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Engineer Manager

Algonquin, Illinois, 60102, United States
March 24, 2011

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Aubrey Quarcoo

**** ****** **** ******, *********, IL 60102.

Phone: 847-***-**** 847-***-**** (cell)


. Skilled Computational Scientist with 15years of Quantitative

Modeling, Database Administration, Data Warehousing, Data Mining and

System Administration experience

. Advanced experience in supporting EDM/ECM Applications

. Highly skilled in IBM FileNet technologies: P8 CM/JBPM, BPF, CFS-

ISCS/IS, IDM Desktop/Web, eProcess, Visual Workflow.

. Strong software engineering background and knowledge of software

methodologies (SDLC, RUP, XP, SCRUM)

. Version Control (CVS, Grit, Subversion, and Mercurial)

. Object oriented analysis and design (OOAD) client-server and multi-

tier architectures, distributed and web application design and


. Familiarity with other languages and programming frameworks, including

PHP, Perl, Django, Python, Ajax, Ruby on rails, and Moose

engineering background and knowledge of software methodologies

(SDLC, RUP,, ); object oriented analysis and design (OOAD);

database design; client-server and multi-tier c, and web

application design and develop RATE HYBRIDS


IBM Certified Specialist -- eServer p5 and pSeries Administration

and Support for AIX 5L V5.3

Candidate for FRM

AIX 5L Installation and System Recovery

AIX 5L System Expert

HP Unix SA certified

Pseries HACMP for AIX 5L certified

Oracle 9i/8i DBA certified


ECM Engineer at GeorgeTown Associates (Jan 2011 ~ Present)

. Installed and Configured FileNet P8 4.5.1 core components such

as Content Engine, Application engine and Process Engine for

both Test & Dev environments.

. Monitor Datapower Xi50

. Configuration of JBoss Drools rules Engine

Data Power Engineer at Bank of America (Oct 2009 ~ Dec 2010)

. Lead an effort to install and configure IBM DataPower Gateway, provide

design, development, testing, and support services and governance for

DataPower XI50 and life-cycle activities, and to ensure uniform

implementation of standards and best practice, document processing

rules, document processing actions, XPath Routing Map on X150


. Configured IBM DataPower gateways and security as required.

. Implement monitoring, provided trouble shooting and problem resolution

as necessary.

. Provided performance tuning as required.

. Strong working knowledge / experience with XML, XSLT, XSD, DTD and


. Strong knowledge of scripting using Korn Shell Scripts, Perl etc.

. Strong working knowledge / experience with SOA (Web Services, WSDL and

SOAP) in J2EE implementations.

Senior FileNet/P8 Engineer at HSBC (Dec 2005 ~


. Initial environment set up including clustering, load balancing, and

server maintenance tools and scripting

. FileNet P8 configuration, system monitoring and backup, security

administration and upgrades

. Serving as a primary technical liaison with the vendors and facilitate

support and troubleshooting.

. Supporting the development teams with application configuration,

deployment and technical issues

. Performing deployments for the Content and Process Engine

configurations and settings

. Writing scripts to automate the stop/start of FileNet components and


. Configured FSM for monitoring of the environments

. Environment: Oracle RAC, FileNet 3.6/4.0, P8 4.0, COLD, HPII

Senior FileNet/P8 Engineer at Bank of America (Jun 2002~ Dec


. Managed Core Imaging system consisting of the IMS 3.6, P8 3.5

. Created Object Stores, custom folders and custom document classes on

the FileNet's Content Engine using FileNet Enterprise Manager to

facilitate the storage of project related files.

. Used ISRA API to add documents to FileNet Content Engine/Manager,

Image Manager respectively

. Panagon4.2, Oracle(8 and 9)i, Solaris2.8, COLD, HPII

. Administered Panagon Bulking Printing, a farm of Panagon web servers,

Msar, 12 Osar servers,

and 4 root index servers one, SUN E600 and 6 SUN E3500)

. Duties include Database Administration

. Wrote scripts for EBR backups

. Oracle and DB2 UDB Performance Tuning.

. Environment: Oracle8i, FileNet 3.6/4.0 P8 3.5, Solaris2.8, COLD and


Data Architect, Oracle & DB2 DBA SUBURBAN TIRE (Sep 2001 ~ Jun 2002)

. Design and deploy enterprise data mart.

. Responsible for and led the architecture, design of data marts, ETL

process design, reports design and schema of staging and reporting


. Wrote Java programs to interface with Oracle database.

. Performance tuning of Oracle database. Wrote and deployed internal

J2EE web application to provide analytic and trend views of data.

Development Team Lead, Oracle DBA, Data Architect at ACER, SYDNEY,

AUSTRALIA (Jul'99~Aug'01)

. Assisted with the design, implementation and support a multi-terabyte

point-of-sale data warehouse, performing database design,

implementation, and the creation and tuning of data aggregation


. Had Oracle DBA responsibility for a massively parallel Oracle/SAP

database using Oracle Parallel Server.

. Supported Oracle developers, performed database tuning, created

database reorganization procedures, database alert scripts, monitoring

scripts and backup procedures.

. Developed a method for configuring EMC disk arrays for data warehouses

and created a system for detecting I/O bottlenecks.

Lead DBA Sybase, Data Architect, Sybase, Wellington, New Zealand


. Data modeling; Database design and architecture

. Application design, e.g. Building application frameworks within which

the other team members could work

. Troubleshooting Sybase based applications

. Identifying and resolving Sybase related performance problems

. Emergency DBA work (resolving corruption, etc.)

Web Developer & SQL DBA New Interactive, Sydney, Australia (Mar'97~Jan'99)

. Duties included database design, installation, configuration on (Unix

&NT) and upgrading of Oracle and SQL Server software and related


. Wrote triggers, stored procedures and T SQL scripts.

. Evaluated Oracle, Microsoft features and related products.

. Coded using C++, Perl, Tcl & Tk, and Visual Basic.

. In charge of an automated publishing system.

. Platform: Unix, Windows NT 4.0.

. Performed tuning and performance monitoring of databases (DBCC,

updating index statistics, monitoring database and disk space)

Master (Research) Center for Advanced Numerical Computations in Engineering

and Sciences, UNSW, Sydney, Australia (Jan'95~Mar'97)

. Employed parallel processing techniques for more effective computation

in Finite Element Method.

. Investigated a method for parallel processing of FEM using domain

decomposition method.

. In the domain decomposition method, divided the object to be analyzed

into several sub-domains and execute the FEM program separately for

each sub domain using each CPU repeated the calculations until the

boundary conditions at the corresponding points of neighboring domains

were satisfied.

. Investigated a method to make a fast convergence, adjusting parameters

used in the equation for alternating the boundary conditions in each

domain. Found that number of calculations for convergence of the

boundary conditions (code written in C++, FORTRAN90 and used PVM and

MPI for Parallel processing bit)


MatLab, R, Scilab, Octave, SAS, SPSS, S-plus, STATISTICA, XML, XPath, XSL

Erwin, UNIX/C++, VisualStudio/VC++, STL, Boost, CORBA (VisiBroker and

ORBIX), POSIX threads and Systems Programming, RogueWave libraries,

ClearCase, Design Patterns/UML, J2EE Application (WebLogic/WebSphere)

Development, Java Profilers, MQSeries, Oracle, FORTRAN90, C#, Python, Perl,

VB, CEP, Zope, Jlex


Certificate in Quantitative Finance, 7 City, London, UK (Dec 2008)

Master of Computational Science (Quant Finance), University of NEW SOUTH

WALES (Dec 1997).

Master of Science in Materials Engineering (Research), UNSW, SYDNEY

AUSTRALIA (June 1998).

Postgraduate Diploma in Food and Drug Analysis (Computational Chemistry)

(Dec 1994)

BSc Science (Major in Chemistry & Mathematics) UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND


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