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Sales Medical

Lenexa, Kansas, 66220, United States
March 29, 2011

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**** ********** **, ******, ** 66220 . 913-***-**** .


Accomplished hospital and institutional pharmaceutical sales professional.

Skilled at launching new products and expanding sales of current products

in diverse healthcare settings including: academic teaching institutions,

large hospital health systems, governmental agencies, managed-care, long-

term acute care and outpatient treatment facilities in Kansas and Missouri.

Extensive primary and specialty sales experience in both acute and chronic

disease states bringing value as a disease state management specialist

focusing on customer needs and patient outcomes. Stimulated new product

business development opportunities through customer from concept to

reality. Demonstrated strategic thinker who takes a consultative approach

initiating, creating and developing innovative solutions to generate

product sales today while positioning for sales growth tomorrow.


Roche/Genentech, 1986--present

Senior Medical Center Representative in Kansas City Metropolitan Area (KC

West), 1992-present

. Responsible for Boniva oral and injection promotion in office and

hospital outpatient infusion centers to selected high value prescribers.

Significant accomplishments include:

o Achieved Boniva Oral MS of 56.7%, top 10% in Nation, in declining

branded bisphosphonate osteoporosis market

o Generated $120,000 in Boniva Injection sales at the University of

Kansas Hospital Cancer Center, #1 account in Kansas City

Metropolitan area

o Initiated development of Hospitalist Approach to Promote Bone

Health from management of sentinel fracture in hospital to

discharge treatment algorithm with Hospital Internal Medicine

Specialists Group

. Assigned additional Hospitals and Surgery Centers in Wichita and

Hutchinson to promote Kytril for Post-Operative Nausea and Vomiting,

achieving 90% of accounts displacing Zofran

. Participated in the launch of Mycamine. Significant accomplishments


o Achieved formulary approval of Mycamine displacing caspofungin

and/or anidulafungin at 98% of institutions and was available at

all institutions utilizing an evidence-based approach

o Generated 1 million dollars in Mycamine sales in 2006, #1 in

Division, Region and Top 3 in Nation

o Facilitated investigator initiated Outcomes Study at KC VA Medical

Center in evaluating pharmacoeconmic impact of Mycamine vs.

caspofungin in the management of candidemia

. Drove Rocephin sales even in mid to late phase of product life-cycle.

Significant accomplishments include:

o Increased Rocephin sales 53% at KCVA and achieved 45.5% Rocephin

market share for VA VISN 15 (#1 in Nation), due to implementation

of antibiotic handguide recommendations

o Achieved formulary approval for Rocephin at University Hospital in

Columbia, MO

o Promoted once-daily antibiotic concepts within the Department of

Surgery at Children's Mercy Hospital, resulting in a 37% increase

in Rocephin sales

o Rocephin ranked #1 in MS for CAP at KU benchmarked within

University Hospital Consortium survey

. Stimulated investigator initiated Rocephin Research Studies that led to

abstracts and publications generating local, regional and national

speaker presentations

. Initiated and created The Hospitalist Society of Kansas City

. Facilitated investigator initiated HOPAT Outcomes Study with Hospital

Internal Medicine Specialists Group

evaluating CAP and SSTI, study was presented at National Internal

Medicine Meeting in New Orleans

. Led St. Luke's Health System Kytril conversion team displacing Zofran, by

developing an evidence-based approach on the Pathophysiology of Emesis to

bring forth appropriate use of antiemetics

Promoted to pilot newly created Infectious Disease/Pulmonary/Surgery

Specialist Position in Kansas City Metropolitan area for Business Unit,


. Initiated, developed and implemented Pneumonia Pathways advocating

Rocephin, strengthening Rocephin's position as the drug of choice while

acting to neutralize and/or displace competition

D. Weitlich,

913-***-****, page 2

. Created multidisciplinary disease state management guidelines advocating

once-daily combinations of Rocephin/aminoglycosides and

Rocephin/metronidazole serving to expand growth in nontraditional areas

o 10.6 Rocephin share point change rank, #1 in Division, Region

o 33.0 Rocephin market share for VA VISN 15, #2 in Nation

o 47% increase in Rocephin sales and 10 MS point increase at KU

o 20% increase in Rocephin sales and 5.2 MS point increase for Health


o Selected by Rocephin Team to share successes in 2nd trimester 2000

video taping

. Partnered with three area Representative Geo Teams to maximize

hospital/physician access, pull-through and displacement strategies and

tactics transcending hospitals and health systems in Kansas City

Metropolitan area

Appointed as new Senior Medical Center Representative in Kansas City, KS,


Responsible for the University of Kansas School of Medicine and Pharmacy,

Kansas University Medical Center and Cancer Center, Kansas City VA Medical

Center, VISN 15 Headquarters, Research Medical Center, Hospital Inpatient

Management Services, Bethany Medical Center and the Dwight D. Eisenhower

VA Medical Center

1. Achieved formulary approval of Rocephin at the University of Kansas

Medical Center, after over a decade of non-formulary status

2. Selected nationally to participate in Roche Representatives' Best

Practices Study

3. Conceptualized Once-Daily Rocephin Combinations Program with

aminoglycosides, metronidazole and doxycycline

4. Selected to participate in the Bio-Science HIVID and INVIRASE Launches


5. Developed local, regional and national VERSED and Rocephin speaker


6. Created Innovations in ICU Sedation Program for VERSED bringing

together team approach of Physician, MICU/SICU Nurse and Pharmacist

that was replicated regionally and nationally

7. Created Once-Daily Antibiotics Program for Rocephin bringing together

Infectious Disease, Microbiology and Pharmacy that was presented to

each VA Hospital in VISN 15 and presented nationally at American

Society of Health Systems Pharmacists Meeting in New Orleans

8. Product Knowledge Field Trainer for Rocephin, VERSED, Toradol,


Promoted to Medical Center Representative in Kansas City, MO, 1988

Responsible for the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine

and Pharmacy, Truman Medical Center West and East, St. Luke's Hospital,

Children's Mercy Hospital and the University of Health Sciences

9. Identified and developed business relationships with Key Opinion

Leaders, Formulary P&T Committee Members, Departments Staff Physicians

(Medicine and Surgery), Fellows, Residents, Medical Students, Nurses,

Pharmacists and other key healthcare providers

10. Developed Key Opinion Leader in Infectious Diseases at Research

Medical Center (Health Midwest) as a speaker that resulted in multiple

speaking programs locally and regionally that led to increased sales

for Rocephin

11. Promoted to Senior Medical Center Representative in 1992

AWARDS President's Club Award in 2004, 2006

Recognized Nationally for Rocephin

contributions in 2004

Special Achievement Award in 1997,

1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2010

Physician Recognition Award for

Business Unit 66 in 1999

Outstanding Achievement Award in 1995

and 1996

Teamsmanship Award by Division Peers

in 1992 and 1994

President's Achievement Award in 1989,

1990, 1991 and 1993

EDUCATION Bachelors of General Studies from the University of

Kansas, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

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