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Project Software

Morrisville, North Carolina, 27560, United States
March 11, 2011

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. *+ years of experience in Storage (Backup and recovery, OS and File

system concepts).

. 5 years of experience in Device Drivers (Windows device driver model).

. 2 years of experience in Retail (Petroleum retailing software).

. 2 years of experience in Multimedia (Linux platform).

. Experience in UML and OOAD (As and when needed).

. I have 5 years of experience in Project Management/ Leadership.

. Having 3 years of experience in Scripting like Perl, Shell, Sed, and


. 8 years of experience in Systems Programming (Windows and Linux


. 9+ years of software and development experience in all phases of the


. Possess strong skills in the analysis, design and training, mentoring

& leadership roles.

. A strong team player/lead aligned to the project and organization

objectives, always delivering targets exceeding expectations.


Languages C, C++, Windows DDK

Compilers Visual C++, Gcc, g++, cc, Java,

CYGWIN, and Arm cross compilers.

Databases Informix 7.31, Postgres, Mysql

Scripting Languages Perl, Shell Scripting, PHP, Sed,


Operating Systems Windows NT/2000/2k3/XP/CE, HP

Unix, Solaris, Linux, Arm Linux

Source Control Clear Case, CVS, Visual Source


Domains worked on Storage, Retail, Multimedia

Middleware Tuxedo

Debuggers Windbg, VC++ debugger, gdb

Tools MS Project (PM), Remedy



Client: EMC Dec 2005 - Present

Company: Patni Computers

Technical Specialist

Patni computer systems Ltd is one of the leading global providers of

Information technology services and business solutions serving clients

across diverse industries from 28 international offices across the

Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific.

About the Client:

The Client (EMC) is a Fortune 500 Company which specializes in the domain

of Storage and Backup, Virtualization and information infrastructure

systems, software and services. It involved, technologies like C, C++, and

Windows DDK(device drivers development), Complex O.S concepts including

multithreading, synchronization, complex algorithms, data structures and

advanced debugging concepts like live kernel debugging, dump debugging,

writing debugger extensions, ISCSI, FC concepts, understanding of new

storage industry trends and following the client culture of applying change

and innovation in all tasks done

1] Project: Layered Drivers (April 2008 - Present)

Domain: Storage & Recovery

The Project deals with a gamut of products from the area of backup and

Recovery realm. Products like SnapView, Clones, and SanCopy formed a part

of my responsibilities.

Key Responsibilities:

. Project & Technical Lead for an entire array of backup products.

. Handled complete end to end responsibility of products of backup and

recovery areas.

. Fully managed two products, namely Snap View /Rollback & a SCSI class

driver and mentored in a few others.

. Led a team in all areas of application maintenance like design,

enhancements, bug fixes, team mentoring, code & design reviews.

. Trained newer team members, estimate tasks, project monitoring &

management etc.

. Used tools like M.S Project for project management, Clear Case & VSS

for source control, and UML tools with Rational Rose for design and

development and Code Collaborator for code reviews.

. Led a reverse engineering effort using the UML tools; phasing of the

complete ownership of individual products to offsite-onshore model.

. Received a valuable contribution award and an internal appreciation

award in recognition of the quick pickup, understanding & project


2] Project: Midrange Storage Development (Dec 2005 -Mar 2009)

Domain: Storage

EMC's midrange SAN product (CLARiiON) is the preferred market product in

storage for medium to high end businesses. This project dealt with the

maintenance of a code CLARiiON module and involved understanding Raid /

Cache & OS concepts and a thorough detailed study of the SAN architecture.

Key Responsibilities:

. Led a team of six in a 64 bit porting project which was a major

release for the client.

. Ported drivers from the 32 bit architecture to the 64 bit.

. Created a client to debug a live windows kernel, emulating a Windbg


. Involved in a Massive effort of porting various debugger extensions &

writing new ones.


. Languages: C/C++, WinDDK and Perl scripts for test automation.

. Operating Systems: Windows

. Domain Knowledge & Tools: Storage, Remedy, Clear case, WinDDK

. Protocols: SCSI, iSCSI, TCP/IP and proprietary Algorithms to track

data IO changes


Client: Motech Software, Mumbai Dec 2000 - Dec


Senior Software Engineer

Motech Software Services Ltd, a subsidiary of the Indian mega conglomerate

Reliance Industries is a leading outsourcing company providing software

services to clients around the globe.

1] Project: Retail Automation (April 2003 - Dec 2005)

Domain: Petroleum Retail

The first of its kind in India, the project constituted centrally located

servers transferring prices and handling consolidations/ inventory across

the widespread fuel outlets. The project involved hardware-software

interactions, fleet management programs and loyalty cards. The Brain Child

of Reliance Industries Ltd, the biggest Indian conglomerate; the project

opened to 400+ outlets with daily consolidations and inventory management

done on an unprecedented scale (in India).

Key Responsibilities:

. Led a team of 6 in maintenance and development of modules needed to

meet the functional and technical requirements.

. Wrote use cases, test cases and coding on C, C++, and esql to create

modules involving database connectivity to Informix databases.

. Used Sockets, networking and Multithreading concepts, wrote Java

applications using middleware Tuxedo and Informix database.

. Used extensively the scripting languages of Perl, Shell, Awk and Sed

to implement tasks and test setups.


. Languages: C/C++, esql and Perl/Shell scripting languages.

. Operating Systems: Unix (HP Unix)

. Domain Knowledge & Tools: Retail, Clear case, Make tools, Tuxedo


. Databases: Informix

3] Project: NCDS, MGC Mpeg4 Transcoder & Mpeg4 Player (Sep 2002 - May 2003)

Domain: Multimedia

This project dealt with mpeg4 stream manipulation and the building of a

multimedia player using the libraries available. Open source libraries were

deployed to build a robust cross platform player. It was meant for a

Japanese client.

Key Responsibilities:

. Worked on the mpeg4 library module and also ported it to windows using


. Ported an x386 based multimedia player, to the ARM architecture.

. Cross compiled several of the sound and the X dependant libraries.

. Built a graphical user interface for the player developed in C, C++

and Java.

. Used the JNI interface to have a java front end and a C/C++ backend.

. Deployed Multithreading and IPC communication concepts with

synchronization using mutex, semaphores and sockets.

. Develop a cryptographic scheme in Java using class libraries.

4] Project: Transmod & Application Data Mining (Dec 2000 - Aug 2002)

Domain: Data Migration

The Application Mining tool is used to mine data (extract metadata) from a

RPG-400 project & Transmod is a tool developed to convert RPG-400, RPG II

code to ACU-COBOL. The tool (Transmod) converts up to 95% of the source

code of application.

Key Responsibilities:

. Coded in C using UNIX and compiler tools like LEX and YACC.

. Developed a repository using binary tree to generate source code.

. Implemented a Windows version of the using Mysql and MFC's for the GUI


. Coded and Wrote data structures like linked lists (doubly and single

both) and binary trees. Used algorithms for efficient searching of the

symbol database.


. Languages: C,C++, LEX & YACC

. Operating Systems: Linux (RedHat, Debian), Windows

. Databases: Mysql

. Domain Knowledge & Tools: Mainframes knowhow.


. Valuable contribution Award for my role to the current project

. Numerous intra-company awards for successful execution of




> B.E, Electronics and Telecommunications (June - 1999) from the MGM

College of Engineering and Technology Mumbai University.




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