

of trial press in Production Tooling

? Assisted in training operators and maintenance personnel responsible for


Position: Interpreter (for kaizen workshops at various client plants)

Company: Inari Information Services, Inc.

Location: Bloomington, Indiana

Duration: December, 1998 - December, 2001

? Interpreted/translated for Japanese lean manufacturing consultants from

Shingijutsu Knkyujo and Total Management Associates teaching management,

staff and shop floor associates at client companies application of "just-in-

time" production principles, including one-piece flow, production

preparation planning and TPM

? Accompanied Danaher Corporation executives and management as interpreter

on kaizen tour/ workshop in Japan

? Translated educational materials on Production Preparation Process and

Total Productive Maintenance

? Interpreted at manufacturing plants for GM, Kohler, Maytag, Ver Meer,

Danaher Corporation and Hillenbrand Industries

Position: Interpreter (at Mitsubishi Motors North America in Normal,


Company: Manpower Temporary Services

Location: Bloomington, Illinois

Duration: September, 1992 - December, 1998

? Interpreted for Production Tooling, Press Maintenance, Production

Engineering (Die Design & Stamping), Quality Control and Production shops

(including Stamping, Plastics & Fascia Paint)

? Attended production trials and Interpreted for die trial and buy-off


? Interpreted for Body In White audits and CMM data review meetings

? Coordinated communications between Japanese management & technical

support personnel and American management, staff & hourly personnel

? Assisted in die-building skills training (CNC machining and finishing)

? Taught Japanese personnel regarding safety rules and regulations

Position: Quality Control Consultant

Company: Keeler-Murakami, Inc.

Location: Kentwood, Michigan

Duration: April - September, 1992

? Functioned as de facto Quality Control Manager, responding to customer

needs, overseeing specific studies & projects and implementing corrective &

preventive measures

? Liased with customers (Mitsubishi, Chrysler, Suzuki) to address quality

issues, to conduct pre-production planning, and to establish supply of new

model door mirrors

? Coordinated communication between Japanese and American management

? Coordinated communication with Japanese parent company on quality issues

Position: Interpreter/translator

Company: Subaru-Isuzu Automotive, Inc. (now Subaru of Indiana

Automotive, Inc.)

Location: Lafayette, Indiana

Duration: August, 1990 - April, 1992

? Interpreted/translated for In Process Control (Quality Control) by

participating in the training of factory associates, the development of

special quality improvement task teams, the implementation of quality

control programs, and in various meetings throughout the plant

? Interpreted for SQA (Supplier Quality Assurance) in meetings with

suppliers & contractors

? Interpreted for executive level policy meetings and for dealership


Position: State Properties Security Officer

Company: Michigan State Police

Location: Lansing, Michigan

Duration: May, 1985 - August, 1990

? Served for 2 years on Governor's Security Detail at Governor's Residence

? Served for 2 years at State Capitol Post, investigating and reporting

crimes and security breaches, and deterring crime with high profile


? Served as labor union spokesperson in contract negotiations for 200

departmental enforcement and civilian employees

? Served as labor union local president and site steward


Technical & Specialized Skills

? Manufacturing continuous improvement experience (11 years)

? Manufacturing quality control experience (10 years)

? Mechanical blueprint reading experience (6 years)

? Analytical problem solving experience (11 years)

? Involvement in tool & die building skills training (1 year)

? Law enforcement/security training & experience (5 years)

? Executive protection training & experience (3 years)

? Crisis/confrontation management training & experience (5 years)

Communication & Persuasion Skills

? Interpreting/translating (Japanese/English) experience (21 years)

? Public speaking experience (20 years)

? Mass media experience (5 years)

? Editing/proofreading experience (8 years)

? Labor/management negotiation experience (4 years)

? Quasi-judicial pleading (oral & written) experience (3 years)

? Political lobbying experience (2 years)

? Teaching (English as a second language) experience (5 years)

Management & Interpersonal Skills

? Personnel & inventory management experience (11 years)

? Community organization leadership experience (6 years)

? Labor union leadership experience (4 years)

Clerical & Office Skills

? Typing 60+ wpm

? Software: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

? Bookkeeping & filing experience (11 years)

? Retail cashiering & customer service experience (3 years)

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