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Manager Plant

Reidsville, Georgia, 30453, United States
March 01, 2011

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Alex M Houston

PO Box ***

Reidsville, Georgia 30453


Results-generating Global Executive/Operations Manager with a consistent

record of success in shaping strategy, providing leadership, reducing

costs, and delivering improved margins. I also have a history of improving

methods and systems for large and mid-sized operations. Highly skilled and

experienced at all aspects of Operations Management including: team

building and leadership, safety/security, quality, planning, scheduling,

manufacturing, maintenance, process improvement methodology, and

environmental compliance. Recognized for ability to embrace projects, while

developing an internal climate that motivates and empowers teams to achieve

operational objectives and bottom line results. I am also comfortable

providing strategic visions across all levels of the organization. Key

Strengths Include:

Leadership Demonstrated by record of creating cohesive operations teams;

Ensuring safe work environments; Hands on Training/Coaching

and Servant Leadership

Management Planning, Budget Development and Implementation

Communication Building Trust and Generating Collaborative Work


Strategic Planning Business Analysis, Negotiation, Equipment/Technology

Advancement, Analysis/Implementation

Operations Facility Management, Root Cause Analysis, Process Improvement,

Developing Repeatable Processes, Quality Assurance, Cost

Tracking, Evaluating Technology Grants

FENNER, PLC (1982 - 2010)

(The World's largest manufacturer of conveyor belting for mining and

industrial operations).

Fenner Dunlop - Americas/Fenner Dunlop Lavonia Georgia

Vice President of Operations 2007 - 2010

Led and directed the project team for a $55M 'Green-field' project

including all manufacturing operations: site profitability, working capital

management, safety, production, quality, maintenance and other production

related activities. Consistently exceeded financial and production


. Researched location, worked closely with contractor in designing and

constructing building.

. Sourced and negotiated equipment successfully commissioning operations in

October 08.

. Collaborated with rest of executive team to develop and support business


. Operation was recognized as "Best in World" utilizing state of art


Fenner Dunlop Atlanta Georgia (formerly Georgia Duck)

Vice President of Operations 2004 - 2007

Directed and managed this vertically integrated conveyor belt operation

with overall responsibility for safety, production of fabric and conveyor

belting, quality, maintenance and other related activities.

. Led closure of operation over a two year period without interruption to

company's performance.

. Significantly improved safety record of operation from 39 incidents in

2001 to 4 in 2008.

. Reduced personnel injury rate (PIR) from 5.02 to 0.75 (PIR = ((incidents

x hours worked)/200,000)).

. Increased ROS by 63% in this period.

General Manager of Operations 2003 - 2004

Integrated management teams of textile and belting divisions to restructure

operations to function as a single effective team.

. Awarded ISO 9001:2000

. On time delivery increased from 50% to over 90%

. Introduced effective inventory control management systems.

Textile Plant Manager 2001 - 2003

Successfully executed a post acquisition integration strategy and led team

to bring together two former manufacturing competitors with dramatically

different cultures.

. Relocated equipment and developed new culture focused on safety awareness

and quality.

. Rationalized two product ranges into one.

. Introduced ERP system.

. Productivity increased by 150%.

Scandura Charlotte North Carolina (acquired by Fenner PLC in 1997)

Plant Manager 1999 - 2001

Transferred from Marfleet, England operations to Charlotte, NC.

Facilitated transition of two inefficient operations into highly efficient

operations within 12 months.

. Developed integration strategy. Provided overall leadership for all

activities relating to the manufacture of the company's products across

two locations.

. Successfully relocated the textile equipment from Charlotte to Atlanta,

closed one Charlotte operation at conclusion of the relocation.

. Led a highly profitable turn-around strategy for North American textile


. Demonstrated abilities to create cohesive teams from a diverse

environment that led to a high quality business intelligence process.

J.H. Fenner Hull England

Production Technical Manager 1996 - 1999

Section Leader in Textiles 1989 - 1996

J.H. Fenner Cumnock Scotland

Quality Controller 1982 -



HNC Chemistry 1987

1st Class BSc (Hons) Textile Technology 1994

Leadership Training / Profiling 2003 -2009


Awarded Albert Hirst prize as Best Textile Student in University of


Awarded Yorkshire Water prize as Best Student in University of Huddersfield

from Science and Engineering Departments.

Awarded Textile Technology Medal by Huddersfield Textile Society.

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